April 23, 2017

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General description

Rigol DS1074Z-S Plus 70 MHz Digital Oscilloscope Best Selling Oscilloscope The DS1074Z-S Plus is a high quality 4 channel 70 MHz oscilloscope. Since it’s an “S” model, it comes with a fitted 2 channel 25 MHz signal generator. This scope also will include a 7″ WVGA intensity graded color display for easy looking at. The DS1074Z-S Plus features an easily available source control button and 4 easy to access analog channel ports. With an business leading 12 Mpts memory (upgradeable to 24 Mpts) and a waveform catch rate of up to 30,000 wfms/s, the DS1074Z-S Plus is a great solution for almost any application. Image shown is with Optional MSO Add-on Kit: RPL1116 DS1074Z-S Plus Features 70 MHz Analog Bandwidth Total of 4 Analog Channels Expandable to 16 total digital channels with optional upgrade fitted 25 MHz 2 Channel Waveform Generator Maximum Waveform catch Rate of up to 30,000 wfms/s will include 4 RP2200 150 MHz Passive HighZ Probes Low sound floor USB Host for Thumb Drive big 7″ Display 12 Mpts of Memory – upgradeable to 24 What makes the “Plus” so special? The new Rigol DS1074Z-S Plus now features a digital logic connection beside the USB port. Simply by buying the MSO Upgrade Package, users will now have the equivalent of Rigol’s MSO scopes. This connection lets users to unlock an extra 16 digital channels on their oscilloscope. What does the “S” Mean? On all -S models in the DS1000Z series, Rigol has added a fitted 2 channel 25MHz waveform generator. UltraVision Rigol’s groundbreaking UltraVision technology gives a deeper memory depth of 12Mpts standard and is upgradeable to 24 Mpts (with buy of MEM-DS1000Z). The DS1074Z-S Plus also gives the capability to swiftly concentrate in on certain part of a recorded waveform.

Compare with similar products:

Keysight DSOX3000T Series 100,, Ch, 5GS/s vs DS1074-Z-S Plus

Keysight InfiniVision DSOX3012T Oscilloscope – DS1074Z-S Plus 100 MHz, 2 Channels The game-changing 3000T X-Series scopes are intended for touch, to get you in the zone faster. All models feature an intuitive 8. 5″ capacitive touch screen interface that makes them easy-to-use, simplifies documentation and boosts productivity. Plus more standard features and improvements for more insights and measurement possibilities than ever before. Max. Memory depth: 4 Mpts. Max. Sample rate: 5 GSa/s half channel, 2. 5 GSa/s all channels. See more signal detail with the business’s fastest waveform update rate of 1 million wfms/s separate signals instantly with exclusive zone touch triggering Speed analysis with correlated 6-in-1 instrument integration examine frequency content with time and frequency domain correlated measurements Display up to 8 measurements, 1 function and FFT instantaneously Maximize your memory with standard segmented memory plans: Bandwidth: 100 MHz Sample Rate: 2. 5 GSa/s per channel Channels: 2 Memory: 4 Mpts Update Rate: 1,000,000 wfms/s Display: 8. 5″ capacitive touch screen.

GW Instek GDS-105B Storage, -Channel, 1 GSa/s Maximum Sampling Rate, 50, 10M Maximum Memory Depth for Each Channel

The GW INSTEK GDS-1000B series shows the impeccable functionalities with an very common pricing, which lets customers to realize the true meaning of bigger bang for the buck. Though, the GDS-1000B series is under the group of general function oscilloscope, the full functionalities inside this simple-in-look oscilloscope, as well as parameter measurement, cursor indication, digital voltage meter, and data logging, surpasses the same group 1000 series oscilloscopes in the market. All applications of the GDS-1000B series may be applied to the educational field and the basic R&D units of the industrial sector. The GDS-1000B series features three bandwidth selections ─ 100 MHz, 70 MHz, 50MHz and equips with analog signal input terminals by four or two channels ( 50MHz only equipped 4 channels input ). The maximum sampling rate for each single channel is 1GSa/s, and the memory depth is 10Mpts per channel independently. The waveform update rate is 50,000wfms/s, which helps users to exactly watch the in depth waveform variation. Also, 7″ WVGA color LCD display and the 256 color gradient display work together let waveforms to be observed with the senses of transparency and gradation. With respect to the horizontal time scale modification handle and trigger level modification handle, GW Instek gives a thoughtful design ─the zero key function, which lets engineers to work more effectively.

Keysight, -Channel, 00, DSOX30A

NEW Breakthrough technology gives you more of everything.. Except cost Agilent’s newest line of oscilloscopes delivers superior performance with optional potential and features unmatched by any other merchandise in their class. And at prices intended to fit your budget. You get more: Space -InfiniiVision X-Series combines the potential of an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and business-exclusive function generator in a compact size ideal for benches where space is at a premium. Speed – The 2000 series delivers up to 50,000 waveforms per second, and the 3000 up to 1 million– the business’s fastest update rate– so you see signal detail and rare anomalies more frequently. Memory – The 2000 series has up to 100 kpts of memory–40 times more than other scopes–so you may be able to catch long, non-repeating signals while maintaining a high sample rate. The 3000 series gives up to 4 Mpts of deep memory–without any of the deep memory hassles of other oscilloscopes Visibility – The 8. 5 inch WVGA display offers twice the looking at area with five times the resolution. Performance – The 3000 series also offers 33 automated measurements, nine parametric causes, six serial protocol causes, also as seven waveform math functions as well as FFT. InfiniiVision 3000 X-Series Analog Channels: 2 and 4 analog channels Digital timing channels: 16 on MSO models or with DSOX3MSO upgrade Bandwidth (upgradable): 100, 200, 350, 500 MHz Sample rate: 2 GSa/s per channel; 4 GSa/s half channel interleaved mode Memory Depth: 2 Mpts standard, 4 Mpts optional (choice DSOX3MemUp) Waveform update rate: 1,000,000 waveforms per second WaveGen fitted 20 MHz function generator: Yes (choice DSOX3WAVEGEN) Search and navigate: Yes (many alternatives) Serial protocol analysis: Yes Segmented memory: Yes (choice DSOX3SGM) Mask bound testing: Yes (choice DSOX3MASK) AutoProbe interface: Yes Model: DSOX3024A Bandwidth:200 MHz Analog/Digital Channels: 4.

FLUKE-190-10 Color Scopemeter, 100, 1. GS/s vs DS-1074Z-S Plus

Multiply your diagnostic power with the 1st movable 4-channel oscilloscope. Series are safety rated 1000V CAT III/ 600V CAT IV, and feature a sealed, dust and drip-evidence IP51 case ideal for severe environments. Features: 4 completely lonely floating input channels with up to 1. 25 GS/s concurrent sampling rate 8ns gitch detect 10,000 sample deep memory per channel for showing high resolution waveform details 4 input channels allows you to log inputs or measurements over time: 4 meter measurements, 4 TrendPlot™ traces, 4 ScopeRecord™ traces Live zoom with full resolution High capacity Li-ion battery with up to 7 hours operation Battery access door to easily exchange out batteries for expanded operation Two electrically lonely USB ports Security slot to lock instrument Screw put for standard camera mounting accessories fitted multimeter Connect and View to easily trigger on and display complex waveforms TrendPlot™ and ScopeRecord™ to catch or plot waveforms and measurements over expanded time spans Replay last 100 screens, to go back in time to see waveform anomalies Environmentally tested to meet IP51 dust-evidence and drip-evidence ranking and withstand 3G vibration or 30g shock will include: AC power adapter; Double-capacity Li-ion battery pack; Red, blue, grey and green probes; USB cable A-B (mini); Hanging strap; Side strap; CD user manual with FlukeView ScopeMeter software demo variant; declaration of Calibration practice. Plans: Channels: 4 Bandwidth: 100MHz Max concurrent Sample Rate: 1. 25 GS/s Display: Color.

OTC 3857 Tech-Scope

The “Tech-Scope” is a 2-channel quick lab and ignition oscilloscope. It has a millimeter function that may be used as a stand alone device or in conjunction with PC scan. It may be used anywhere an oscilloscope or multimeter is required for fast and correct vehicle diagnostics. This scope with patented features is for the technician who wants an all-function scope to precisely test all electrical and electronic parts on a car. The distinctive features of this scope strongly compliment the PC scan diagnostic tools.

GW Instek GOS-60 Analog channel, 0 Bwidth vs Rigol DS1074Z-S Plus pricing

The Instek GOS-620 is a 20 MHz, two-channel analog oscilloscope with ALT triggering, Z-axis input, TV synchronization capability, and channel 1 output for electronics applications like product design, assembly lines, fix and servicing, and electrical engineering education, among others. This oscilloscope has a vertical sensitivity to 1mV per division for capturing low-level signals. An ALT triggering function displays the signal from both channels at the same time and a Z-axis input modulates the intensity of the waveform. The TV synchronization circuit lets triggering of TV-V and TV-H signals and the channel 1 output can apply a signal to an external device, like a frequency counter (sold individually). Sweep speed may be magnified by 10 to increase the number of sweeps shown on the display. Extra plans include a rise time of 17. 5 ns (50 ns at 5X magnification) and different triggering features. The oscilloscope has a 6″ CRT (cathode ray tube) display with an interior 8 x 10 division grid (each division is 1 cm) for looking at waveforms. It has European Conformity (CE) marking. It comes with two 20 MHz passive voltage probes; a power cord for 115/230VAC, 50/60 Hz; and information.

DS105E 50 Oscope, USB Storage Access, 1 GSa/sec sampling vs DS-1074-Z-S Plus

The DS1000E Series Digital Oscilloscopes set a new standard for technology and capability. With features as well as 1 million points of deep memory, FFTs, record and replay, roll mode, alternate trigger mode, adjustable trigger sensitivity, and PictBridge printing the DS1000E is the new bench standard. Features 2 analog channels, 100MHz bandwidth, 1GSa/s maximum real-time sample rate and 25GSa/s equivalent time sample rate 5. 6″ TFT QVGA (320X240) with 64K color LCD backlighted display Trigger modes: edge, pulse width, slope, video, alternate trigger many interface configurations: Standard USB Host and USB device,RS-232 and support U disk storage and PictBridge print standards, optional USB-GPIB adapter Functions 1 Mpts memory depth File management Low noiseHigh Performance Pass/fail test Adjustable trigger sensitivity Alternate trigger fitted help system Keyboard Lock Waveform record Accessories 1 x Power cord 2 x probes 1 x Software CD.

Xminilab Portable – Hheld Pocket, Waveform generator Protocol Sniffer vs Rigol DS1074Z-S Plus review

Xminilab movable Small Mixed Signal Oscilloscope This is the movable variant of the Xminilab. The Xminilab movable is a small mixed signal oscilloscope with an random waveform generator and protocol sniffer. Features:Mixed Signal Oscilloscope: concurrent sampling of analog and digital signalsAdvanced Trigger: Normal / Single / Auto, with increasing or falling edge and adjustable trigger levelMeter Mode: Average, Peak to peak and Frequency readoutXY Mode: Plot Lissajous patterns See the phase difference between two waveformsSpectrum Analyzer with different windowing alternatives and selectable vertical logHorizontal and Vertical Cursors with auto waveform measurementsArbitrary Waveform Generator with Sweep on all parametersDisplay alternatives: tenacity, Different grid alternatives, and moreCurve tracer functionIncludes: Header, USB cable and 2 test clip leadsSpecifications:General plans:ATXMEGA32A4U 36KB Flash, 4KB SRAM, 1KB EEPROMGraphic OLED display 2. 42″, 128×64 pixelsEnclosure size: 3. 17″ x 2. 22″ x 0. 7″Li-Ion Battery 750mAhPDI interface4 tactile switchesUSB connectivity: Windows, Linux, Mac, AndroidLogic Analyzer plans:8 Digital Inputs, 3. 3V / 5V820kΩ input impedanceMaximum sampling rate: 2MSPSFrequency counter: 16MHzProtocol Sniffer: UART, I2C, SPIInternal pull up or pull down. Buffer size: 256Oscilloscope plans:2 Analog InputsMaximum Sampling rate: 2MSPSAnalog Bandwidth: 200kHzResolution: 8bitsInput blockage: 1MΩ 15pFBuffer size per channel: 256Input Vol.

Pico 305D PicoScope PC FG/AWG,100

Pico 3405D PicoScope PC Oscilloscope 4 channels with FG/AWG,100 MHz Power, portability, and performance The PicoScope 3000 Series PC oscilloscopes are small, light, and movable, while giving the high-performance plans obliged by engineers in the lab or on the move. These oscilloscopes offer 2 or 4 analog channels, plus an extra 16 digital channels on the MSO models. The adaptable, high-resolution display alternatives enable you to view and examine each signal in good detail. Operating with the PicoScope 6 software, these devices offer an ideal, cost-efficient package for many applications, as well as implanted systems design, research, test, education, service, and fix. High-end features as standard purchasing a PicoScope isn’t like making a buy from other manufacturers, where optional extras considerably increase the price. With our scopes, high-end features like resolution enhancement, mask bound testing, serial decoding, advanced triggering, a spectrum analyzer, math channels, XY mode, segmented memory, a function generator, and an random waveform generator are all included in the price. To protect your investment, both the PC software and the firmware inside the scope may be updated. Pico Technology have a long history of new features through free-of-charge software downloads. Users of our merchandise reward us by becoming lifelong customers and usually recommending PicoScopes to their colleagues. High bandwidth and sampling rate in spite of their compact size and low cost, there’s no agreement on performance. With input bandwidths up to 200 MHz, the PicoScope 3000 Series scopes can measure a large range of signal types, from DC and baseband into RF and all the way up to VHF. A real-time sampling rate of 1 GS/s lets in depth display of high frequencies. For recurring signals, the maximum efficient sampling rate may be boosted to 10 GS/s using Equivalent Time Sampling (ETS) mode.

Hantek DSO50B 00 Storage 1G Sa/S Real Time Sampling (DSO50B) vs Rigol DS1074Z-S Plus price

The DSO5202B Digital Storage Oscilloscope is a 200MHz scope that gives real-time sample rates up to 1GSa/s and equivalent sample rates up to 25GSa/s. Also, it has 1M memory depth for better observation of waveform details. The 7 inch color TFT LCD Display with Windows-style interface and menus supply easy operation. The multifunctional knobs and the powerful shortcut keys help save time throughout operation. The Autoset function allows you to detect sine and square waves automatically. The Probe Check Wizard guides you to change the probecompensation and set the Probe choice attenuation factor. The DSO5202B gives three help techniques (perspective-sensitive, hyperlinks, and an index). You may be able to quickly master all functions of the DSO5202B to largely improve your efficiency in production and development. Will include (2) Probes, USB cable & power cord.

GW Instek GDS-10E Storage, -Channel, 1 GSa/s Real-Time Sampling Rate, 100, 10M Memory Depth, VPO Technology

The GDS-2000E digital oscilloscope features bandwidth selections of 200MHz, 100MH, and 70MHz. Two-channel model gives 1GSa/s real-time sampling rate for each channel; four-channel model gives 1GSa/s maximum real-time sampling rate. The 8-inch 800 480 TFT LCD display and the minimum 1mV/div vertical range let the GDS-2000E series to measure complex feeble signals and obviously display measurement results. With respect to the memory depth, the GDS-2000E series digital oscilloscope gives 10M long memory for users to totally retrieve and examine waveforms. Users, established upon the application prerequisites, can choose 1K, 10K, 100K, 1M or 10M memory depth. Short memory depth collocating with the high sampling rate lets users to watch fast-changing waveforms and, on the other hand, long memory depth aims for continuously changing waveforms. The GDS-2000E series comes with waveform search and segmented memory functions to develop the adaptable applications of 10M long memory. The segmented memory may be divided the maximum into 29,000 sections for users to bypass any unimportant waveforms so as to swiftly search all obliged waveforms. With the function, more meaningful waveforms may be saved and target waveforms may be displayed quickly. With the waveform search function, users can quickly search wanted waveforms as indicated by the obliged trigger conditions.

MSO110Z-S vs Rigol DS1074Z-S Plus reviews

MSO-DS1000Z Series Digital Oscilloscope MSO/DS1000Z Series is the new mainstream digital scope to meet the buyer’s applications with its groundbreaking technology. MSO1000Z Series has 16channels, target for the implanted design and test market with its business leading plans, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis potential. groundbreaking UltraVision technology(Analog Channel) Deeper Memory Depth (Std. 12Mpts,Opt. 24Mpts) Higher Waveform catch Rate (Up to 30,000 wfms/s) concurrent Waveform Record&Replay (Up to 60,000 frames, opt. ) Multi-level Intensity Grading Display Features and Benefits 4 Channels UltraVision: Deeper memory(Std. 12Mpts,Opt. 24Mpts) UltraVision: Up to 30,000 wfms/s Waveform catch rate UltraVision: Multi-Level intensity grading display UltraVision:Realtime waveform Record, Replay, function (Opt.

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  2. Rigol DS1102E 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope, Dual Analog Channels, 1 GSa/s Sampling, USB Storage
  3. Rigol MSO1074Z
  4. Digital Oscilloscope RIGOL DS2072A
  5. Tektronix 1052B 50 MHz, 2 Channel, Digital Oscilloscope, 1 GS/s Sampling, 5-year Warranty

Models to consider:
MUWH8202E-US DS60M103406D ADS-2061MGOS-6103 TBS1052B
SHS806 DSOX1102GTDS3012C 3405DDDS140L DSO5200
MSO2072A 01B35DS2072A-S MSO-9201wlaJDS3012A TBS1202B-EDU
FT6031-03 RDS 1021IO0000201-05 SHS810-AMZNTBS1202B SHS810
DS2072A BCBI90742208A 2205ATBS1032B VDS1022
DSO112 DSO1102BVTDS3054C MSO7102TD5442A GDS-1074B
EDU06 MSO2202A-SSDS5032E-V DS1052EWaveAce 2004 MSO2072A-S
WaveAce 1001 3062ALTDS2004C GT-0015DS2302A GOS-620FG
AT-DS1000Z WaveAce 2004DSA832E GT-0015bEDUX1002A DS2302A
TO102I GDS-1054BSDS1202CNL SHS810-AMZNDS1054z Kit2 SPD-3303D
DP821 CQ5010CMSO1074Z-S 201ProUTD2102CE DSG830
VDS1022I GDS-1102BDSOX3034A SDS1072CMLDDS140L SHS820
GDS-2204E DPO2014BDS2302A U29104TGP3122 DSO4072C
ADS1062CAL BCBI9074MSO-9201wla MSO2072A-SDSOX1102G TBS1052B
DP811 6022BEDSO112 SHS806DP711 DSO1200
2205A BASIC DSOX2012A2205A RR-2C-DO-DPTBS1152 JDS3012A
MSO7102TD TBS1202B-EDUDSO3064A 100001DSO1202SVDS2062 DDS-120
SDS1102X VDS1022SS08 FT6031-03RDS 1021 TBS1052B-EDU
TDS8204 GOS-6103DSO8060 SDS1074CFLDSOX3034A 2190D
DSOX2012A EM1230DS6000 DS1104Z-SSDS1102CNL TDS2002C
DS60M10 SDS1202DLOwon VDS3102 DSA1030-TGSDS1202CNL SDS1202X
Fluke-123/003S VT-DSO-2A10EADS-2221MV MSO7102TD2205A DSOX1102G
CQ5010C SPD-3303DMSO1074Z-S 06202KP6022BL VT-DSO-2820E
TDS2001C DP821JDS3012A DK-DS6000CM3 KIT TDS2024C
DSO4072C GT-0015DS1054z Kit2 MDO3024GDS-2074E TDS3054C


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