April 23, 2017

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  • The built-in Li-ion battery supports working time up to 100 minutes.
  • The detector stage that comes with the package provides a convenient aid for observation. Measurement is available when working on PC (by USB cable).
  • It is a high-tech while easy to use Wifi Digital Microscope. With this unit you will see a unique and “bigger” world via iOS/Android devices.
  • It’s easy to zoom in on stamps, coins, paper currency, plants, insects, skin, fabrics, rocks and minerals, and so much more.
  • The high quality image sensor, together with the microscopic lens, presents vivid 720P HD image quality. Photo & Video capture is supported.
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

Big Features: Applications in science, engineering, study, education, and dermatology (skin/scalp) etc. It works with iPhone/iPad, Android Smart Phone and Tablet via Wi-Fi and Free downloaded APP in App Store and Google Play Store. Magnifications: 10x-200x, adjustable concentrate and magnifications Support 720P (HD) video quality Battery Life: 100 minutes, rechargeable fitted 6 White LEDs, light adjustable. Photo/Video catch Equipped with spherical high-tech lens Measurement software (for PC use) Professional detector stage, can change height easily. Plans: Camera Type: 1/4″ 1M CMOS Focal Distance: 0mm to 50mm Magnifications: 10x-200x Video Resolution: 720P (1280×720) Video Format: Motion JPEG Picture Resolution: 1280×720 Frame Rate: Wireless: 720P: 15fps ; VGA: 25fps; Wired: VGA: 30fps Picture Format: JPG Wireless: WiFi Transmission Range: 20M (open sight) Transmission Rate: 150Mbps Power supply: DC 5V/1A (mini USB) Rechargeable Battery: Lithium/1100mAh Battery life: Around 100minutes Operation Temperature: 0-55 degree Light source: 6 LEDs (light adjustable) System supported: iOS (5. 1 or afterward), Android, Windows-XP (SP2), Win7, Win8.

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JAINCO Senior Projecti

SENIOR PROJECTION MICROSCOPE: Compact, dust evidence construction projection screen of 100 mm dia. With provision of wall projection, 12 V-100 W halogen lamp, equipped with loop and arrow pointer, supplied with mechanical stage and two goals 10x & 40x. Eye part 10x filled in a card board box. A premium product by JAINCOLAB. India.

500X 2.0MP USB Video Camera with St

1. Color: Black 2. Image Sensor: CMOS 3. Image Sensor: 2. 0MP 4. Concentrate Range: 0mm 40mm 5. Still Image catch Resolution: 640 480,800 600,1280 960,1600 1200 6. Video catch Resolution: 640 480,800 600,1280 960,1600 1200 7. Frame Rate: 30 F / S Under 600 Lux light 8. Photo Format: Jpg, Gif, Bmp, Png 9. Digital Zoom: 5x Sequence Mode 10. Light Control: Manual modification 11. Magnification Range: 5x 500x (Manually) 12. Power Supply: Usb Port (5v Dc) 13. PC Interface: Usb 2. 0 14. Operation System: Windows Xp / Vista Win 7 32 Bit & 64 Bit 15. Language: English Chinese And Other Language By Selection 16. System prerequisite: Pentium Computer With 700m Hz & Above 17. Storage Temperature: 0 40 18. Relative Humidity: 45 Rh 85 Rh 19. Product Dimension: (4. 41 x 1. 29)” / (11. 2 x 3. 3)cm (L x W) 20. Weight: 14. 29 oz / 405 g.

Yuanj USB 3MP Video Oscope Camera Earscope video Oscope Auriscope Earscope

3MP USB Digital Microscope Video Otoscope Camera Earscope Otoscope Ear Scope for Veterinary Medicine (With 12pcs Specula) The Earscope Otoscope, a movable and light weighted digital otoscope that fit in the palm of your hand, extraordinary image on ear canal and eardrum. Simply connect to the USB post of your computer to catch extraordinary pictures of the inner ear. The new, improved otoscope (earscope) combines improved true resolution of 2. 0MP (mega pixels) and measurement features with a important increase in field of view and variable optical magnification of up to 30X The Otoscope offers the medical also as other professionals, the capability to examine the condition and workings of the inner ear and other recessed regions under important magnification when obliged. Now the physician can examine the inner ear with magnified clearness and digitally record the image for diagnostic and other reasons. The very versatile hand-held digital microscope/otoscope is well-matched with present disposable specula (end caps) and is completely movable so it’s ideal for medical exam either at the medical building or in the field. The pictures may be saved for medical records, future reference/comparison or may be sent to others for interview, etc. This is sure to be an indispensable device for both general and specific applications. Extra info: The USB connection removes the need for interface cards or costly software The software for the collection and processing of photos is included Software is easy and convenient to load and use auto or manual color balance and control auto or manual light control catch software included. Ideal for doctors and vetinary surgeons.

3D Printing binder – 3 SET – compatible 3DSystems, Zprinter, Zcorp, VisiJet PXL

Giant 4D is a new color binder for 3D printers. It’s an advanced printer which has fixed all common problems that other color binder had. With Giant 4D, you may be able to now print skin color without red being strong, make gradations more clear and print the colors vividly. It’s tested with some number of 3D Systems Project 660 Pro with VisiJet PXL Core powder and there was no problem occurred. Also, it was tested with HP10, HP11 and HP 57 and again, there was no problem at all. So, you may be able to now print colors same as the original color with less coast. Our new binder has potential to offer you a high-meaning and full color idea models, prototypes, design and realization. It’s alcohol free and can last more than 1 year under a shelter. Color Binder: 1kg of Magenta, Cyan, Black, Yellow and Clear. MSDS Sheets: All orders are shipped with MSDS Sheets placed on the outside of the package. If any problem is found with our product in 30 days, we give your money back.

Cyana br new CP-31AT Optical Eyeglass Morized Opmetrist Electric Work Table Table Size: 40 x 58 cm

Description: This electric work table is made of imported materials and absorbs the foreign advanced technology. Featuring with good look, safety and credibility of operation system; its load capacity can reach 75 kg at most. It’s easy and convenient to move the table, low sound, stable and big range for up and down (630 mm 820 mm). Technical Parameters: Motor: Big Power AC Motor Wheel: good Wheel Material: Table Top: Plastic; Foot: Metal Table Top Size: 40 x 58 cm Range of Elevation: 630 820 mm Loading: 50 – 75 kg Power Supply: AC 220 V/ 50 Hz; AC 110 V/ 60 Hz; 120 W Dimension: 610 x 530 x265 mm Weight: 19 kg Stock up time4days you’ll get it inside 5-9 working days.

Endoscope, Snake Camera, Sokos Micro USB Borescope Waterproof Inspecti Camera Lapps USB OTG Compatible roid Smartphes (1M 3.28ft)

Notice:SOKOS Brand Camera is the property of SOKOS, without original written authorization anybody who sell SOKOS could be investigated legally,for product quality ensure, be sure the seller name is “SOKOS”. Kind Reminder before purchasing: 1. This endoscope camera only works on Android 4. 0+ systems,temporally not support IOS systems, Windows Phone, Blackberry. 2. Kindly be sure your Android Phones support OTG, the rights for connection with an external camera and the permission for USB adpter are allowed on your phone settings. 3. You have to download a software for showing your pictures and vedios. 4. When you use this camera on computer, remember your save path for next time reading – default dis C. The way to get the App: 1. By SOKOS CD driver OR Download software for your phone from www. Kkmoom. Com/an97. Apk, for PC from www. Kkmoom. Com/pc. Rar. Some software may report have virus, however do not be worry,it’ll NOT have any virus included. 2. Software”CameraFi” or “Endoscope App” by Google Play 3. By Scan the QR Code in User Manual straight to download the app. Support Models: Android systems 4. 0+, support OTG function Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300, i9308), S4 (i9500, i9508), S5, S6; Note2, Note3, Note4; SONY Z2 L50H; SONY LT26i; Nexus 5 Features 1. Camera: waterproof level:IP66- 0. 3 megapixels (no deeper than 3m/9. 84ft) 2. Camera Resolution: 640 x 480 3. Camera Head Diameter: 7 mm 4. Cable Length: 3. 28 ft (1 m) 5. Camera Focal Distance:6cm, the best visiable place is 2. 36in – 4in Package Included 1 x SOKOS Micro USB Endoscope 1 x Hook 1 x Magnet 1 x Mirror 1 x Micro USB to USB Adapter 1 x Installation CD 1 Non-dust cloth 1 x User Manual.

JDSU FM-C400 400X HH (Coaxial)

The FM-C400 Fiber Microscope use coaxial illumination to offer users with maximum detail. The FM-C400 easily can detect the finest scratches and contagion, making it ideal seriously inspecting polish quality. It uses energy-economical light emitting diode (LED) illumination to offer 100,000+ hours of lamp life. The rubber boot gives a slip-tolerant grip; while the fitted laser safety filter gives a high level of attenuation at the common wavelengths accidental looking at of live fiber. It is durability, ergonomic design, optical performance, and ease-of-use make it the optical instrument of choice looking at fiber terminations in sensitive installations. The JDSU FMC400 microscope uses FMA-series adapters that let users examine different connector types. Examine patch cord (male) side of fiber interconnect, examine different connector types with a large selection of interchangeable adapters.

Dino-Lite MS36WA2 Table p Boom with Industrial Base

The Dino-Lite MS36WA2 combines one of our most well-liked Dino-Lite boom stands with a large, ergonomic base ideally suited for industrial environments with bigger size specimens like pc mother boards or assemblies. The base offers 13″ by 13″ of finished looking at surface while the boom stand lets 8 inches of vertical distance, 10 inches of horizontal reach and a full 360-degree horizontal and vertical rotation, for exceptional positioning alternatives. It may also be easily paired with the new Dino Lite MS15X XY+R Base with Removable Rotating Table which lets for exact X-Y motion of a specimen also 360 degree rotation in a steady, controlled manner. The grip holster is fastened to the side bar by a vertical pin, allowing up to 330 degrees of pivot for minute modifications. The concentrate block offers rack and pinion action and 1. 0″ of vertical motion for extra good-tuning of your image. The stand is constructed of lasting stainless steel and lightweight recycled aluminum, with a large, ergonomic base finished with chemical-tolerant white enamel paint. It will include a 95mm acrylic black and white contrast plate, making it an ideal choice for lab work, pcb inspections and industrial assembly line quality check stations. The base plate is available in black finish (MS36BA2).

DS-2 Educatial Inspecti With Free 6 Feet NETCNA MI Cable – BY NETCNA

The National Optical & Scientific Instruments DS-2 Educational Inspection Microscope has a fitted digital camera, magnifies at 20x and 40x, and has LED lighting, among other features. As well as software and a USB cable for plug-n-play use, the DS-2 is easy-to-use and practical for many reasons. Also, the system is budget-friendly.

AmScope H800-M Mocular Inspecti, 0.7X-5.0X Zoom Objective, 11X-80X Magnificati, 4-1/8" Working Distance, Pillar St, 1

The AmScope H800-M digital monocular inspection microscope has a 0. 4x C-mount camera adapter, a 0. 7x-5. 0x zoom objective, and an 11x-80x zoom range. The 1. 3MP camera has a CMOS color sensor, a reduction lens, image catch and editing software, and USB 2. 0 output to catch or display still or video pictures on a computer or projector. The microscope has a 12. 9 x 17. 1mm maximum field of view and a 1. 8 x 2. 4mm minimum field of view. The working distance is 4-1/8″ (105mm). Ambient lighting illuminates the specimen, eliminating the need for power or batteries. The microscope stand has an 11″ pillar and a 13 x 10″ table (W x D, where W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the vertical distance from front to back). A digital handheld stand microscope, on occasion called a shop microscope, can be used in field, lab, and quality control applications, and in home and educational settings, and where image catch, in depth records, or documentation is needed. The 1. 3MP digital camera has a CMOS color sensor for showing still microscopy pictures and streaming live videos to a computer or projector. The camera has 40x magnification and a 0. 37x reduction lens that assures that the display has a alike field of see as the microscope eyepiece. The camera may be mounted in a C-Mount or any 23mm eye tube. The camera will include image catch and editing software that gives still image and live video catch and editing capability, as well as measurement functions. The software supports JPG, TIF, GIF, PSD, WMF, and BMP file formats and is well-matched with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8; Mac OS X; and Linux. Camera drivers are well-matched with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8; Mac OS X; and Linux. The software will include Windows APIs for native C/C++, C#, DirectShow, Twain, and LabVIEW that enable custom application development. The camera has a USB 2. 0 data port (cable included). Microscope SpecificationsZoom objective0. 7x-5. 0xTotal optical magnification11x-80xCamera mount0. 4x C-MountField of view12. 9 x 17. 1mm (maximum); 1. 8 x 2. 4mm (minimum)Working distance4-1/8″ (105mm)Pillar height11″Table dimensions13 x 10 inches (W x D)Power input110V-240V, auto-detectingW is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the vertical distance from front to back. Camera SpecificationsResolution1. 3MP (1280 x 1024 efficient pixels)Image typeStill image and video display and captureCamera typeBrightfieldCamera sensor1/2″ Aptina MT9M111 CMOS (color)Magnification40xReduction lens0. 37xMounting size23mm or C-MountFrame rate50fps at 320×256; 26fps at 640×512; 15fps at 1280x1024Computer connectionUSB 2. 0 (rearward well-matched on PCs only)File formatsJPG, TIF, GIF, PSD, WMF, BMPSoftware packageImage catch and editing for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8; Mac OS X; and LinuxCamera driver compatibilityWindows XP, Vista, 7, and 8; Mac OS X; and LinuxMicroscopes are instruments used to improve the resolution of an object or image. Types include compound, stereo, or digital. Compound microscopes use a compound optical system with an objective lens and an eyepiece. Stereo microscopes show object depth in a three-dimensional image. Digital microscopes were used to display a picture on a monitor, rather than looking through a lens. Microscopes can have monocular (one), binocular (two), or trinocular (three) eyepieces, with varying magnification abilities. Magnification capability mentions the size of a picture. Resolution, aka resolvant power, mentions the clearness of the image. The interaction between field of view (FOV), numerical aperture (NA), and working distance (WD) establishes resolution. Microscopes can control magnification through a fixed concentrate, or through a range of modifications. They may also use LED, fluorescent, and mirror light resources to help control looking at potential. Microscopes are widely used in education, lab research, biology, metallurgy, engineering, chemistry, manufacturing, and in the medical, forensic science, and veterinary industries. United Scope manufactures microscopy equipment and accessories under the brand name AmScope. The company, founded in 1996, is headquartered in Irvine, CA. What is in the Box? Monocular zoom microscope with 0. 7-5. 0x objectivePillar standFocusing rack1. 3MP digital camera (MU130)0. 37x reduction lensSoftware CDUSB 2. 0 cableDust cover.

Cars zPix USB s with Intregrated Camera Video Capture (MM-640, MM-940)

The zPix (MM-640) from Carson is a powerful USB zoom digital microscope that displays the magnified image right on your computer screen. The remarkable 35x-165x zoom magnification lets you to see details of common objects you never knew existed catch a picture to keep using the fitted 640 x 480 resolution Digital Camera. You may be able to catch close-concentrate video The MM-640 zoom digital microscope is well-matched with the following: Mac OSX 10. 4. 9 or afterward; Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit), Windows 8/8. 1, Windows 10 or earlier Windows variants like Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista (32 bit or 64 bit). Software included is for use with Windows OS platforms. If using the device with Mac OSX 10. 4. 9 or afterward, this item may be used with applications which support the looking at of USB video devices (these applications aren’t included). USB 2. 0 or 3. 0 is needed. No batteries obliged. Visit the Carson web site to download any software updates for the zPix.

Crenova® Hheld 3" TFT LCD Screen 5MP Video 200X Magnifier Camera with St Windows XP VISTA

Crenova UM039 Handheld Microscope with Screen and USB on the side from the Li-ion rechargeable battery, there aren’t external parts requiring modification – making the microscope a great fit for educational settings. Easily movable, the microscope is great for users who have to take the device into the field with them. With/without a computer, the microscope is usable. The pocket microscope with rechargeable battery is lightweight and movable, you may be able to bring it along wherever you go – if a school field or a park. An Powerful Pocket Microscope When looking at pictures through the screen display, a Micro-SD card(not included) may be used to record high-resolution pictures. By connecting the microscope to a computer with a USB cord (included), users can make use of MicroCapture software to take photos and videos. Related Scenarios Using the screen microscope, plants, insects, minerals, and hairs are just some of the objects than may be examined. As a movable, professional and greatly usable digital microscope, the microscope opens up new realms of handling and exploration for students, scientists, and other inquisitive-minded persons. Warranty: This Crenova UM039 microscope comes with a full 12 month warranty. substitute or Refund service is available for you. Like Crenova on Facebook to extend the warranty to 24 months and get fast answer from us. Plans: Image Sensor:5 Mega Pixels (true resolution) Light source: 8 LED LCD Panel:3 inches Magnification percentage: 20x to 200x TV output: Available (to any monitor with TV in) Card Slot: Micro SD Card slot up to 32GB SDHC (not included) Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery (recharged by adaptor or USB) Package will include: 1 Handheld Microscope 1 Stand 1 CD Driver 1 Correction Ruler 1 Manual.

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  1. Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand for Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 10x-250x Magnification)
  2. Mustcam 1080P Full HD Digital Microscope, HDMI Microscope, 10x-220x magnification, to Any Monitor/TV with HDMI-In, Photo Capture, Micro-SD Storage, PC supported too
  3. Crenova UM018 720P HD 1MP CMOS and 200X Wifi USB Digital Microscope Wireless Microscope Magnifier for iOS/Android/PC
  4. Dino-Lite AM2111 USB Handheld Digital Microscope, Optical 10X-220X Magnification, Software for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android, Supports PC, Tablet, and Mobile Devices
  5. Crenova UM012C USB Digital Microscope 5MP Video Microscope 300X Magnifier Camera for Windows XP/VISTA /WIN7 /Mac OSX
  6. Celestron 5 MP Handheld Digital Microscope Pro

Models to consider:
AM4113ZTS MM-24MG10081-4 44310-4PKUM-05-S AO-48708-05
CS-XM51BC10 TS2050-025H250-3M 26800C-551Firefly DE350 C0026SG-MF
Firefly GT620 H800-CL-10MATS2056025 1501dMC108 LER4416
MS36WA2 IL-LED-R3YTA333 NK6869TS2051-060 H800-CL
AM-2011 AM413ZTAAM3113 AM4023XNDL-025N MM-840
AM5216ZTL MS15X-S1Firefly GT700 MS43LAM4023CT-LM3ST AM3011MS21W
GV037-2 MS35B-P4AM3113-MS22B Firefly DE300ST-640 GICL-200S
UBW500X02MP AM4111TMS35T MSAK826M05-001 Z008
AM5212NZT AM4023CT-LM3STH800-10MA AD4112NTLAM4012NZT 10-10mm
AM4112NT MSD10LER4416 SK2-5.2XAM4113TL-M40 TS2050-025
CS-XM51BC10 ST-640GT700 MG10081-4UC100SL MM-480G
H800-CL-5M H800-CCDSCA-127753 Firefly GT620MS52BA2 DS-6
AM411T-MS35B C0026SG-MFTM-XR039 UM-03 H Cam26200A-523 MM-24
UM038 AM4016ZTLMM-480 MV02011121H800 V71P30T AM
AM4113ZTS MDE-130AM413ZTA MM-840Firefly GT700 BPM-300DL
AM7013MZTS M05-001AM4012NZT SM-2TZ-10MKY000666_B 44302-B
H250 YTA296GS-M8M-B GFBW-MS35BUM012C AM4113T-MS36B
MSD10 MS35BEAIR-P311 UM-02-SSTM-XR039 AM3011MS21W
eheV7-USBmini AM7023CT-LH1A005Z001 AM4111TMS52BA2 MSAK826
TS2050-025 GR-90AM-2011 YTA333AM4515ZTL AO-48708-05
VMS004DELUXE C0026SG-MF44310-4PK MS15X-S1MS35B-P4 H800-CL-5M
TS2034040 MS23BYTA326 AM4115-FJTUC100SL H100-E2
H800-CL H800-CL-10MAAM5216ZTL YTA272MM-480 JFR-3901


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