April 23, 2017

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Kit Cold Rush US w/ Shldr Pad LargeCold Rush&#8217 s natural design features a lasting motor, a stronger flow rate than the best selling units and an business-leading ice-to-water percentage that assures longer cooling times. Still, it’s whisper-calm and compact, weighing just 4. 6 lbs (2. 1 kg). Indications for UseThe Cold Rush Cold medical care System gives an efficient and soothing treatment for decreasing post-operative ache and puffiness. Well suited for hospital, home or movable use, the Cold Rush Cold medical care System helps return patients to normal activity faster by cooling break during the curative and recuperation procedure. Product HighlightsGo with the flow. By incorporating the same lasting motor used in much bigger mobile air conditioners and refrigerators, Cold Rush gives consistent cooling and excellent compression, to high elevations. Calm as a whisper. Cold Rush uses a brushless motor to produce a whisper-calm (30 decibel) unit that lets patients to get the rest they have to properly rehabilitate from their injuries. Stay cooler, longer The highest ice-to-water percentage in the business and a design that produces less heat move from the motor to the water add to ensure cold medical care ache break for up to 6 uninterrupted hours. No igloos Far more than just a changed beverage cooler, Cold Rush was intended holistically, with distinctive features like a locking cover to help prevent spills and insulated walls for improved cooling. Ergonomic Cold Rush PadsThe Cold Rush medical care System is available with a range of Cold Rush Pads intended to deliver uninterrupted cold medical care to the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, back or hand. The distinctive, unbroken loop covering on the top part of our Cold Rush Pads lets for use without bubble wraps. Simply use the elastic straps to secure the Cold Rush in place. The patient can use the pad under post-operative bracing systems. Kit Cold Rush US w/ Shldr Pad Lg Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for.

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PACK, GEL, HOT /, INSULATED, 4.5"X10.5" ( PACK, GEL, HOT /, INSULATED, 4.5"X10.5" ) 24 Pack / Case

(HCPCS Code: NO CODE) PACK, GEL, HOT / COLD, INSULATED, 4. 5″X10. 5″ ( PACK, GEL, HOT / COLD, INSULATED, 4. 5″X10. 5″ ) 24 Pack / Case. Dimensions: Not Available ; No description is available for this product. Product licensed and made by Cardinal Health Medical merchandise. PACK, GEL, HOT / COLD, INSULATED, 4. 5″X10. 5″ merchandise carry a restricted lifetime warranty. More info is on the manufacturers web site.

DreamTime Healing Touch Hand Cozys, Sage Velvet

Slip into DreamTime’s curative Touch Hand Cozys and give your rough, hard-working hands a well-deserved treat of soft, warm comfort. DreamTime’s curative Touch Hand Cozys are the favored choice of professionals. They may be hated or cooled for either therapeutic or beauty benefits. Hand Cozys soothe away aches and arthritic ache, comfort overworked hands, or make a manicure miraculous. The lavish fabric in mix with our exclusive aromatherapy blend of cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus will soother your hands and transform rough overworked hands into the softest and most supple hands imagined. Relax, with DreamTime Hand Cozys you may be able to handle anything.

Cozies Hand and Foot Liner 100-ct.

Cozies Hand and Foot Liners may be used over warm paraffin to contain the mess and lock in extra moisture. Disposable. To increase heat medical care use with paraffin Snugglies Mitts or Booties. Works on hands or feet. 13″L. 6″ at the sealed end and 9″ at the opened end. Fits all hand and feet sizes.

3 Pack11", 9", 6" Healthcare Reable Hot and Ice Bag Pack (Pack of 3, Blue)

R. I. C. E. Medical care Initial Care R Rest I Ice C Compression E Elevate How to use: 1. To loosen and remove the cap turn it counter-clockwise. 2. Fill the ice bag two-thirds full with either cold tap water, ice water, crushed ice, or ice cubes. Caution: Sharp edges on ice cubes may because damage to the inner lining. Don’t attempt to jam the ice into the bag opening. 3. Turn the cap clockwise till it’s secured tightly on the ice bag. 4. Turn ice bag upside down and firmly press on the bottom to test for leakage. 5. Apply to wanted area. 6. Condensation may form on the outside of the bag. Wrap the ice bag in a soft towel to protect the skin and to avoid condensation buildup. 7. Apply ice bag for 20 to 30 minutes (maximum) at a time. Continue to reapply after injury. Wait one hour between applications. Caution: Ice can be used after an injury to decrease ache and puffiness. Ice decreases blood flow to the injured tissue and decreases inflammation. Cold medical care usually works best when used for 20-30 minutes every 3-4 hours or till puffiness goes away. To avoid frostbite, don’t use on skin with decreased feeling or lacks correct circulation. Ask your doctor if cold medical care is suggested. Note: This bag is intended for ice or cold water applications. It isn’t a hot water bottle. Don’t use with hot water above 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit).

Elasto-gel Hypothermia Mitts for nail loss onycholysis

Medical analysis have shown Elasto-Gel Hypothermia Gloves and Slippers aid in the reduction of onycholysis (nail loss) and skin toxicity in patients undertaking chemotherapy- Journal of medical Oncology – July 1, 2005 If yourchemotherapy treatment is longer than 45 minutes, we strongly recommendyou buy a minimum of 2 pair of gloves medical care Mitts: 1 pair gel mitts and 10 disposable liners This product may be used for Hot and/or Cold medical care.

HealthyLine Tourmaline Stones Negative Ions Multi Heat & Energy Therapy Healing, Small (20" L x 20" W) vs Kit Cold Rush pricing

Product is FDA registered in USA. Made by USA company HealthyLine. It is a small size pad for medical care of any area of a human body. Smart idea for foot heating medical care. May be used for pets. For pets suggested to use medium heat and cover with a material. Net weight about 4 lb (2 kg). Size 20″ x 20″ x 1. 2″ (50 cm x 50 cm x 3 cm). 144 pcs 1″ (25 mm) diameter tourmaline stones. LED display controller. High quality material. Made with 12 to 16 special layers inside. 1 year of full USA warranty established in New York, the American company HealthyLine presents the highest quality and the best selection of infrared heating stone mats, at cheap prices. See our line of nearly 40 different models “InfraMat PRO”. Made under seven-stage quality control at the oldest factory in northern China, near the world’s biggest jade and amethyst mines, and registered with the FDA, FCC, and CE and certified by respected US laboratories, our distinctive merchandise, ranging from small pads to king-size mattresses, are pieces of art.

FAB181331 – Fabrication Enterprises, Inc. Vitamin D/UV-F florescent lamp, table-top model

The KBD D/UV-F lamp is meant for persons who may not be able to get either needed sunlight exposures, tolerate or procedure Vitamin D supplements. Features: Table top appliance; 5 minute auto timer, shuts off when contact regime finished; Emergency on/off switch, terminates operation instantly; 4 KBD exclusive reflector Vitamin D producing bulbs; No warm-up period. Begin contact now after lamp ignition; 2 pairs of protecting eyewear included; No assembly obliged; 3 month parts warranty; 1000 hour bulb life; 22? (55cm) high x 12? (30. 48cm) large x 6 (15. 24cm) deep; 15 lbs. (6. 8kg); 110-220 volt operation (no converter is needed). Vitamin D/UV-F florescent lamp, tabletop model.

Therawell Therapeutic Gel Bead Neck Wrap, Lavender vs Kit Cold Rush review

Experience soothing break and long-lasting comfort with this gel bead neck wrap that relieves pressure and discomfort in sore, inflexible neck muscles. The soft and adaptable gel beads conform to the contours of your body for best coverage. This groundbreaking technology lets the item to be heated in the microwave for warmth or chilled in the refrigerator for cold application. Therawell is a line of therapeutic wellness merchandise intended to make you live well and feel better. Each product targets different regions of the body to relieve, calm, soothe, comfort, relax and refresh. Our mission is simple: supply our customers feel-good solutions which they can use everyday. Upper Canada was your bath and beauty partner since 1969, and since 1987 Danielle been offering a premium quality range of mirrors, cosmetic travel bags, and beauty accessories. Our commitment to quality, service, and value assures a 1st class product with something for everyone.

HOT CHERRY pit pillow Thermal Pack Therapeutic MOIST Heating,, MICROWAVABLE

Big DOUBLE SQUARE PILLOW IN SOFT lasting RED Maraschino poly-suede, 21. 5 x 10. 5 filled with clean, dried cherry pits that typically go to a landfill. The perfect natural hot or cold pack, to assist you RELAX AND FEEL BETTER FAST. HEATS QUICKLY IN MICROWAVE (or regular oven) and gives moist penetrating heat. The weight relaxes and comforts sick, tired, sore bodies, with a nice subtle smell like cherry pie. Store in the freezer to generally have a cold pack useful. Suggested BY CHIROPRACTORS, MASSAGE THERAPISTS, SPAS and other alternative practitioners for arthritis, neuropathy, menstrual, back and neck ache break Physical medical care gift, pregnancy gift, grandmother gift, grandfather gifts, retirement gift, HOT CHERRY brand pillows come in 2 DIFFERENT FABRICS AND 6 SIZES, to meet everybody’s needs, from eye pillows to body pillows. Every household should have some number of on hand. This big pillow is sewn in PLUSH POLY-SUEDE, and packaged in an eco-friendly pie box, with stylish band and gift tag. Already gift wrapped HOT CHERRY pillows make great GIFTS. WASHABLE and SUSTAINABLEA natural, green cheap product that utilizes cherry pits, a by-product of the American tart cherry business that are cleaned and dried by a special patented procedure, without the use of chemicals. Wash them, dry them, they will last for many years. Environmentally friendly gifts, PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA.

Nature’s Approach Aromatherapy Home Spa 4-Piece Herbal Pack Set vs Kit Cold Rush price

Nature’s Approach has produced an aromatherapy 4 part spa set for full body rejuvenation in your home. This economical set gives you what you have to relieve all of the daily aches and pains that your body suffers and relieve the stress experienced throughout your daily routine. Set will include: big Shoulder Herbal Wrap – Targets neck and shoulder ache, Adjustable Lumbar Herbal Pack – Targets lower back tension, Lavender Eye Pillow – Soothes tired/puffy eyes, Peppermint Herb Pack – Helps sinus problems. Features: Hot and cold medical care (microwave or freeze), Natural aromatherapy, break from aches and pains, Use anywhere on your body, Aromatherapy Herbal Pack Filling will include Nature’s Finest Herbs: Lavender, Peppermint, Spearmint, Valerian Root, Cinnamon, Chamomile, Clove, White Willow, Yarrow, Yellow Dock Root, Lemongrass, Flax Seed (gives moist heat medical care).

Hot / Therapy Sleeves ( SLEEVE, HOT / GEL, FINGER, 6CS ) 6 Each / Case

Hot / Cold medical care Sleeves ( SLEEVE, HOT / COLD GEL, FINGER, 6CS ) 6 Each / Case. Polyurethane gel sleeves may be used for hot or cold medical care to help decrease muscle ache. Wendell Alan Ltd merchandise are nationally licensed for sale and carry a restricted lifetime warranty. Visit manufacturers web site for more details.

MediChoice Hot Or Gel Pack, Reable, Single-Patient e, 6 Inch x 10 Inch (Case of 24) vs Kit Cold Rush reviews

MediChoice’s Reusable Hot or Cold Gel Packs are a great addition to any 1st aid kit. Heat in the microwave for warm medical care or freeze for cold medical care. The packs remain adaptable to comply to the contour of the wearer’s body. Each pack will include a separate spunlace cover to protect the wearer’s skin. Safety protocol recommends that the pack be wrapped in towel or wash cloth previous to use.

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  6. Cryotherapy Arctic Ice Cold Water Therapy With Universal Therapy Pad

Models to consider:
BK0317 NB1BND-80204A TP-RS1CC-HOR-01 005T
FAB11-1152 BG1114A-HP-101 TK10156008T TW-6040
PPRT-NN-01 014BHLGDK004T RMBBF19981210192-PUR HC-1302
EG516003 DH888805297HC-1201 BN-HND-WRMRS-50HB011112 HHP-250-THP
TK35125 VH-KB1250-L/XLCRO102 FAB13-2500FAB11-1152 VH-SH85-L/XL
BBF5085-12 003JCPW-SHE-1 BG5010MDS138025 BBF4010-12
WR301BOX TP-RFROG1HC804 100000EAB-232000010 90910K
WR401BOX 616ABBF3110-12 SW-2PUA-HP-125 A-HP-125
FA-6080 W67015PW110 A-HP-101DC-WRP31-6004 MDS13805
MDS139007 11C-1871-YCP-BAD-2 WR401BOX003T TK46100
FAB11-1152 BBF1998-12SW-2PU B-232000010BK0317 HLGDK004T
FA-6080 PPRT-NN-01BG1114 WR301BOXKA-SE-BI0815 HC715SM-L
100000EA HB011112ZW0001-P A-HP-101HB021112 005T
B-232002300 KBW-0012TM82234 CH153CT02BBF4016-12 90910K
FAB11-1152 NB1EG516003 TKFP50CRO102 WR601BOX
PW120 CR32OZSBMDS13805 A-HP-125pi120 R2540
pi500 pi100HLGDK004J VH-SH85-L/XLVH-SH35-S/M AZ-WA1025
CRO102 015-JTTW-6040 VH-SH85-L/XLCGP7 FAB11-1153
005T BG11141314CWP905-CA WR301BOX616A HC715SM-L
DH888805297 011TA-HP-125 A-HP-101TP-RNW1 011J
MDS13805 10192-PURKBW-0012 W67015VH-SH35-S/M TKFP50
R2540 CH1127CP-PUP-2 TP-RFROG1014B pi500
TM82273 PW150W67015 ars2000cA-HP-125 TK4625
PE169 HB011112HLGDK004J BUSASN16-001MAS025 BBF4010-12
KA-SE-BI0815 BG7511SF-HW-40 FAB13-2500VH-SH85-S/M WR601BOX
TK35125 BN-HND-WRMRS-50BK0317 B-232000010006J BBF1998-12


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