April 23, 2017

Some info about Arc 2.0 (Bledsoe)


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  • Stabilize shoulder instability
  • Traditional pillow design with 15 Abduction Pillow
  • Optional underarm strap relieves pressure onthe neck for larger patients and reduces internalrotation migration
  • Universal sling design folds to fit every patient with onebraceright or left, from football player to gymnast
  • Unique pistol grip adjusts with quick-pull tabs andkeeps the elbow seated in the sling and prevents thehand from migrating forward out of the sling
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General description

The ARC 2. 0 with Pillow with our signature ARC slingand new 2. 0 Material in a conventional pillow design. Common sling design folds to fit every patient with onebraceright or left, from football player to gymnast. Distinctive pistol grip changes with fast-pull tabs andkeeps the elbow seated in the sling and prevents thehand from migrating forward out of the sling. Optional underarm strap relieves pressure onthe neck for bigger patients and decreases internalrotation migration. Conventional pillow design with 15 Abduction Pillow. Indications For non-surgical or post-operative support and immobilization of the injured shoulder when varying degrees of interior rotation, external rotation and abduction are obliged. Positions include gunslinger, neutral plane, and statue of liberty. Objectives Stabilize shoulder instability. Prevent more shoulder ligament damage. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs related with rotator cuff tears and repairs. Improve shoulder joint function. Controls frozen shoulder.

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DonJoy Quadrant (Right)

DonJoy Quadrant Shoulder Brace can be used in treatment of dislocation or post-surgical immobilization. Easy to change range-of-motion. No secondary hardware. Interior/external rotation. Abduction/adduction range-of-motion hinge. Flexion/extension range-of-motion hinge. Elbow range-of-motion hinge. Common sizing. Indications DonJoy Quadrant Shoulder Brace has elastic waist band construction for compressive support objectives Control of flexion/extension. Control of adduction/ abduction. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease ache signs. Improve shoulder recuperation. Improve endurance.

My Pro Supports Support Wrap Protector Flexible Neoprene Unisex

Product Description Simply slip our single shoulder support on for therapeutic heat and improved blood circulation. To get the perfect support, we added 2 velcro to your arm, 1 velcro on the side of your body and 1 more extra for extra support. Our Medical / sports shoulder brace gives comfort to your lower back like nothing else. Relieve the pressure with our elastic stretch fit brace that captures your body heat once stimulated by exercise. It then keeps your body heat to warm the influenced area and increase blood circulation. Great for walking, running, aerobics, and any sports activity you may be able to take on. Ideal for layering under your clothes as it features a strong strengthened construction for durability, comfort and flexibility. It’ll softly contour to the form of your bodys curves and supply uniform compression and protection throughout actions that require broad limb motion. Wearing this shoulder brace will helps decrease ache from tendonitis and bursitis. Made of a neoprene blend for long-lasting support that lets users to wear for expanded periods of time for injury support and management. Elastic stitching on edges to prevent rolling. This sports shoulder brace is your best choice to get compression joint with correct fit and comfort to assist you with work, play and live throughout and after shoulder injury. Sold as single. This therapeutic brace assists with: The prevention of injuries Post-operative problems The recuperation of strains Arthritic pains Sizes Measurements (CIRCUMFERENCE the Corner of one shoulder to 6 below underarm of the other shoulder) S/M Up to 48 L/XL Up to 52.

Bauerfeind OmoTrain S Stability -#2-Left

The compressive knit and the pulling force of the strap system improve the co-adaptation of the head of the humerus to the glenoid cavity. Also, The Delta pad massages the soft tissue in the shoulder throughout motion. This relieves ache, improves joint view and activates the joint stabilizing muscles.

Beyoung® Support Adjustable Neoprene Single Strap Wrap Belt Band – One Size Fits Most for Either

Beyoung Enjoy younger life. This shoulder support is for any sports and athletic actions. Suited for both degenerative and acute conditions. Useful where complete support and protection is needed. Ideal for the curative and prevention of sporting injuries. Features: Made using the highest quality and most groundbreaking technology and materials Lightweight helps relieve ache caused by shoulder pulls or strains. Will supply protection and help decrease the incidence of injury. Fits either shoulder. This single shoulder support is great for all sporting actions and everyday use. Plans: Fits both left and right shoulder. One size fits all (not kids). Unisex. Made from high quality neoprene. Color: Black.

DonJoy Stabilizer, Left, XX-Large

The DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer gives shoulder immobilization and controlled range of motion for glenohumeral dislocations/subluxations, rotator cuff tears and acromioclavicular separations. This shoulder stabilizer is intended to protect and stabilize the shoulder post-injury and post-operatively. The DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer assists you in your return to activity by controlling shoulder motion, thus decreasing the risk of injury. This stabilizer gives abduction control, external rotation control, and support for acromioclavicular separations. The range of motion control may be customized with easy strap modifications. Made from latex-free black polyester lycra material.

PostureMedic Original Posture Corrector – Selection of Sizes – Medium – Improve Posture Support and Exercises vs Bledsoe Arc 2 0 pricing

PostureMedic improves your posture and strengthens your back and core muscles. Wear during the day for uninterrupted support. Make lasting enhancements with less than 10 minutes of stretching and strengthening exercises daily. Will include exercise program and info also as everything required to improve your posture, decrease ache and improve your in general health.

EmbioZ Pro Support Compression Top (Short-Sleeved) – supports & stabilizes inbuilt Power & Comfort Systems

EmbioZ Pro Shoulder Support Compression Top (Short-Sleeved; Black). Measurements: to find the correct size, measure chest circumference at the widest point and compare with the size indications below (approx Height/Weight guides are given but Circumference is the main display): Small: 33 1/2 – 37 1/2 inches (Approx Height & Weight Guides: H65-69ins/W132-165lbs); Medium: 36 1/4 – 40 1/4 inches (Approx Height & Weight Guides: H67-71ins/W143-187lbs);big: 39 – 43 1/4 inches (Approx Height & Weight Guides: H69-73ins/W176-209lbs);X-big: 42 1/4 – 46 inches (Approx Height & Weight Guides: H71-75ins/W198-231. 5lb). Material: 80 Nylon, 14 Polyester, 6 Spandex. Washing information: Hand wash with light soap in cold water. Air-dry away from heat and sunlight. Don’t bleach, iron or dry clean. LP is distinguished as the business leader in the sports medicine group and in technical protecting wear and was well received by sports medical professionals. Success stories from athletes who have benefited from these innovations inspire us to keep creating high performance protecting supports to meet our customers needs.

Support for Rotator Cuff Strap Stabilizer Neoprene Sleeve for Men and Women Stealth Support Large vs Bledsoe Arc 2 0 review

GET BACK IN THE GAME – Treat shoulder sprains and strains with this lightweight shoulder support so you may be able to continue training while rehabbing your injury. Wear it for basketball, working out at the gym, taking long walks, wrestling, martial arts. You name it. Direct ache break for shoulder pulls and strains, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, drop shoulder, and tendon injuries. Lasting and comfy Neoprene keeps your shoulder muscles warm and loose. Adjustable closure straps to apply direct compression to support your shoulder better and give ache break. EASY TO PUT ON: Three velcro straps and you are done. Put it on unassisted. Not bulky so you may be able to wear it under your clothing (wearing it over an undershirt is suggested). Information included. THREE SIZES FOR THE BEST FIT: Fits either shoulder. Available in Small (Chest: 30-36″) Medium (Chest: 36-42″) big (Chest: 42-50″). 100 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Stop shopping around town and add to cart and purchase now to decrease your ache so you may be able to continue training today. Great investment.

Premium Clavicle Support Straps / Posture and Posture Corrector – / Support – Medium

To Ensure correct and Easy Placement we suggest Having the help of Second Person To Help Put on the Clavicle Support Our most well-liked Velcro closure clavicle support. Comfy large padding for correct immobilization. Felt back pad helps prevent irritation. Velcro closure for easy application.

Thermoskin Double Wrap, Beige, XX-Large vs Bledsoe Arc 2 0 price

The Thermoskin Double Shoulder gives heat medical care and support for both shoulders. Helps decrease arthritic shoulder ache with heat medical care and light compression. Also useful as an adjunct in treatment after operation or to stimulate blood flow in tendonitis cases. Not to be used for dislocations or bracing. Thermoskin Technology: Thermoskin gives efficient treatment and ache break for Sports Injuries, Arthritis, recurring Stress Injuries and many other conditions.   Thermoskin combines compression, support and naturally generated body heat for medical care and ache break.   Trioxon Advantage: Thermoskin’s exclusive Trioxon lining is soft and comfy against your skin.   Trioxon captures your natural body heat for medical care and ache break.   The three dimensional Trioxon lining gives insulation and wicking of moisture via air circulation.   This lets the skin to remain well oxygenated and comfy for expanded periods. Clinically Proven: Only Thermoskin is clinically proven to increase blood flow, increase skin temperature, increase muscle temperature, and minimize perspiration. This gives heat medical care to prevent, treat and rehabilitate soft tissue injuries. Shoulder Sizing Guide: Measure circumference around center of the chest. X-Small 33 – 35 inches. Small 35 1/4 – 37 1/2. Medium 37 3/4 – 40 1/4. Big 40 1/2 – 43. X-big 43 1/4 – 47 1/4. XX-big 47 1/2 – 51 1/2. 3X-big 51 3/4 – 56. 4X-big 56 1/4 – 60 1/4. 5X-big 60 1/2 – 64 1/2 inches.

PROCARE Deluxe Immobilizer, Detachable Humeral Stap, Up to 52" Waist, Universal Size, EA

Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer, removable Humeral Stap, Up to 52″ Waist, common SizeFor treatment of traumatic or post-surgical immobilization. Constructed of fiber laminate for patient comfort. Adjustable wrist cuff and shoulder strap can be located as needed for correct control and custom fit. Adjustable humeral cuff also available on one style. Available in child or adult models. Fits right or left and can be worn without shoulder strap. Ideal for treatment of traumatic or post-surgical immobilization.

EVS Sports SB03 (Small) vs Bledsoe Arc 2 0 reviews

EVS’ groundbreaking shoulder support system adding the X-Strap Technology for superior stabilization & compression. Gives increased level of support & compression. Completely adjustable to good tune support to your needs. Breathable air mesh construction with TPR gripper pull-tabs. X-Strap system. Indications EVS SB03 Shoulder Brace is indicated for shoulder stabilization & compression. Objectives Stabilize shoulder. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease shoulder ache signs. Improve shoulder joint function. Improve shoulder protection.

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  1. Breg Atlas Universal Shoulder Sling (Universal)
  2. Shoulder Abduction with Pillow – Universal (Up to 5’6″)

Models to consider:
SB05-XL W40149SS006-2005-US KWI-100111071710080600-P H&PC-02141
Y1177-B DJ141SW0211071710080600-P H&PC-26284W40152 SB04-M
DJ141SB03-L W40150DJ141SW01-L H&PC-26220CL205-13 463R
DJ141SB01 SB03BK-MH&PC-03936 H&PC-26225H&PC-01917 YLJS56
DJ141SB01-M-R SB02BK-L463R SB05-MCL205-13 SB03BK-XL
10B0101M SB04-XLH&PC-26286 SB04-L474801-P W40155
DJ141SW02 W40165DCP2000 10B0101SDJ141SB03-L bawsh11-P
SB05-L DJ141SB01NY-8101-3045-S12 H&PC-06000SB04-XXL DJ141SB01
474801-P DCP2000474801-P 463RSB03BK-L SB05-S
DJ141SB01 463RDJ141SB03-L DJ141SB03-LH&PC-26284 DJ141SB01
DJ141SW01-L DJ141SW02DCP2000 CL205-13SS006-2005-US H&PC-01917
DCP2000 H&PC-02141H&PC-26220 463RCL249-13 DJ141SW02
G802 H&PC-26231SB03BK-M SB05-S11071710080600-P DCP2000
H&PC-06000 474801-PW40151 DJ141SB03-LSB02BK-XXL MCII428B-8
SB03BK-S 10B0102L463R SB05-XLH&PC-26286 DJ141SW02
SB04-XXL 474801-PSB04-M ORT16300LDJ141SB01 11071710080600-P
W40155 DJ141SB03-Lbawsh11-P W4015413225L W40165
H&PC-08273 11071710080600-PDCP2000 H&PC-0393611071710080600-P YLJS56
W40155 SB04-XXLSB04-L DJ141SB01DCP2000 SB05-L
DJ141SW02 bawsh11-PCL205-13 ORT16300LSS006-2005-US 463R
10B0101S SB04-XLSB03BK-XL H&PC-08273H&PC-26231 11071710080600-P
SB05-S W4016510B0101M DJ141SB0113225L W40149
KWI-1001 H&PC-2634311071710080600-P DJ141SB01MCII400B-8 W40152
H&PC-26284 10B0102LSB04-M 474801-P474801-P DJ141SB01-M-R
H&PC-02141 SB03BK-S10B0101L DJ141SW01-L11071710080600-P DJ141SB03-L
H&PC-01917 MCII400B-8DCP2000 H&PC-03936DJ141SW02 DCP2000


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