April 23, 2017

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  • Categories: Fine & Gross Motor, Assessments
  • For the PDMS-2 (Peabody Developmental Motor Scales – Second Edition)
  • PDMS-2 Examiner Record Booklet (25) Accessory
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General description

The PDMS-2 Examiner Record Booklet (25) is an accessory for the PDMS-2 (Peabody Developmental Motor Scales – Second Edition). Model number 804303 is categorized in the good & Gross Motor Department. This is for the PDMS-2 Examiner Record Booklet (25)ONLY. Description: This evaluation tool was improved depending on research and feedback from users. The package gives in-depth evaluation and training or remediation of gross and good motor expertise for kids from birth through six years of age. Six subtests (reflexes, stationary, locomotion, object manipulation, grasping and visual-motor integration) reliably measure interrelated motor abilities and was standardized on 2,003 kids. The PDMS-2 lets users to find out a child’s Gross Motor Quotient, good Motor Quotient and Total Motor Quotient. New Profile/Summary Form may be used to record a child’s scores: age equivalents, raw scores, percentiles and standard scores. The forms graphically display the child’s performance to find out strengths, weakness and progress. This listing will include 25 new Examiner Record Booklets.

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BatteryOperated Scissors BatteryOperated Scissors

The Battery-Operated Scissors Battery-Operated Scissors is a great value and is internationally licenced by Preston with a restricted lifetime warranty. Model number 081565324 is categorized in the Scissors Department. Description: These easy-to-use, switch-adapted scissors let you to partake in art and other classroom or home actions. Just activate the switch and your scissors will easily cut through paper. Simple to take off from special mounting. Base size 6″L x 8″W x 2″H. Scissor size 10″L x 5″H. Requires capability Switch and four AA batteries.

Adhesive Bordered Foam Dressing 6" x 6"

MPM Medical sticky Bordered bubble Dressing 6″ x 6″ Square with 4″ x 4″ Pad, Water-evidence Top level MPM Bordered bubble Dressing is waterproof with an sticky border. Absorbs big amounts of drainage and decreases pressure on wounds. • decreases pressure on the wound. • expertise bubble quickly absorbs big amounts of liquid. • gives moist wound environment. • guards the wound from contagion. • Precut, lint free. • gives soft, absorbent protection to painful wounds. • may be left on 5 to 7 days, based on drainage or protocol.


ANSELL MICRO-TOUCH� NITRAFREE exam GLOVES Gloves, Medium, Pink, 100/bx, 10 bx/cs made without sulfur-established chemical accelerators, helping to protect you from Type I (latex) and Type IV (chemical) allergies. Its nitrile material is soft with more stretch for greater comfort, fit and excellent protection in all risk settings. Proceeds from the buy of every case go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in support of breast cancer research and awareness.

Toothette Plus Oral Swabs, Toothette Pl Swabs Untrtd, (1 CASE, 1000 EACH

(Item Number and Quantity: UHS-HAL6071-1CASE-1000EACH) Toothette Plus Oral Swabs, Toothette Pl Swabs Untrtd Type-untouched, Packaging-50 Bags of 20, – (1 CASE, 1000 EACH) – Toothette Plus Swabs have soft bubble heads that are light to fragile tissue. Versatile tool can be used for light cleansing, elimination of debris, elimination of oral secretions, etc. Perpendicular ridges help clean between teeth and stimulate oral tissue. Available with or without Sodium Bicarbonate. Available individually wrapped, or in bulk packs of 10 or 20. Features: Soft bubble Heads light to Fragile Oral Tissue Versatile Tool Perpendicular Ridges Available With or Without Baking Soda suggested Billing Code:.

Actisorb Silver Antimicro Dressing 1/8" X 4 1/8"

Combining broad-spectrum antimicrobial action with bacterial toxin management and odor control, dressings may help decrease infection in fractional- and full-thickness wounds, implanted silver particles kill bacteria and fungi, when a greatly porous, activated charcoal level binds pollutants and odor-causing molecules, exudate is allowed to flow freely through to a secondary absorbent dressing; the outer nylon sleeve helps elimination with minimal adherence to the wound. Implanted silver particles kill bacteria and fungi, when a greatly porous. Activated charcoal level binds pollutants and odor-causing molecules. Exudate is allowed to flow freely through to a secondary absorbent dressing; the outer nylon sleeve helps elimination with minimal adherence to the wound.

Restore Plus Conformable/Tapered Edge Wound Care Dressing 261/2 sq" Triangle vs Preston Accessory PDMS-2 pricing

Clean, conformable, occlusive dressings with adaptable outer level that maintain a moist wound environment Manages minimal to average exudate in fractional- and full-thickness wounds, and is available with or without tapered edges, and in expertise shapes • will include disposable wound measuring guide • 26-1/2″ sq. tapered, triangular • 5/pk.

Select Silver Antimicrobial Dressing, 4" X 5"

(SOLD BY BOX 10/EA) choose Silver Antimicrobial Dressing, 4″ X 5″. The Active liquid Management(tm) technology in SelectSilver(r) dressings gives for the move of exudate to an inexpensive secondary dressing for up to seven days. The dressings’ distinctive construction gives active liquid motion, rather than passive absorption, helping to prevent maceration. The dressings also contain a silver-established antimicrobial broker that kills microbes/bacteria in the liquid when absorbed into the dressing. SelectSilver(r) dressings don’t adhere to the wound, may be easily cut to size and won’t leave debris in the wound. Indicated for the management of fractional-thickness burns, incisions, skin grafts, donor sites, lacerations, abrasions and Stage I – IV dermal ulcers (vascular, venous, pressure and diabetic). 4″ x 5″. Brand: Milliken & Company.

Aroma Home Mouse Cozy Hottie by Aroma Home vs Preston Accessory PDMS-2 review

If you want to be sure your little one has a bedtime toy they’ll cherish, you need look no more than the Cozy Hottie collection. Not only do these cuties have the softest fur, however the cuddliest arms that will easily become your child’s new favorite bedtime toy. With his super-soft light plush fur, you will find it hard not to steal him away and snuggle up to beside him instead but be warned, one sniff of this lavender-infused cuddly toy and you will feel that relaxed, warm feeling that leads to droopy eyelids. Made with the highest quality super soft fabrics, cozy hotties contain an easily removable cotton calico tummy put. Simply pop the natural, lavender scented calico put into the microwave and softly warm. Then watch as the soothing smell and blissful warmth wraps around your child and helps ease them into a calm, natural sleep. Generally a great gift, treat yourself or another and win instant smiles all around.

Shapes #5 Oval PolyMeric Membrane Dressing

Sticky, Latex-Free PolyMem is a hydrophilic, polyurethane membrane matrix with a semi-permeable, polyurethane, uninterrupted, thin-film backing in shapes that conform. ShapesTM easy-to-use, pre-cut dressings are made of an groundbreaking, multi-function QuadraFoam material. QuadraFoam dressings can effectively clean, fill, take in, and moisten wounds during the curative continuum. No other single wound dressing combines these four key wound-curative potential like PolyMem does. • With four parts of wound care in one formulation, PolyMem’s QuadraFoam may be used during the wound-curative continuum. • greatly absorbent, allowing up to seven days between changes based on the wound position. • gives a clear, fitted, visual indication of when they have to be changed. • fitted cleansing potential minimize the need for manual wound bed cleansing throughout dressing changes. Manual cleansing may be harmful, disturbing the wound bed and any bordering healthy tissue. • Offers quicker wound recuperation times than conventional dressings.

3M Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Dressing, Tgsrb Drs Hydcol Sacral, (1 CASE, 24 EACH vs Preston Accessory PDMS-2 price

(Item Number and Quantity: UHS-MMM90007-1CASE-24EACH) 3M Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Dressing, Tgsrb Drs Hydcol Sacral Inner Diameter-4. 9″ x 5. 5″, Style-Sacral, Outer Diameter-6 3/4″ x 6 3/8″, – (1 CASE, 24 EACH) – Maintains an best moist wound environment which was shown to improve curative of fractional- and full-thickness dermal ulcers, shallow wounds and abrasions and shallow and fractional-thickness burns and donor sites. Has a considerably high absorbency at 48 hour with a breathable outer film level which gives steadily high rate of moisture vapor transmission. Water-tolerant film border adheres firmly and outer film barrier protects wound and bordering skin from contaminants, body fluids, bacteria and viruses. Suggested Billing Code: A6238.

Equipment Mats Super Treadsolid 3′ x 7’6" x 1/8". Fits under extralong treadmills

(SEE AVAILABILITY ABOVE FOR expanded DELIVERY) – Equipment Mats – Super Treadsolid – 3′ x 7’6″ x 1/8″. Fits under extra – long treadmills – Equipment Mats – PVC material protects floors & carpets from the damaging effects of heavy exercise equipment. Helps prevent dust from entering belts & mechanical parts to prolong equipment life. Strength mats also dampen vibrations & muffle noises from exercise equipment. – Rolyan merchandise are internationally licensed & made for home & medical use. Most of their merchandise offer a lifetime warranty.

Static Vinyl Female, Small Butterfly Chest Harness vs Preston Accessory PDMS-2 reviews

The Static Vinyl – Female, Small Butterfly Chest Harness is a great value and is internationally licenced by Preston with a restricted lifetime warranty. Model number 562250 is categorized in the Chest Department. Description: Features fast-release buckles and adjustable length straps. Cam lock buckles and metal clips for attaching to hard back chairs are included. Decide from three styles, Breathable Comfort, Dynamic Comfort Fit Lycra or Static Non-Stretch Vinyl. For Sling Back Chairs use 5622-57 Slingback bench Vest Attachment shown below. Straps are 26″L. Latex free.

Models to consider:
ICUM9000T CYZ-1629LF01164U LF06102UGA-76 MED-NONFS300HP
2195 INNER V30CHNON27420 PAD-PAK-01S130 HOL7730
MSC9210 114MMDS098716 UHS-MSC8744EPZW49EBK1-6 151948KJ37E75
KEN2600-X2 30033-SET2DYNJ03900 LF06702UW49EBK2-3 UHS2-CUR8316
DYNJ07254A NON70600MSC1723EP PP-AM-400-DSM5072A BNX912
EBK2-3 RPS350-26855240A 702M1SKBND74350 TL7254
TGS PRO 737 p917823OB1269-54W MBSC-55LF06700U 8313AWBGR
422208PUR RE1005792AQ1362 WH 6155MED-DYND70660HP LF03721U
BND-52600 MSC1528LF06208U IM60-10DSX70011 0W009
TGS PRO 737 AQ1362RPS350-2 HOL7730MSC1723EP LF06700U
LF03721U MDS098716MSC1528 8 FL OZBND-52600 M314
DYNJ03900 422208PURM5072A 6855240ABND74350 PP-AM-400-DS
UHS-MSC8744EPZ DYND152002195 INNER S130LF06702U CYZ-1629
MBSC-55 UHS-MSC3066151948KJ37E75 DSX70011BNX912 UHS2-CUR8316
MDS8800BIO1 WH 6155p917823 ICUM9000TNON70600 W49EBK2-3
IM60-10 EBK2-3GA-76 PAD-PAK-01702M1SK RE1005792
W49EBK1-6 0W009NON27420 LF01164UKEN2600-X2 MED-DYND70660HP
NON70600 RE1005792DYND15200 30033-SET2W49EBK1-6 EBK2-3
702M1SK 0W009GA-76 DYNJ03900M5072A W49EBK2-3
p917823 LF03721UTGS PRO 737 WH 6155KEN2600-X2 LF06102U
MED-DYND70660HP LF06208UHOL7730 PP-AM-400-DSNON27420 IM60-10
UHS-MSC8744EPZ ICUM9000TMSC1528 RPS350-2DSX70011 AQ1362
PAD-PAK-01 151948KJ37E75MSC1723EP MED-NONFS300HPS130 6855240A
114M OB1269-54WMDS098716 BND74350422208PUR LF06700U
MSC9210 LF06702UCYZ-1629 M314BND-52600 LF01164U


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