April 23, 2017

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  • The 117 multimeter measures AC and DC voltage as well as AC and DC amps. The 323 clamp meter measures AC and DC voltage as well as AC amps.
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General description

About the Fluke 117/323 KIT Multimeter, 117 Digital Multimeter/323 TrueRMS Clamp Meter Electrician’s Combo Meter Kit Fluke 117/323 KIT Fluke Multimeter, 117 Digital Multimeter/323 TrueRMS Clamp Meter Electrician’s Combo Meter Kit pairs the Fluke 117 multimeter with a Fluke 323 clamp meter for productive and efficient troubleshooting in one total solution, as well as the new C115 lasting soft carrying case for protection and easy meter transportation. Replaces: Fluke 117/322 KIT.

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TP175E TwistGuard Test Probe with 4mm Adapter, 1000V Voltage, 10A Current, 2mm Tip Dia

Will include removable 4 mm FLUKE-117/323 KIT lantern info that thread onto the lead tip. Adjustable tip length, allowing increased safety and precision. Well-matched with the TL22x series, TL238 and TL27 test leads. Patented TwistGuard extendable tip shroud meets the highest electrical safety prerequisites to decrease tip contact while giving the versatility needed for most measurements. Ratings: CAT II 1000V, CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, 10A maximum, Pollution Degree 2. UL Listing. Probes generally show correct group ranking for tip being used. Environmental ratings: -20 to 55 degree C (-4 to 131 degree F), altitude: 2000m (6562′). 1 Year warranty.

190-204/AM 4 Channel LCD Color Scope Oscilloscope, 200 MHz Bwidth, 1.7ns Rise time

The Fluke ScopeMeter 190 series is a handheld, four-channel digital oscilloscope for looking at electrical signals with a 999-count multimeter mode for measuring AC and DC voltage to 1,000V, AC/DC voltage to 1,000V true RMS, frequency to full bandwidth, and responsibility cycle from 4 to 98. It may also measure power for single- and three-phase systems, showing the total power (watts), obvious power (VA), reactive power (VAR), and the power factor (PF) to find out how proficiently an installation uses power. The oscilloscope has a real-time sample rate of 1. 25GS/s for the 100MHz model and 2. 5GS/s for the 200MHz model, and a record length of 10,000 points per channel for acquiring in depth waveforms. A zoom function magnifies waveforms up to x100, three math functions—add, deduct, and multiply—plus FFT (fast fourier transform), and auto and cursor measurements let an in-depth analysis of waveforms. Edge, pulse width, video, and N-cycle (burst) causes let separation of particular signals. The oscilloscope’s advanced auto triggering recognizes signal patterns and automatically optimizes triggering, timebase and amplitude settings. To aid debugging, the pass/fail testing compares a live waveform to a reference waveform and may be set to store either waveforms that match (pass) or don’t match (fail) the reference waveform. The relative function lets a measurement to be set as a reference value and displays successive measurements as a positive or negative deviation from that value, and the data-hold function freezes a reading or waveform on the display. The 100 last screens are automatically stored in the unit’s interior memory, and may be accessed by the replay function. The oscilloscope has a recorder that captures from 6 seconds to 48 hours of waveforms and stores up to 30,000 data points per channel. Its trend plot function graphs the minimum, maximum, and average readings over time from 60 minutes at 5 seconds per division to 22 days at 30 minutes per division. Extra plans include a rise time of 3. 5ns for the 100MHz models and 1. 7ns for the 200MHz models, and different triggering features. The unit has a 126. 8 x 88. 4 mm (4. 99 x 3. 48 inches) color LCD with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels for looking at waveforms and measurements, and an LED backlight for visibility in low light. It can display up to four readings or waveforms at the same time. A multimeter is an electrical testing tool for measuring many properties of an electrical circuit to verify correct operation or diagnose problems.

Parker 07E44A18AC One-Unit Compressed Air Filter/Regulator, 3/4" NPT, Metal Bowl with Sight Gauge, Manual Drain, 40 Micron, 90 scfm, Reliev

This Parker 07E standard series compressed air filter/regulator is for water and particulate elimination, and air pressure control. This filter is a single-unit, integral, “piggyback” filter/regulator for space-saving installations and has a relieving-style regulator to exhaust extra pressure for increased performance and safe operation. It has a removable, non-increasing handle for tamper resistance and male National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads for connecting to female threaded pipes.

9040 3 Phase Rotation Indicator with Clear LCD Display, 700V Voltage, 400 Hz Frequency

The Fluke 9040 is efficient for measuring phase rotation in all regions where three phase supplies were used to feed motors, drives and electrical systems. The Fluke 9040 is a rotating field display and can supply clear indication of the 3 phase via an LCD display and the phase rotation direction to find out correct connections. It lets fast motivation of phase sequence and has a voltage (up to 700 V) and frequency range suited for commercial and industrial applications. The included test probes have a variable clamping range for safe contact, also in industrial sockets. 3 phase indication. Indication of phase rotation. Clear LCD display. No battery obliged. 40 to 700V voltage range. 15 to 400 Hz frequency range. Uninterrupted operating timer. 0 to 40 degree C operating temperature. IP 40 Dust/water resistance. Measures 61mm width by 124mm height by 27mm depth. 2 years warranty.

FLK-V3003 FC Wireless with DMM, AC/DC Voltage Modules

Fluke 3000 FC Wireless Digital Multimeter Start building tomorrows test tool system today with the Fluke 3000 FC Digital Multimeter. The new Fluke Connect system of test tools communicates with the new Fluke Connect mobile app on your Android or iOS smart device, allowing you to share live measurements, monitor readings from safe distances, and get your job done easier than ever before. The wireless digital multimeter functions as the mobile hub, showing readings from up to three module tools at the same time from up to 20 meters away. The Fluke Connect modules also give you the flexibility to build your wireless test tool system how you want when you want. The Fluke 3000 FC Wireless Test Tools are a team and the modules are team players. You connect any of the Fluke Connect Modules to your test point, then view the results on particular Fluke Connect enabled hardware or through Windows software on your PCup to 20 meters (65. 6 feet) away. Save time and conduct more tests with less trips. Productivity Communicate with your iOS (4s and afterward) and Android (4. 3 and up) devices with the new Fluke Connect mobile app Wireless technology lets connectivity between your phone, PC, and all Fluke Connect enabled test tools Let your team see what you see in an instant with ShareLive video call Save money and time by taking many measure-ments at the same time separate intermittent events or record signal fluctuations without being there using the log function on the modules View results on your computer with the PC Adapter Work with fewer interruptions by recording many sessions before downloading. Data is saved to a PC in.

Mid-West 835 5-Valve Backflow Test, 14-1/2" Length x 9" Width x 16" Height vs Fluke FLUKE-117 323 KIT pricing

Mid-West Instrument Backflow prevention assembly test kit will include 5 valve. The 835 is in the list of satisfactory gages from both FCCC and HR-USC and CA-NV AWWA. Backflow test kits supply the capability for testing all brands of reduced pressure principle, pressure vacuum breaker, spill tolerant vacuum breaker and double check valve backflow prevention assemblies. Over 30 years of input from Backflow technicians. Specially intended for testing backflow prevention assemblies. Soft-seated brass needle valves (with replaceable valve seats). Test kit is protected with 90 micron filters to minimize plugging with scale, sand, etc. Filter elements may be cleaned or replaced. Lasting molded plastic carrying case with removable cover. Improved case with storage compartments for fittings and tools. Test procedures are laminated in clear plastic. 5 Year warranty. Gauge type diaphragm differential pressure. Dial size and range (4-1/2-inches) 0-15 psid/0-100 KPA. Differential pressure accuracy +/-0. 2 P. S. I. D. (Descending). Working pressure: 200 psig. Body material: glass strengthened engineering thermoplastic. Wetted internals: EP elastomers, brass and 316 stainless steel metal parts. Line pressure gauge: 1-1/2-inches 0-200 psig. Hoses and end fittings: Buna-N jacket and liner. Schrader 1/4-inches brass coupler. Hose length: three (3) each/5-feet long (color-coded). Bleed tube, one each/4-feet long clear bleed tube. Adaptor fittings: (3) sets of brass fittings provided for hookup to all standard size test cocks. Temperature restrictions: maximum 150 degree F/65 degree C. Measures 14-1/2-inches length by 9-inches width by 16-inches height. Freezing temperatures must be evaded.

179/TPAK True RMS Digital with TPAK Hanging, 50 Megaohm Resistance, 1000V AC/DC Voltage, 10A AC/DC Current

The Fluke 179/TPAK True RMS Digital Multimeter with TPAK Meter Hanging Kit combines the true RMS Fluke 179 Digital Multimeter (aka a multitester) and the ToolPak Meter Hanging Kit for measuring AC and DC voltage and current, frequency, resistance, diodes, temperature, continuity, and capacitance. The meter measures AC voltage to 1,000V, DC voltage to 1,000V, resistance to 50 megaohms, and temperature from -40 degrees C to +400 degrees C with a K-type thermocouple probe. This true RMS (root mean square) meter gives correct readings when measuring linear loads, like standard induction motors and incandescent lights, where the current or voltage has an undistorted waveform, or nonlinear loads, like electronic devices or motors, where the current or voltage has a distorted waveform. When turned on, the meter is in auto-ranging mode and automatically selects the correct operating range for the property being calculated. It may be switched to manual-ranging mode, which lets the operator to decide the proper operating range. The 6,000-count resolution, 3-3/4 digit LCD is backlit for readability in low-light conditions. A 33-part analog bar graph updates 40 times per second, which is useful for making peak and null modifications and for observing quickly changing inputs. This meter can catch minimum and maximum measurements and compute a running average of all readings with the MIN/MAX/AVG recording mode, and a hold function freezes the display screen. The display gives a test lead alert when the rotating switch is moved to or from the mA or A position to ensure that test leads are in the correct terminals, and an alert symbol is displayed in the case of voltage overload or unsafe voltage. A continuity beeper turns on at less than 25 ohms and turns off at 250 ohms. This meter meets International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) safety standard 61010 for group IV up to 600V and group III up to 1,000V. The ToolPack Hanging Kit will include a common hanger, magnet, and 17″ (23 cm) hanger strap for hands-free operation. The meter measures 4. 3 x 9 x 18. 5 cm (H x W x D) and weighs 420 g. (H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back. ) Multimeters are electrical test meters that measure many properties of an electrical circuit, like current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, and continuity. Available in handheld or benchtop models, multimeters diagnose electrical problems in electrical equipment, wiring, and power supplies. A range of probes, clamps, and leads may be used to connect the meter to a circuit or device. Multimeters display info either in analog or digital form. Factors that influence meter choice include the electrical properties to be calculated, the anticipated range of results, and the wanted level of protection against temporary voltage. Safety ratings are depending on International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards for low-voltage test equipment. IEC 61010 delineates four overvoltage installation groups. Overall, a meter with a group IV ranking will supply more protection against temporary voltages than a meter with a lower group ranking. Fluke company manufactures electrical testing tools and software for industrial and commercial applications. The company, founded in 1948, is headquartered in Everett, WA. What is in the Box? Fluke 179 Digital MultimeterToolPak Magnetic Meter Hanging Kit: common hanger; magnet; 17″ (23 cm) hanging strapK-type Thermocouple probeIntegral holsterTest leadsInstructions.

Supco DPG100 Pressure Gauge, Digital Display, -14-100 psi Range, 0.5 Accuracy, 1/8" Female NPT Connection vs Fluke FLUKE-117 323 KIT review

The DPG Series are digital pressure gauges featuring many units, selectable zero reference and auto power off to conserve battery power. The DPG100/DPG1000 may be used with any media well-matched with 17-4PH stainless steel. 1/8 NPT Female Connection. Long Battery Life. 1 Hour Auto Off. Applications: HVAC Refrigerant lines, steam pipes, procedure piping, compressed air lines, expertise gas piping. Stability (1 year): +/-0. 25 FS (type). Overange protection: 2X rated pressure. Burst pressure: 5X or 20,000 psi whichever is less. Pressure cycles: >100 million. Operating temperature range: 32 degree F to 130 degree F (0 degree C to 55 degree C). Storage temperature range: -40 degree F to 150 degree F (-40 degree C to 65 degree C). Compensated temperature range: 32 degree F to 130 degree F (0 degree C to 55 degree C). Temperature reimbursement zero:.

Ti110 Industrial-Commercial Thermal Imager, with IR-Fusion Technology, 30 Hz

A Fluke thermal imager can save you time and money by finding possible problems before they become expensive failures. With the groundbreaking features and functionality in the Fluke ti110 thermal imager and 160 x 120 resolution, you may be able to perform infrared inspections faster and more proficiently and completely document problem regions for extra follow-up.

CNX a3000 AC Wireless Current Module vs Fluke FLUKE-117 323 KIT price

The CNX a3000 AC Wireless Current Clamp Module is part of the Fluke team of wireless troubleshooting tools. Connect the CNX a3000 AC Wireless Current Clamp Module to your test point and view the results up to 20 meters away on the CNX Wireless Multimeter. You’ll save time with fewer run-arounds collecting many measurements. Use many modules for measurements on three-phase systems, use as a stand-alone measurement tool, or add with other CNX modules as a system for many measurements. From short distances you may be able to view readings from modules through closed electrical panels. Plus, using the optional PC adapter, there will be no more writing down data as the CNX remote modules catch up to 65,000 sets of time stamped min/max/avg readings. CNX wireless test tools also offer increased safety by letting you view readings in a separate place from the test point. Now you may be able to take readings on moving machinery with only the measurement module in harm’s way. Using the optional PC adapter, the CNX wireless troubleshooting system can track up to 10 measurement modules at the same time, with results sent to a PC for more analysis.

62 MAX Plus Infrared Thermo, AA Battery, -20 to +1202 Degree F Range

Temperature is frequently the 1st indication of a possible problem. The Fluke 62 MAX noncontact thermometers are ideal for fast, basic temperature checks in applications where the user needs to be a safe distance from the target area being calculated. This compact, movable tool enables professionals to scan surfaces for hot spots, diagnose problems, and monitor temperature variations without direct contact. Easy to use-just aim the laser sighting at the center of the target area, pull the trigger, and read the temperature on the big backlit LCD. IP54 rated for dust and water resistance, ruggedly built to withstand a 3-meter drop and ergonomic intended for a much more natural hand fit makes the Fluke 62 MAX meters ideal for use in various work environments. These IR thermometers feature Fahrenheit or Celsius selectable units, current/min/max temperature readings, average and differential temperatures, adjustable high/low setpoints with audible alarm, seven-second auto hold, uninterrupted scanning, and power off. What is Included: one AA battery Small and lightweight, still very correct and easy to use Dust and water-tolerant Drop tested to 3 meters (9. 8-foot) Small and lightweight The 62 MAX+ thermometer includes a dual-laser aiming at system with rotating lasers to assist you recognize the measurement area. The measurement area is the spot between the dots.

TL175 Twistguard Test Leads, 2 mm Dia Probe Tips vs Fluke FLUKE-117 323 KIT reviews

The Fluke TL175 TwistGuard Test Leads offer adjustable length test info for use in different measurement environments. Fluke TL175’s are the only test leads as tough as your meter. TwistGuard adjustable info improve safety and versatility length. WearGuard display shows damage to leads. Heavy responsibility strain break withstands over 30,000 bends.

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  3. Fluke 2AC Alert Voltage Tester
  4. Fluke TLK282 SureGrip Deluxe Automotive Test Lead Kit
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Models to consider:
DUGY2-0100-4L FLK-VT04TLK282 62 Max+FLK-V3000 FC FLUKE-700SC
FLUKE-700HTPK 07E48A18ACL215 VPS420-RPT12 VPS210-R
TP175E STL120-IIIAC173 62 Max+BP120MH I410-KIT
FLUKE-709 PEM136700G27-AMZN TP80FLUKE-714 FLUKE-190-204/AM
FLUKE-1630 FLUKE-700HTP-2VPS410-II-B VPS510-BFLUKE-190-502/AM FLK-TI95 9HZ
FLUKE-700G10 C3004INDFLK-V3001 FC KIT FLK-TI200 60HZPM9082/001 AC173
TLK1550-RTLC NTD 400FL62MAX+/323/1AC 696ZVPS510-R FLK-A3000 FC KIT
FLK-V3003 FC KIT FLK-VT02FLK-3000 FC GM AS400FLUKE-376 Fluke 9040
DR80 FLUKE-I2500-10Fluke 434 II FLUKE-CV400FLUKE-1587 T TP175
FLUKE-707EX FLUKE-568TP175 FLUKE-700G08PV350 FLUKE-721-3610
HC120 DT450XFL62MAX+/323/1AC DUGY2-0100-4LFLUKE-700GA27 NTD 400
FLK-A3000 FC KIT C3004INDFLK-V3003 FC KIT FLK-3000 FC GMCD-2141GXB3000 Fluke 434 II
AC285-FTP TC2104-P2FLUKE-985 I6000S FLEX-36L211 TP80
FLK-VT02 TLK291FLUKE-1621 07R313ACAC173 FLUKE-725/P27EX
FLUKE-I2500-10 FLUKE-700RG29VPS420-R FLK-T3000 FC80I-110S 62 Max+
2141GXB5000 VPS510-B700PA4 FLUKE-1587 TFLUKE-700HTP-2 Fluke 435 II
FLUKE-700GA27 FLUKE-1630FLK-Ti105 30 HZ TP912FLK-3000 FC IND BP120MH
SKMD001/US 62 Max+TM7-W TP74VPS210-R RPM80
FL62MAX+/323/1AC FLUKE-709I410-KIT FLUKE-190-204/AMFLUKE-700RG29 PT12
07E44A18AC Fluke 9040TL175 FLUKE-568TC2104-P2 FLUKE-700G10
TL1550B FLUKE-985HC200 DFT-110IRTL220 VPS510-G
FLUKE-61 VPS420-REI-162BN FLUKE-I2500-10700PA4 FLK-TI200 60HZ
L211 07R313ACFLK-CNX-a3000 T5-H5-1AC KIT/USFLUKE-707EX C3004IND


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