April 23, 2017

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  • 1 x Zinc-Air A13 cell battery,Digitally enhanced hearing quality, It comes with 2 tip sizes and will fit left or right ear.
  • Gradually and comfortably increases sound levels according to your unique needs by digital volume control
  • Micro BTE and Air Construction design,virtually invisible and lightweight
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

NewEAR digital BTE hearing amplifier is intended exactly for the budget conscious customer looking for the final value in conjunction with a great digital BTE hearing amplifier. This is a PERFECT choice for those looking for an inexpensive back-up hearing amplifier aid to supplement their current hearing set. This is a restricted time price and is related to present stock on hand. As a bonus, you’ll get 2 ear buds with a cleaning set. The NewEAR amplifier is one of our best selling You can not go wrong with the NewEAR.

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hawk Smart – Hear More for Less Money. Top Rated – Graphite

Intended by one of the worlds leading hearing health experts, Dr. Rodney Perkins, the founder of Resound (hearing aids) and the California Ear Institute at Stanford. Soundhawk uses our patented personalization technology which will assist you hear more of what matters most in the noisiest environments. Soundhawk is a simple, sleek and cheap system that will include three elegantly intended pieces of hardware, all unified by a mobile app that lets you to personalize Soundhawk to your distinctive hearing preferences.

Digi-WAVE Communication System 3

One-way, digital technology that makes it easier to hear in everyday situations by decreasing background sound and compensating for poor room acoustics or distance from the sound source. Useful for an array of personal listening scenariosfrom conversations around the coffee table to hearing every word of your beloved TV program. Simply place the DLT 300 near the sound source. System will include (1) DLT 300 Transceiver (1) DLR 360 Receiver (1) MIC 090 Lapel Microphone (1) EAR 041 Earphone (1) CCS 044 Silicone Skin (1) CCS 060 Silicone Skin (1) CHG 102 Dual-Bay Charger (1) BAT 022-2 AAA Rechargeable Batteries (1) CCS 043 system carry case Each DLT 300 is packaged with an individual charger.

New Siemens BTE – LOTUS BTE Severe Loss Enhance Device (12sp)

Short Description of Lotus 12SP Model -100% digital signal processing chip. -Excellent digital output performance with low distortion, and low sound auto MNR (Microphone sound Reduction). -Advanced feedback cancellation system. -Rocker volume control. -Two Trimmers: NH/MPO. -Button control with two functions : M/T. -suited for people with serious to profound hearing loss. -Small Size. -Microphone background sound abatement. -Push button hearing mode selection. -Telephone Phone auto T-Coil (Phone Use). -Excellent feedback elimination system. -prepared-To-Wear New robust design. -Moisture-tolerant. -For use in either ear. -Uses Size A675 Zinc Air Batteries. Technical plans -100% digital signal processing chip -Low distorted, low sound digital acoustic fidelity output -Microphone sound abatement -Excellent feedback elimination system -New robust design -Rocker volume control -Dual easy to change NH and auto get Trimmers -Suited for the people with serious to profound hearing loss Package Include -1 BRAND NEW Siemens LOTUS 12SP, 100% Digital, Miniature size, BTE (Behind-the-Ear) hearing aid. -1 User Manual in English. -3 Ear plugs of different size to fit your ear. -1 Carrying case. -1 Year Factory Warranty.

Etymotic Research ER135-QSA-PT-T Bean, Single, Platinum Telecoil

The BEAN with t-coil (telecoil) is a small, wireless personal sound amplification device picks up a signal and sends the sound straight to your ear. The signal can come from a hearing aid well-matched phone, venues with a loop system or a neckloop. As a personal amplification device, the BEAN calm Sound Amplifier features a fitted sensor that amplifies soft sounds while keeping the volume steady on louder noises, or decreasing it for very deafening noises, like fireworks or the strike of a drum. Will include: 1 Platinum colored BEAN calm Sound Amplifier; 7 pairs of eartips in a range of sizes and materials; Size 10 Zinc Air hearing aid batteries; Filter tool with extra filters; Cleaning brush; Carring case.

Listen Technologies LS-53-072 iDSP Prime Level I Stationary RF System (72 Mhz)

The Listen Tech LS-53-072 iDSP Prime Level I Stationary RF System comes equipped with the LR-4200-072 receiver, Listen’s new generation of personal listening merchandise, and iDSP or Intelligent Digital Signal Processing. The iDSP 72MHz receiver revolutionizes how an RF system works, offering exact clearness with 20 dB less hiss than other RF receivers. The new integrated neck loop improves the experience for people who have hearing aids and cochlear implants with telecoils. Sleek and small, the iDSP receiver has a field replaceable, non-proprietary rechargeable lithium-ion battery, making out of date the use of alkaline and NiMH batteries. Battery life is eight hours, with a 2. 5-hour charge time. The result is an groundbreaking personal listening technology and solution that delivers an exceptional listening experience for end users and an best experience for the venues that supply listening devices. Venues will find this system ideal when the receiver channel isn’t changed on a regular basis by the user, locking on one channel is required, however programming many channels aren’t, and for applications like: assistive listening, single channel language interpretation, and personal use. The included integrated neck loop/lanyard and signage assures the system meets the minimum lawmaking prerequisites for venues with a capacity up to 100. Telescoping antenna gives smaller venues the choice for using the transmitter inside a 700 ft. (213. 4 m) range.

– – PSAP – vs NewEAR Digital Modern pricing

Digital finding Worked With The Best Audiologists, Otolaryngologists, & Other Hearing Specialists to Create & Develop our Newest Hearing Amplifiers. We give you the chance to purchase Doctor suggested & Audiologist accepted Hearing Devices at a small percentage of the Price Youd use up at the Doctors Office. Each Personal Sound Amplification Device Kit will include: 2 Premium Hearing Amplifiers: With 6 Volume Channels to help personalize your hearing experience. 6 Customizable sound Blocking EarTips: Find the EarTip that best matches your Ear 6 1. 5v Batteries: You may also use: PG13, L1154, 357, A76, LR44, AG13 Batteries Instructional Videos: We include step-by-step directions to help optimize your hearing amplifiers & avoid confusionOur New & Improved Digital Design We Uses adaptable, Mini Ear Buds that Are intended to Fit Snugly Inside the 2nd Bend of Your Ear Canal. This Deeper Placement lets the System to Take benefit of Your Ears Natural Acoustics & Anatomy for a Sound Quality That may change Your Life. Cyber Sciences Hearing Amplifiers Can Improve Hearing Up to 98 By: Maximizing Sound Clarification decreasing Background sound Eliminating White sound Improving Static& Distinctly Clarifying Voices. Did You Know That About 15 of Americans Suffer From Hearing Issues caused by Everyday actions like: very deafening Music Ear-Splitting Work Environments car Accidents Extreme illness Heavy Machinery& Much, more. We produced the Perfect Hearing Device intended to improve & Amplify Sound Levels, Without rising White sound & Static. Our Premium Design holds a Digital Chip that assists Eliminate sound Distortion & gives a clear Aid in Hearing Enhancement. Purchase Yours Now With the Cyber Science 100 Satisfaction ensure.

Tweak Mini Amplification Product with Volume Control (BEIGE)

Forget what you've heard about other amplifiers. Tweak MINI is a revolutionary new personal sound amplification product that’s compact and comfy. It’s the only personal sound amplification product (PSAP) using specific patented technology that allows you to choose from four ranges of amplification, plus remembers what level of amplification you like best. If you're not prepared for a hearing aid but could use a little help in hard listening situations, Tweak Mini can be the answer for you. FEATURES: Available in 3 colors- beige, black, and silver —— Incorporates technologies used in high-end hearing instruments—— Digital Volume Control——- Fast-acting sound-activated compression——– Cutting-edge auto feedback control——— predetermined 12 band graphic equalizer——- Clear, natural sound——– Utilizes a usually available #10A battery——- Low battery tone display——— 6 month standard warranty extra 6 month warranty with buy of a Dry & Store Drying Product (world II and Zephyr units only, sold individually)——– Tweak can help you in the following situations: TV & Radio; Meetings;Group conversations; at the dinner table; Nature Sounds; kids's Voices; Religious Services; Social Gatherings; Theater; Recreational actions; Any other situation where you may have difficulty listening. Each Tweak Mini ships in own logo pocket case with 4 Premium PSAP Batteries, a left and right tube with sleeve info attached, one big 10mm vented dome tip, and one big 12mm closed dome tip. Batteries last roughly 5 days with full-time use.

LifeEar Ear Doctor and Audiologist Designed All Volume Control, Beige, Right vs NewEAR Digital Modern review

Maybe you have difficulty with conversation when there are two or more people. Possibly you think the people around you generally mumble or you have difficulty understanding what is said although you hear “just good. ” Studies show slight hearing problems decrease your income possible, increase your chances of dementia, social separation and your likelihood of falling. Why take those risks when for 90 less than a custom device you may be able to get a LifeEar that doesn’t require appointments, prescriptions, fittings or any other inconveniences. LifeEar helps improve speech intelligibility, increases your confidence, and decreases exhaustion related with the inability to hear what you want leading to an improved life quality. LifeEar doesn’t just “turn the volume up” like those cheap devices, it enhances the world around you discreetly. The 12 band digital sound processing concentrates on voices while at the same time decreasing background sound. The sound level and amplification program is adjustable via a single switch and best of all the LifeEar is already assembled. No have to fiddle with putting complex devices together. LifeEar uses readily available 10/10 A zinc-air batteries. Just imagine, no more asking people to repeat themselves, no more turning the TV up and up, no more misunderstandings not only words but also stress, nuance, and volume. The longer you wait to deal with your hearing the less chance you have of preventing a decline. The time to get a LifeEar is. Just think this time next week you may be hearing better. Order now.

Pocketalker Ultra with Surround Earphone E22

The Pocketalker super amplifies sounds close to the listener while decreasing background sound, making it ideal for use in noisy situations, TV listening, one-on-one communication, small groups or listening in a car. With the headset, the Pocketalker can get up to 121dB SPL high volume output and clearness. Accomplish almost 200 hours of common handling; the red light on the top panel flashes when the battery is low. Separate tone and volume controls are located on the outside of the case for easy modifications to your hearing needs. It features a lightweight, ergonomic design for portability and easy use. Finger tip adjustable volume control lets you to swiftly change to your listening environment – if your hearing loss is low frequency or high frequency sounds. The Pocketalker is backed with a five year warranty, your assurance of quality and satisfaction. Ninety day warranty on accessories.

Turbo Ear vs NewEAR Digital Modern price

Turbo Ear vs NewEAR Digital Modern price uses advanced microprocessor technology to deliver very clear reception while decreasing background sound. Features volume and on/off controls. Will include three silicone info, storage case and AC adapter. Rechargeable-each charge lasts up to seven hours. Perfect to use at home, movies, church, restaurants and more. Imported.

Lift – Right

The Ovation Lift is the smallest of the Ovation Hearing devices, however also holds all of the best features, you with top-of-the-line performance and usability. With its open-fit design, the Ovation Lift rests softly and comfortably in your ear and is almost invisible when in use. Each device comes with the retention loop and a six month supply of batteries.

SuperEar Model SE5000 (Upgrade of Model SE4000) Increases Ambient Gain 50dB, CMS/ADA Compliant Assistive Listening Devi vs NewEAR Digital Modern reviews

Improved SuperEar Compact Microphone Model SE5000 represents the new sound amplifier in the SuperEar line (replacing SuperEar Model SE4000 selected by and shown in the CMS Hospital Compliance Video for Interviewing susceptible Elders). SuperEar SE5000 features our newest, short, greatly sensitive compact microphone that doesn’t require any bubble cover (eliminating the need for the long sproggle microphone on last model SE4000). Groundbreaking surface mount microelectronics supply very clear stereo amplification. SuperEar sound amplifiers have been the leading personal sound amplifier on the market over 30 years and is the business leader in Assistive Listening Device (ALD). Model SE5000 is a re-engineered improvement of the widely well-liked model SE4000. CMS and ADA compliant, Outdoors, indoors, virtually anywhere. This versatile hand-held amplifier is compact enough to fit in the smallest pocket, still comes with a belt clip to attach the Super Ear to a belt, hat or another gear. Multi-element compact swivel microphone. Premium Stereo Headphones and deafening and Clear Ergonomic Hook-Style Discreet Dual Earbuds assures secure fit in all ear sizes while optimizes wearing comfort. Shown paired Output Drivers deliver clear, crisp sound. Stainless steel pocket/belt clip. 1 – AAA battery is included. Excellent for Birdwatching, Nature Lovers, Senior Citizens, Sports Fans and Sleuths, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Investigators, Doctor’s Offices and Hospitals, Excellent In Courtrooms, Great for Theaters, Used In Churches and Congregations. Headphones are well-matched with SuperEar Sanitary Disposable Earpad Covers for many users in hospitals, Dr. Offices, Bridge Clubs, Churches, etc. Sound get is particular to each individual which is why, since 1981 Sonic Technology offers a 30 Day Money Back ensure allowing user to attempt the SuperEar for personal sound improvement. 3 Year substitute Warranty. Contact buyer support for any questions on any SuperEar product.

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  8. NewEar High Quality Digital Ear Hearing Amplifier “FDA Approved”

Models to consider:
LHSUTI-MC4(2) LT-800-072-013.0Digital SE9000RPSA05 ER135-QSA-PT-T
HA-01 ASI8315LP-3CV-072-01 SE5000
SET830-S SE5000ER135-QSA-PT-T UP-6SYRPSA05 LT-800-072-01
GH04 3.0DigitalASI8315 SE9000LP-3CV-072-01 HA-01
LS-88 ER135-QSA-PT2-TDH101 SHK001
UP-6A6 LT-800-072-01ER135-QSA-PT RPSA05UP-6SY GH04
MEDC2 SE5000ER135-QSA-PT2-T LP-3CV-072-01ER135-QSA-PT-T HA-01
WIR SYS 1 WHT SET830-SDH101 LS-883.0Digital LHSUTI-MC4(2)
SE9000 SHK001ASI8315 LE2KR


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