April 23, 2017

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  • Compression and thermal heat regulation keeps you from overheating; Anti-migration technology prevents sleeve movement
  • Hinge technology and a four-point leverage system trains users to stay out of the “at-risk” position through a dampening cycle of the hinge
  • Intended for use in sports similar to football, soccer, skiing/snowboarding, basketball, lacrosse, or volleyball
  • Adjustable straps enable greater customizability for a more secure, personal fit; Reflectivity for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions
  • Designed to treat and protect ACL and meniscus injuries, joint instabilities, moderate ligament and tendon sprains, hyperextension, and patella support
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

As part of our most stable line of sport performance bracing merchandise, the DonJoy Performance BIONIC FULLSTOP ACL Knee Brace gives the final in front Cruciate Ligament (ACL) protection throughout recuperation from injury, also as prevention of future injury. FULLSTOP dampening hinges prevent hyperextension and help improve joint mechanics in both surgical and non-surgical knees. Through the dampening cycle of the hinge, muscle memory trains your body to keep both the braced and un-braced knees out of the “at risk” zone. Compression and thermal heat guideline technology in the brace keep you from overheating throughout exertion. Anti-migration technology prevents sleeve motion, throughout your motion. The adjustable straps on the brace enable users to have greater customizability for a much more secure, personal fit. The brace is equipped with reflectivity for improved visibility in low-light conditions. The BIONIC FULLSTOP ACL Knee Brace is intended to treat and protect ACL and meniscus injuries, joint instabilities, average ligament and tendon sprains, hyperextension, and patella support. This brace is meant for use in sports alike to football, soccer, skiing/snowboarding, basketball, lacrosse, or volleyball.

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Models to consider:
4176-BV1-10-P O90162LB-DUJE-DJY1 734182-B21MP-03CR AVHX3500BHS
D912HD BND97810-MSPF723001 H76714135EJ600 15 63844AGW0X
812055BW LTR0040HSC10 T9358HC27K 1080-12-AM
RFW806-B0614 FG946R422-201 Savi W730+HL10-5MLKIT30LMAPC C11270-Parent
05563WAOEC.02 WR1030A-PLT18K76147-01A NX654YMPD-010 S19314BFSS
CC1R0000 D007122339R6518 rcpg-sile145NSCTB-20 SKR726
2/16/3020-P ZC-1303-3YA086318 QSK383-PTL350-PSW108 ALB12
DY1514WGLWSB004 USECA661M-ParentSC2201K 283-101-RA-4173DHW-2P LSI00188
6C5-15100-12-00 CMR37BTLII2000661ML-P SL150CBIN6900RBKMB KWNT500HDT
GND-24335 HU932360T0A47AN BND97810-MS39R6518 DY1514WGLWSB004
R422-201 YA086318C11270-Parent LTR0040HKWNT500HDT ZC-1303-3
QSK383-P SeaStarPARENT2WSM5SF-Parent Style No: TY6037DR0617-1441-P 086616-40R
FC306V4S9 05563WAOEC.02LF55151866-06 S6760283-101-RA-4173 Savi W730+HL10-5
BCL019 DHW-2PCL010212 Series 790cc-43AXCSAW-07 M5039
PP6792BN-VOL-MAR PRT5313O90162 HC27KWR1030A-PLT18K PWRU5197
654778-B21 AM-10CMR37 XN13A/653GOBI5000FU F2A69A#B19
LSI00188 Sally HandBag2822TE01C-7OW 1080-12-AMORF890615 WM422DBB-WAN
LTR0040H Ncs 2PAPD-VT1366-CA-L MTRP329A874-16×20-P 734182-B21
DHW-2P PP6792BN-VOL-MARQSK383-P 3AXCSAW-07C11270-Parent DY1514WGLWSB004
ALB12 22TE01C-7OW654778-B21 S6760592308-B21 UC400ETH
R422-201 NX654ZC-1303-3 LB-DUJE-DJY1KIT-T75-12-A-T 30121W-1
PRT1869 812055BWAVHX3500BHS TBM050VGDPD4231-23 1080-12-AM
39R6518 R14076115CL010212 3025-PCP43001 DM106
53GOBI5000FU UBC8100031PWRU5197 07703USA-01T0A47AN PRT5313
D0071223 4FR218-120SQH76714135 HU932360YA086318 2/16/3020-P
XN13A/6 CMR37CC1R0000 086616-40RSeaStarPARENT2 1038500RG


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