April 23, 2017

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Rigol DS1074Z Plus 70 MHz Digital Oscilloscope Best Selling Oscilloscope The DS1074Z Plus is a high quality 4 channel 70 MHz oscilloscope. This scope also will include a 7 WVGA intensity graded color display for easy looking at. The DS1074Z Plus features an easily available source control button and 4 easy to access analog channel ports. With an business leading 12 Mpts memory (upgradeable to 24 Mpts) and a waveform catch rate of up to 30,000 wfms/s, the DS1074Z Plus is a great solution for almost any application. Image shown is with Optional MSO Add-on Kit: RPL1116 DS1074Z Plus Features 70 MHz Analog Bandwidth Total of 4 Analog Channels Expandable to 16 total digital channels with optional upgrade Maximum Waveform catch Rate of up to 30,000 wfms/s will include 4 RP2200 150 MHz Passive HighZ Probes Low sound floor USB Host for Thumb Drive big 7″ Display 12 Mpts of Memory – upgradeable to 24 What makes the “Plus” so special? The new Rigol DS1074Z Plus now features a digital logic connection beside the USB port. Simply by buying the MSO Upgrade Package, users will now have the equivalent of Rigol’s MSO scopes. This connection lets users to unlock an extra 16 digital channels on their oscilloscope. UltraVision Rigol’s groundbreaking UltraVision technology gives a deeper memory depth of 12Mpts standard and is upgradeable to 24 Mpts (with buy of MEM-DS1000Z). The DS1000z series also gives the capability to swiftly concentrate in on certain part of a recorded waveform. UltraVision Full Visibility Full Visibility The big 7″ display of the DS1074Z Plus, with a resolution of 800 X 480 pixels makes it possible to view all channels on a single screen. This makes for better usability and more economical analysis.

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Technologies SDS1102X LCD, 100 vs DS1074-Z Plus

New SDS1000X family of oscilloscopes DS1074Z Plus offer the highest level of features and performance in this price range available today. 10 types of one-button shortcuts simply complex measurements. An choice is available for Serial bus decoding and they support video triggering and HDTV. The SDS1000X oscilloscope family will include segmented memory and History recording which lets up to 80,000 frames of recorded frames.

Instek GOS-630FC General Purpose Portable Analog 5-Digit LCD Real-Time Frequency Counter, 30 Bandwidth, 2, Timebase Auto

The Instek GOS-630FC is a 30MHz, two-channel analog oscilloscope and frequency counter with an timebase auto-range function, ALT triggering, XY mode, Z-axis input, TV synchronization capability, and channel 1 output for electronics applications like product design, assembly lines, fix and servicing, and electrical engineering education, among others. A fitted real-time frequency counter measures frequency from 50Hz to 30MHz, showing readings on a five-digit LCD. The timebase auto-range function automatically selects the optimum sweep time for showing waveforms. This oscilloscope has a vertical sensitivity to 1mV per division for capturing low-level signals. An ALT triggering function displays the signal from both channels at the same time, and the XY mode compares the signal amplitude from each channel for determining the phase difference. The Z-axis input modulates the intensity of the waveform, the TV synchronization circuit lets triggering of TV-V and TV-H signals, and the channel 1 output can apply a signal to an external device. Extra plans include a rise time of 11. 7ns (50ns at 1 to 2mV per division) and different triggering features. The oscilloscope has a 6″ CRT (cathode ray tube) display with an interior 8 x 10 division grid (each division is 1 cm) for looking at waveforms and an LCD that at the same time shows readings for frequency, voltage per division, times per division, and XY mode. The LCD has a backlight for visibility in low light. The oscilloscope meets European Standard (EN) 61010-1:2001 safety standard and is rated for CAT (group) II installations to 300V, which covers energy-consuming equipment connected to a fixed installation, as well as household, office, and laboratory appliances. It has European Conformity (CE) marking. It comes with two 60MHz passive voltage probes, a power cord for 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz, and a user manual.


MSO-DS1000Z Series Digital Oscilloscope MSO/DS1000Z Series is the new mainstream digital scope to meet the buyer’s applications with its groundbreaking technology. MSO1000Z Series has 16channels, target for the implanted design and test market with its business leading plans, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis potential. groundbreaking UltraVision technology(Analog Channel) Deeper Memory Depth (Std. 12Mpts,Opt. 24Mpts) Higher Waveform catch Rate (Up to 30,000 wfms/s) concurrent Waveform Record&Replay (Up to 60,000 frames, opt. ) Multi-level Intensity Grading Display Features and Benefits 4 Channels UltraVision: Deeper memory(Std. 12Mpts,Opt. 24Mpts) UltraVision: Up to 30,000 wfms/s Waveform catch rate UltraVision: Multi-Level intensity grading display UltraVision:Realtime waveform Record, Replay, function (Opt.

Siglent SHS815 Storage 150 1GSa/s 2Mpts vs DS-1074Z Plus

Oscilloscope plans: Model: SHS815 Bandwidth: 150MHz Rise time:2. 3ns concurrent sampling rate: 1GSa/s Equivalent sampling rate: 50GSa/s Vertical sensitivity: 2mV100V/div Time base range: 2. 5ns 50ns/div Scan:100ms-50s/div Memory depth: 2MKpts Triggering: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope,Alternative Vertical resolution: Triggering frequency counter: 6 digit Recorder: 7M points Trend plot: 800K/CH Interface: USB Device, USB Host Math operation: +, -,, /, FFT Multimeter Specification Display: 6000 Counts DC Voltage: 60mv(115digit accuracy), 60mv-1000v(15digit accuracy) AC Voltage: 60mv(115digit accuracy), 60mv-750v(15digit accuracy) DC Current: 60mA(115digit accuracy), 6A-10A(15digit accuracy) AC Current: 60mA(115digit accuracy), 6A-10A(15digit accuracy) Capacitance: 40nF(310digit accuracy); 400nF-400F(45digit accuracy) Continuity: 50 Buzzer sounds Diode: 0V-2V.

Keysight DSO102A 200

Engineered to get you more scope than you thought you could pay for 1000 Series movable Oscilloscopes Weighs less than 7 pounds with a small footprint so it can go anywhere it ease. Will include:Power cord; 10:1 passive probe for each input channel; Documentation CD, Front panel overlay if other than English. 3-Year Warranty. Features: More Signal looking at 5. 7″ color LCD displays waveforms observably lighter and crisper Wider looking at angle 25 more waveform looking at area Up to 20k memory More potential 23 auto measurements Sequence mode for waveform recording, playback and storage Selectable band-pass filtering Advanced triggering More productivity Go/no-go mask testing 11 languages fitted USB port plus free IntuiLink connectivity software Model: DSO1024A Bandwidth: 200 MHz Sample Rate: 2GSa/sec half channel (when only one channel pair 1-2 or 3-4 is turned on), 1GSa/sec each channel Channels: 4 Display: 5. 7 inch diagonal color QCGA TFT LCD display with 300 cd/m2 backlight intensity Maximum Input Voltage: CAT I 300 Vrms, 400 Vpk; temporary overvoltage 1. 6Vpk.

Tektronix MDO302 200 Mixed Domain, Analog and 200 Spectrum Analyzer vs Rigol DS1074Z Plus pricing

The Tektronix MDO3024 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope is the final 6-in-1 integrated oscilloscope that will include an integrated spectrum analyzer, random function generator, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, and digital voltmeter/counter. The Tektronix MDO3024 is totally customized and completely upgradable; Add the instruments and performance you need now – or afterward.

Pico CM3 KIT PicoLog CM3 3 Channel Current Monitor Data Logger Clamps vs DS-1074-Z Plus

Pico CM3 KIT PicoLog CM3 3 Channel Current Monitor Data Logger with Clamps. PicoLog CM3 CURRENT MONITORING DATA LOGGER The new PicoLog CM3 USB/Ethernet Current Data Logger is a compact, easy-to-use instrument for measuring the current intake of buildings and machinery. With three channels, high accuracy and low sound, it’s ideal for recording data from both single-phase and three-phase AC supplies. The logger is supplied complete with three AC current clamps and all needed software. The USB and Ethernet interfaces let the logger to be used as a USB-only device, as a USB-powered device with Ethernet interface, or as a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) device. Using the Ethernet interface, the PicoLog CM3 may be located anywhere on a LAN or on the internet. CM3 Current Data Logger The PicoLog CM3 is a three-channel data logger that uses business-standard current clamps. Simply connect to your PC via USB or Ethernet, run the supplied software and you may be able to monitor and log current for a large range of applications. suited for single or three-phase alternating currents Non-invasive measurent High resolution and accuracy No power supply obliged USB and Ethernet interfaces Run many units on a single PC common applications Mains power monitoring Three-phase load complementary Long-term energy use recording Energy and cost saving / ISO14001 monitoring adaptable, expandable software included Your PicoLog CM3 Current Data Logger is supplied with PicoLog data logging software. With PicoLog you may be able to gather up to one million measurements, examine them, then display the results in spreadsheet and graphical formats. PicoLog can record data from many PicoLog data loggers simultaneously. This lets you to gather up to 60 channels of current.

Tektronix TDS2001C 50, 2 Analog Channel, 500 Ms/s Sampling, vs Rigol DS1074Z Plus review

The Tektronix TDS2001C 50 MHz, 2 Channel, 500MS/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope gives you with pay for able performance in a compact design. Filled with standard features as well as USB connectivity, 16 automated measurements, bound testing, datalogging, and perspective-sensitive help the Tektronix TDS2001C oscilloscopes assist you get more done, in less time. With up to 200MHz bandwidth and 2GS/s maximum sample rate, no other digital storage oscilloscope offers as much bandwidth and sample rate for the price. The Tektronix TDS2001C proprietary sampling technology gives real-time sampling with a minimum of 10X over sampling on all channels, all the time to precisely catch your signals. Sampling performance isn’t reduced when using many channels.

SainSmart DSO203 Handheld Mini Portable Nano Arm Kit,72,-CH

Overview The oscilloscope easily suffice common electronic engineering tasks. It is depending on ARM cortex M3 (STM32VCT6), 72Mhz analog bandwidth with integrated FPGA and quick ADC. Interior 8MB USB disk may be used to store waveform, user application and upgrade firmware. This is the newest variant with the software upgraded to lib 2. 25 app2. 6 This pocket oscilloscope is mainly employed for programs inside following situation: 1. Fix well-liked electronic devices outside (Air conditioning or Industrial frequency inverter power supply, AC / DC switching electrical power supply or inverter, elevator and constructing fire safety merchandise, industrial control circuit) 2. Hardware preservation or software program debugging RS232, RS485, I2C, CAN with other communications interface circuits, LED show and keyboard scan driver circuit, brushless motor drive circuit 3. Audio devices and circuits, electronic toys and remote handle designs, car or truck fix electronic circuits 4. College after-school teaching practice and college student advancement of electronic simple manufacturing 5. Should sluggish signal modifications observed applications (like: relay and change contacts jitter, battery cost and discharge curves on the load temporary answer strength supply, temperature sensor attributes measurement) 6. The relevant supply electronic circuit (SCR voltage regulator, strength part correction, electronic vitality saving lamps, dysprosium lamp mercury lamp sodium lamp xenon lights drive circuit), As for other problems this sort of as: CPU clock, RAM entry, bus and USB or Ethernet signal measurement, high frequency plus the video circuitry plus the must use FFT for signal analysis and so on event. Package Content 1 x DSO203 2 x Probes 1x/10x 1 x USB Cable 1 x bag for DSO203.

Syscomp CGM-101, Open Source Multi-Function 2MS/s Dual Channel, 11-bit USB vs Rigol DS1074Z Plus price

CircuitGear Mini is an oscilloscope, waveform generator, and digital I/O module integrated into one small, cheap, USB-powered device. Software features are a vector network analyzer, spectrum analysis, strip map recorder, and more. USB cable included. 2MS/s dual channel, 11-bit oscilloscope. 200 kHz DDS random waveform generator. Eight channel digital I/O. Vector Network Analyzer. FFT Spectrum Analysis. USB powered, no AC adaptor obliged. Open source software for Windows, Linux and Mac.

OWON VDS206 USB x 60 500MS/s, 10M Record Length

Features: Up to 100MHz bandwidth, and max 1GS/s real-time sample rate 10M record length Friendly UI: FFT, or X-Y, and waveform 2 views displayed on the same screen Multi-trigger choice : edge, video, slope, pulse, and alternate USB separation – less signal inference, more PC protection USB bus powering super-thin body design, easy portability Package Content: 1 x Owon oscilloscope 2 x unit of probes 1 x Driver CD 1 x USB cable 1 x Probe change Pen 1 x English Manual.

Keysight, -Channel, 200, DSOX202A vs Rigol DS1074Z Plus reviews

NEW. Breakthrough technology gives you more of everything. Except cost. Agilent’s newest line of oscilloscopes delivers superior performance with optional potential and features unmatched by any other merchandise in their class. And at prices intended to fit your budget. You get more: Space -InfiniiVision X-Series combines the potential of an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and business-exclusive function generator in a compact size ideal for benches where space is at a premium. Speed – The 2000 series delivers up to 50,000 waveforms per second, and the 3000 up to 1 million – the business’s fastest update rate – so you see signal detail and rare anomalies more frequently. Memory – The 2000 series has up to 100 kpts of memory – 40 times more than other scopes – so you may be able to catch long, non-repeating signals while maintaining a high sample rate. The 3000 series gives up to 4 Mpts of deep memory – without any of the deep memory hassles of other oscilloscopes. Visibility – The 8. 5 inch WVGA display offers twice the looking at area with five times the resolution. Performance – The 3000 series also offers 33 automated measurements, nine parametric causes, six serial protocol causes, also as seven waveform math functions as well as FFT. InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series Analog Channels: 2 and 4 analog channels Digital timing channels: 8 on MSO models or with DSOX2MSO upgrade Bandwidth (upgradable): 70, 100, 200 MHz Sample rate: 1 GSa/s per channel, 2 GSa/s half channel interleaved mode Memory Depth: 100 kpts Waveform update rate: 50,000 waveforms per second WaveGen fitted 20 MHz function generator: Yes (choice DSOX2WAVEGEN) Segmented memory: Yes (choice DSOX2SGM) Mask bound testing: Yes (choice DSOX2MASK) Model: DSOX2024A Bandwidth:200 MHz Analog/Digital Channels: 4.

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  7. GW Instek GDS-2072A 8″ LCD Color Display Visual Persistence Digital Storage Oscilloscope with USB Port, 70MHz Bandwidth, 2-Channel, 5ns Rise Time
  8. Rigol DS1074Z-S Plus 70 MHz Digital Oscilloscope with 4 Channels

Models to consider:
2190D DS2072A-SDP711 FT6031-03VDS3104L SDS1302CFL
MSO-19 SSO8192CM4371 SDS1052DLTBS1202B-EDU MS6060
DS2102A DS1M12WS3K-EMB 5244BDSOX2014A iMSO-204L
MS420 DS2202A-S2204A BP11726022BL HDS1021M
VDS1022I EDU06TGP3122 EM115ADS1102E DSO5200A
FLUKE-125/003S TDS3014CBAG-DS1000 TBS1102B-EDUTO102I SDS5032E-V
01B35 MSO1104Z-S6022BE SHS810-AMZNBCBI9074 VDS2064
SHS820 TC-08DSO4072C DSG830Fluke-124/003S SHS810
SHS810 DS202MSO2072A-S DSA832EADS-2061M EDU09-CA
MUWH1202B-US VT-DSO-2820E2190D SDS1202DLVT-DSO-2A20E SDS1052DL
WaveAce 2002 2204ASHS810 DSA832ESHS820 iMSO-204L
6052BE DS2202ATDS1002B SDS1102CMLMSO2202A EM115A
DS2102A SDG2042X3406D SDS1304CFLFluke-123/003S TBS1152B-EDU
PA1011 DS1204BSDS1302CFL 2206APS2204A SDS1102X
HPS50 HPS140ICM3 KIT RDS 1021DSA1030-TG BP1172
SSO8192 TBS1052BAT-DS1000Z DSOX2012AVDS1022I GDS-1102B
DM3058E SDS5032E-VVDS3104L Hantek DSO8060Owon TDS7104 DSO1200
DSA832 TBS1202B-EDUDPO2024B 2246A2208A M227A
EDU06 EM115A2190D 6022BLDS2202A-S TBS1052B
FLUKE-125/003S WaveAce 2002DS1102E WS3K-EMBSHS810 HDS1021M
BAG-DS1000 DS1054ZDSG830 PS2204AVDS3104L SS08
CGM-101 DSOX2012AEDU09-CA 2205AiMSO-204 SDS1304CFL
TDS1002B VDS2064GDS-1102B 5244BDS60M10 DSO203
Fluke-123/003S HDS1022M-NTO102I 2206AMSO7102TD SDG2042X
GDS-2104E DSO1102BVTDS2014C 01B35DS2072A-S SHS820
WaveAce 2004 GDS-2072ATPS2014B 6022BLYB4328 EDUX1002A


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