April 23, 2017

You asked for it: OA Unloading (Orthomen)…


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General description

Intended for decreasing knee ache caused by unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee and frequently helps delay the need for operation. The unloader / offloader one (OR036) is a low-profile brace with 3 points of leverage for decreasing pressure inside the knee joint. It is common; fitting a large range of patients easily. The strapping system lets for full modification, however includes fast snaps for fast and easy application. Indications: For uni-compartment OA patient light to average OA knee user Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid arthritis Meniscal cartilage derangement Functions: Help to support the knee joint and share the loading of influenced joint Features: Light weight and superior fit common sizing design and lets ergonomically fitting 3 point leverage system Adjustable ROM hinge Ideal for unilateral compartment OA knee users Valgus and varus modification to fit individual’s alignment.

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Ossur Trainer OTS Ligament : Right Large

The Trainer Ligament Brace by Ossur is a prefabricated working knee brace intended for light to average ligament injury and joint instability. Intended with a Dynamic Force Strap, the Ossur Trainer acts as a medial restraint that prevents extreme medial motion making the Trainer suited for direct post MCL/ACL shock, MCL treatment and sub-acute low level ACL management. This product is ideal for situations where medial hinge contact with the contra-lateral knee or sporting equipment is a problem for the end user. CoolFlex Sleeve supply breathable compression and comfort. Hinge is generally located on the outside of the knee. Dynamic Force Strap stabilizes the medial part throughout knee extension. Extension stops at 0 & 20 degrees & flexion stop at 70 let for early management of knee injury. Very lasting, injection-molded Triax shells add strength with flexibility. Tempered carbon steel ROM hinge. Adjustable Tibial Strap (ATS) for improved suspension and fit. Indications The Trainer is an efficient device for light to average ligament laxity and acute management of Grade I & Grade II MCL sprains. Suggested for low to medium contact/affect. Objectives Return to average activity. Delay operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs related with ACL/PCL injuries. Improve joint function. Maximum protection.

DonJoy Fullce Ligament, Short Calf Length, Right Leg ACL, Large

The DonJoy FullForce ligament knee brace is an very lightweight knee brace that gives complete ACL protection. The FullForce knee brace combines DonJoy’s proven 4-Points-of-Leverage System, with patented FourcePoint hinge technology. This lets knee hyperextension and average to serious ACL instabilities to be continually corrected. The FourcePoint hinge technology makes you less probably to suffer from an ACL injury because it decreases the amount of time your knee is in an “at risk position” and enhances the 4-Points-of-Leverage by rising the posterior load applied by the brace on the tibia. It improves your natural gait by applying progressive resistance before reaching a firm end point throughout motion. It”s the go-to prefabricated knee brace for competitive and recreational athletes of all kinds, who don”t want to sacrifice speed. The DonJoy FullForce ligament knee brace is intended for athletes that can not pay for to be weighed down by a heavy brace, and aren’t trying to prevent contact. Made from a strong aircraft-grade aluminum frame, you get the benefits of a lightweight, sleek low-profile knee brace that’s also stronger, thicker, and more stable than the other lightweight knee braces on the market.

CTi OTS XLarge, Side: Right, Style: Standard PCL

B-238540115 Size: XLarge, Side: Right, Style: Standard PCL Features: -Right / left leg with small size caliper: 3. 5” – 4”. -Right / left leg with small size circumference: 11” – 12. 63”. -Right / left leg with medium size caliper: 4” – 4. 5”. -Right / left leg with medium size circumference: 12. 63” – 14. 25”. -Right / left leg with big size caliper: 4. 5” – 4. 88”. -Right / left leg with big size circumference: 14. 25” – 15. 38”. -Right / left leg with X-big size caliper: 4. 88” – 5. 25”. -Right / left leg with X-big size circumference: 15. 38” – 16. 63”. -Right / left leg with XX-big size caliper: 5. 25” – 7. 5”. -Right / left leg with XX-big size circumference: 16. 63” – 18. 13”.

COZ Steerable Walker Scooter Double Brakes Handle Folding Turning with Basket (Blue)

This very intended knee walker is the ideal replacement for the clumsy-looking crutches. Made of strengthened steel, this knee walker is guaranteed to last, over its durability, it’s also compact, thanks to its foldable design and the super light weight of 26lbs, it’s a part of cake to store or transport it. You may be able to change the seat height from 18. 5” up to 24” to accommodate users of different heights. All the parts of our product as well as screws are made of light steel- wear tolerant, anti-corrosion and perform equally well in cold and hot climates. The sunshine block and heat tolerant paint makes it look brand new for the years to come. Get one and enjoy now. Package will include: 1 x Foldable Knee Walker plans: Material: PU, Steel Knee Cushion Height: 18 1/2″24″ Handle Height: 32″ 42″ Front Casters: 8″ (Dia); PU; Black Rear Casters: 8″ (Dia); PU; Black (drum brakes included) Weight Capacity: 350lbs Net Weight: 23. 14lbs / 10. 5kgs Color: Blue Package Size: 32″ x 17 1/2″ x 15″ Package Weight: 26. 5lbs.

Bledsoe NZONE SystemXLarge

Bledsoe NZONE Knee Brace System BE AWARE THAT IT MAY TAKE UP TO 10 BUSINESS DAYS TO get THIS PRODUCT. CALL OUR OFFICE IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. Bledsoe NZONE Knee Brace System will include 2 (two) aluminum framed braces with thigh and knee pads built into the frame Bledsoe NZONE Knee Brace System is it a protecting knee brace or football equipment? it is both. Bledsoe has intended a knee brace particular to football, offering protection to the knees of offensive and defensive linemen. Bledsoe NZONE Knee Brace System is made of an aluminum frame helps to take in the force of a blow to the side of the knee to protect ligaments in the knee. Thigh and knee pads are incorporated in the brace frame to protect soft tissue bruises to the thigh and knee. Injuries are a part of football. But they do not must be devastating. The NZONE brace acts like a ‘seatbelt’ for the knee to protect it from blows usually occurring in football. The obliged thigh and knee pads are attached to prevent against contact injuries and fit comfortably under the pants. Most of all, it’s intended to help protect against injury when lateral or medial blows happen to the knee, which are common with interior linemen. The lasting aluminum brace frame gives strength and protection, while the attached pads decrease affect from contact throughout play. Bledsoe’s distinctive strapping system and the light-weight of the brace (19 oz) decreases migration. Thigh and knee pads have been compulsory equipment in high schools and colleges. On May 22, 2012, the NFL made thigh and knee pads compulsory equipment for the 2013 season. Will include 2 (two) aluminum framed braces with thigh and knee pads built into the frame. Available in 5 sizes; M 3XL. Sizes determined by mid-thigh girth. Indications Bledsoe NZONE Knee Brace System is a mix of a knee brace and football equipment. Our distinctive strapping system and light weight (19 oz) helps prevent migration throughout practice and games.

Phiten Day Fit Black Adjustable Aqua Titanium Medium vs Orthomen OA Unloading pricing

Phiten Adjustable Knee Brace in Black Medium Fits to knee size (4″ above knee cap) of approx 16 1/2 inches to 18 7/8 inches- See Picture removable,wing-style support straps let for extra tightness and compression whilst the brace has soft plastic forms for extra stability. The Brace may be used on either the left or right knee and is made using the new Aqua-Palladium technology allowing the fabric to be light weight. Day Fit supporters are intended to offer benefits not available in other conventional supporters. Supporters which help alleviate everyday concern over joints and muscles Supporters that can be worn in the work environment thanks to thinness, light weight and unnoticeable look Supporters that may help ease inflammation and ache while maintaining blood circulation and muscle strength Day Fit supporters are equipped the the new AQUA METAL technology. The are impregnated with Phiten’s distinctive Aqua Titan and Aqua Palladium technology, which may help relax the muscles and stimulate the body’s natural self-curative capability. While conventional supporters may give a false feeling of lesser ache, thanks to extreme compression and fixation, they may also lead to reduced circulation caused by compression and muscle weakness, caused by fixation. In extra they’re frequently bulky and uneasy to wear. MADE in JAPAN Authorized Phiten Seller (See certification) Also available in Small and big.

Breg Rdrunner Hinged (Medium Sleeve Airmesh Closed Back)

Breg RoadRunner Knee BraceThe Breg RoadRunner Hinged Knee Brace is a versatile intermediate brace ideal for medial and lateral instabilities. The Breg RoadRunner Hinged Knee Brace may be used in a large range of daily actions. The low profile polycentric hinges with contoured condyle baskets offer good joint line control. The wraparound variant is intended to let an easier “wraparound” application for patients with an strange leg form. May be used for ACL or PCL instabilities also as medial and lateral instabilities. Very low profile. Polycentric hinges with contoured condyle baskets with full flexion and extension control. Airmesh is a non-neoprene 3-D latex-free material. Ideal for those who are allergic to neoprene. Airmesh is a breathable knee support for expanded daily use. Airmesh is half the weight of neoprene. Airmesh absorbs moisture, wicking it away from the body. Removable and interchangeable hinge bars for correct care and maintenance. High quality 1/4″ neoprene will hold its form longer than thinner merchandise. A Versatile intermediate brace ideal for medial and lateral instabilities of the knee. Also indicated for light ACL or PCL injuries. Elastic piping along the top and bottom of the sleeves largely increases brace durability. Piping also enhances the healthiness and life of our neoprene braces. Available as a Short Runner for smaller legs (5′ 5″ or smaller). Decide either the wrap-around (for bigger legs) or slip-on knee brace. Decide open or closed back. (cutout in back of the knee to prevent bunching and prevent sweat buildup). New Full circumference straps. 16″ length. Note: RoadRunner wrap-around is only available in open back. Indications The RoadRunner Knee Brace is indicated for light medial and lateral knee conditions that effect the stability of the knee joint. Objectives Increase activity. Delay operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs. Improve joint function. Improve life quality.

Hely Weber Kuhl Knapp Hinged 16" L vs Orthomen OA Unloading review

Return Policy and ensure: merchandise are guaranteed and will be replaced because of defect in material or workmanship. Credit or substitute won’t be issued for product misused or abused, or for incorrect sizes if the product was worn. Merchandise not worn can be returned and subject to a 15 restocking charge. All returns/exchanges will be given a return authorization number which is good for 25 days. Returning merchandise must have authorization number printed obviously on outside of returning mail package. ONLY things which are unused can be returned. Once an item was used a return can’t be made.

Breg Airmesh PTO Soft with Aluminum High Permance Hinge Bars (Large Left)

The PTO is one of the most efficient braces for decreasing patellofemoral discomfort as result of maltracking or patellar instability. The PTO dynamically changes the amount of compression applied from the lateral pressure plate to relieve discomfort by forming a soft tissue wall that controls patellar subluxation. Dynamic Function for normal gait.

McDavid Hinged with Cross Straps vs Orthomen OA Unloading price

Super heavy responsibility hinged knee brace with crossing straps and rigid uprights for extra medial-lateral support. Brace has seamless, breathable peforated back panel for improved comfort. Sizing Small = 12-14in Medium = 14-15in big = 15-17in XLarge = 17-20in XXLarge = 20-22in.

Breg FreeRunner (Large Left)

The FreeRunner knee brace is the premier soft good for patellofemoral support. It’s intended for patients who have patellofemoral discomfort as result of maltracking, subluxation or another patellofemoral injuries. It gives dynamic stabilization by relaxing at full flexion then progressively compressing at terminal extension. The lateral buttress offers a comfy and personal fit, allowing a soft tissue wall to preserve normal patella tracking. The distinctive Smart-Zone compression fabric combines materials for a low profile and super lightweight silhouette. This brings together a average amount of compression for anatomic support along the superior/inferior and medial/lateral compartments with a light compression over the patella and popliteal panel, for a non-attaching fit. Athletes and patients can now concentrate on their game and not their brace.

RdRunner ROM Hinged, NEO Wraparound w/ open back XL vs Orthomen OA Unloading reviews

See alternate pictures above for SIZING and extra description info. – RoadRunner The RoadRunner gives superior control and support for ligament injuries and instabilities and can be used for post-op treatment and light OA. The adjustable R. O. M. Design features polycentric adjustable hinges to control extension from 10? To 40? In 10? Increments (10? Installed) and flexion control from 45? – 90? In 15? Increments. Available in two lengths, this longer 16″” brace length and four strap configuration gives patients with extra leverage and stability Indications: ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL injuries and instabilities Meniscal injuries Post-Op Treatment light OA BREG? S RoadRunner offers the following benefits: Low profile Polycentric hinges Full circumferential straps Extension stops: 10?, 20?, 30? And 40? (10? Installed) Flexion stops: 45?, 60?, 75? And 90? Sleeve and wraparound variants available Available in Airmesh and NEO Standard and Post-Op hinge alternatives Removable and interchangeable hinge bars for correct care and maintenance Part # Description1411X RoadRunner, Airmesh, XS-XXL1414X RoadRunner, Airmesh, Open Back, XS-XXL1415X RoadRunner, Airmesh, Wraparound, Open Back, XS-XXL 0694X RoadRunner, NEO, XS-XXL0696X RoadRunner, NEO, Open Back, XS-XXL0697X RoadRunner, NEO, Open Back w/ Adjustable Horseshoe, XS-XXL0700X RoadRunner, NEO, Wraparound, Open Back, XS-XXL0692X RoadRunner, NEO, Wraparound, Open Back w/ Post-Op Hinge, XS-XXL2182X RoadRunner, NEO, Patella Stabilizer, Open Back, XS-XXL 73562 Hinge Cover, Airmesh73561 Hinge Cover, NEO.

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  1. Shock Doctor 875 Ultra Knee Brace with Bilateral Hinges
  2. DonJoy Reaction WEB Knee Support Brace with Compression Undersleeve: Grey, Medium/Large
  3. Trident Osteoarthritis Knee Brace
  4. Unloader One OTS Osteoarthritis Knee Brace Left Leg XLarge
  5. McDavid 429X Hinged Knee Brace with Cross Straps
  6. DonJoy Knee Brace Undersleeve, Open Patella, Neoprene
  7. Rehband Rx Knee Support 5mm thick neoprene
  8. Bracoo Neoprene Reversible Thumb Support Stabilizer Compression Brace Arthritis Tendonitis Carpal Tunnel,Black

Models to consider:
03K1002XXXXL 76587EN7400-P CT-0166H&PC-05304 DJ141KB31
DJ141KB07 279202-ParentDJ141KB14 DJ141KB30-L-R-CDJ141KB14 H&PC-05084
0410AP136004 CT-0125DS5125 BCP-3469B-240629712 H&PC-04863
733313039541-P 1.19E+114130o B-2406297131.11E+11 H&PC-01637
CT-0128 6446R-B-S-CLSDJ141KB14 B-241529713B-239540115 06K0101XXXL
37-107MDBEG H&PC-20685DJ141KB31 72344B-P37-3733LBLK H&PC-04363
BEC-09357 CT-0185DJ141KW01-L-P 422RBEC-09359 03K1001XL
DJ141KB35 471100-P1.19E+11 DJ141KB05H&PC-04380 AP165005-parent
BEC-09358 CT-0162H&PC-07451 H&PC-2525522172G/11 I NKN-133 XL
DJ141KB30-L-R-C CT-01027400-P K8011-017-SMB-240629713 H&PC-04380
279202-Parent 03K0801SR9.337.013.020.-P B-239600114CT-1504 DJ141KW01-L-P
ABC2057 BCP-3474K2-Comfortline CPB02NP-BA1000 1.19E+11
22172G/11 K8013-017-SMG702 B-241529713H&PC-04363 I NKN-133 XL
472800-P MD4200-01-33LB-241519712 DONJOY-5407715XL 03K1002XXL
DJ141KB05 03K1001XLDJ141KB14 DJ141KB31DJ141KB35 CT-0185
1.19E+11 0410AP1360042553P-M FAB13-11704130o CT-1506
B-239540115 MS997DJ141KB35 CT-0125DJ141KS02-L H&PC-20333
03K1002XXXXL B-2416197111.11E+11 H&PC-0379979-94358EA BCP-3469
422R UKQ-100B-241619711 H&PC-04363CJ-5108 BCP-3469
DJ141KB14 B-239600114DJ141KB31 G702CT-0166 1.19E+11
DJ141KB14 7400-PDJ141KB31 CT-1490NP-BA1000 RMK(2)
CT-0107 2553P-MCPB02 DJ141KB35ABC2057 DJ141KB31
03K1002XXXXL DJ141KS02-L471701-P 429-ParentH&PC-23240 1.11E+11
CT-0123 1.11E+11H&PC-05304 H&PC-22336B-239540115 BCP-3474
1.19E+11 CT-0125H&PC-04380 K2-Comfortline6446R-B-S-CLS 6446R-B-S-CLS
KP-REH-7754-M DJ141KB19I NKN-133 XL CT-0164DJ141KB35 BEC-09358
03K1002S FAB13-1170CT-1504 B-24062971203K0601M 1.19E+11


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