April 23, 2017

637 LSO (Horizon) actually has good reviews


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  • One size, easily adjustable
  • SlickTrack tightening system for maximum pressure relief
  • Fits waists ranging from 24″-70″
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S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
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General description

Horizon Back Braces supply support, motion restriction, and ache break for the lower spine for those recovering from operation or injury. Braces may be made less supportive as needed. Easily adjustable- one brace can fit waists ranging from 24″-70″. Integrated front panels on each end of the brace for guaranteed midline support. SlickTrack tightening system independently tightens top and bottom, allowing localized compression for maximum pressure break. Firm but adaptable back panel naturally conforms to patient lordosis while giving structural support. Horizon 637 with front and posterior restriction, plus moveable, right side panels that supply lateral support.

Compare with similar products:

Magnetic Support Belt From Dr. Bakst Magnetics, Medium

Uses 28 strategically located high-powered neodymium/ceramic magnets, which supply 33,000 gauss. Magnetic medical care gives drug free ache break. Our back belt is constructed of high quality breathable neoprene to offer extra support. Works great for back ache break Magnatech Labs, Inc. was founded and established by Dr. Alvin Bakst in 1994. Since its inception, our company was dedicated to researching and developing efficient techniques of alleviating and eliminating ache in the body without the use of drugs or invasive medical procedures. Magnatech Labs, Inc. Manufactures the highest quality of magnetic ache break merchandise available on the market today. Our merchandise use both ceramic and neodymium magnets, depending upon the place and depth of the influenced nerve that’s causing your ache. The magnets are placed in supportive neoprene or rigid supports to offer maximum comfort and support for your body. Ceramic magnets are greatly efficient to decrease and eliminate ache feelings in influenced regions. Our Neodymium magnets are stronger and more efficient. Neodymium is a natural magnetic ore found in the earth and is able of creating a much stronger magnetic force than ceramic magnets can create, Neodymium magnets are more expensive than ceramic magnets. Consequently, other businesses don’t use Neodymium magnets to keep their costs and prices down. But, it’s our company’s policy to create the highest strength magnetic product for maximum usefulness, despite of cost. We refuse to agreement the quality of our merchandise and continually strive to offer our customers with the Rolls Royce of magnetic merchandise.

Aircast Infrapatellar Band Support, One Size Fits Most

The Aircast Infrapatellar Band Support Brace is meant to treat Osgood-Schlatter illness and patella tendonitis. An air cell concentrates compression on the patellar tendon, helping decrease stress at the tibial tubercle. This band features bubble padding which gives extra comfort behind the knee. The adjustable strap circumference measures 10″ to 17″ (25 to 43 cm). Common fit lets the Aircast Infrapatellar Band Support Brace to be worn on either the left or right leg. One size fits most.

Ueasy Adjustable Single Shoulder Elastic Gym Sports Support Strap Wrap Belt Band Pad for Men and Women Light Weight (Left Shoulder Advanced)

Key Features: Ueasy Advanced Single Shoulder Brace Adjustable Gym Sports Support Strap Wrap Belt Band Pad for Both Men and Women (Left Shoulder) 1. Made of SBR, OK cloth and nylon, spandex shoulder support brace. 2. Adjustable elastic single shoulder support, one size fits all. 3. Efficient warming support for the treatment and prevention Of injuries to the shoulder. Lighter weight helps relieve ache caused by shoulder pulls or strains. 4. Relieve from over use injuries, strains and damaged muscles, frozen shoulder,good for Arthritis and Rheumatic ache. 5. This single shoulder support is great for all sporting actions and everyday use by men and women. Package Included: 1pcs shoulder support and 1pcs Ueasy shipping bag. Note: 1. Don’t bleach. 2. Use cold water hand washing or washing machine washing. 3. Don't use the washing machine dehydration, hot water washing isn’t available.

for Sciatica & Spinal Stenosis-2XL

The LSO Sciatica back brace is a distinctive disc unloader back support that eases back ache by taking pressure off the lumbar discs and changing the load to the stomach region. The lumbosacral support is constructed of lightweight, soft material that’s breathable and non-irritating to the skin. The front and posterior panels of the sciatica back brace can hold inserts for gel packs that supply your choice of cold or hot medical care. This disc unloader spinal brace was intended by a leading physiatrist with the aim of relieving degenerative to acute ache in the back. This back brace may help with some back conditions and injuries, as well as spinal stenosis, herniated discs, sciatica, facet syndrome, and many more. The modular design of this back brace helps ease intradisc pressure through circumferential compression. The compression feature of this back brace increases blood flow, decreases ache, and promotes curative. The mix of compression, unloading, and use of hot or cold medical care makes this distinctive back brace ideal for treating and easing back ache. This back brace includes an expanded front panel for extra support to the stomach to help persons experiencing pendulous stomach or who simply need extra stomach or torso support. The rigid front and posterior panels of this back brace are very lasting and affect-tolerant also as lightweight. The brace may also be easily secured via elastic double pull and contact closures. They are located at the front of the brace for easy access. This spinal stenosis back brace is available in some sizes ranging from XS-4XL. To find out your size, measure the circumference of your waist in inches. This back brace fits waist circumferences of 25″-65″, making it a great bariatric back brace.

LordoLoc Support Size 6 47.25 -51.25

Size 6 fits waist circum. 47. 25 -51. 25 (loosely measure the circumference just below the waist) LordoLoc is a lightweight stabilizing support for the lumbar spine and lumbosacral transition with muscle activating and relieving properties The elastic breathable product adapts itself to the anatomy The adaptable stays integrated at the back may be adapted individually to offer anatomically correct support for the influenced area The extra elastic tension straps permit individually adjustable compression and variable modification of the stabilizing effect.

Cybertech Extension Orthosis Thoracic Spine for Compression Fractures-S vs Horizon 637 LSO pricing

The Cybertech Extension Orthosis back and spinal brace gives extension support extending from the upper thoracic spine to the sacrococcygeal connection. This brace is intended for a large range of conditions and injuries influencing the spinal and back regions. The Cybertech Extension Orthosis features a patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System, making adjustability very easy to alter the level of compression for the patient. The one hand pull system compresses and conforms to the individual patient’s frame, making it a great fit for all patients. The spinal brace is ideal for treating a large range of conditions influencing the thoracic spine, as well as: compression fractures, kyphosis, osteoporosis, mechanical back ache of the thoracic spine, and pre and post-surgical care. With a soft padded shoulder pads, and a posterior shell enveloped into zippered plush spacer materials, the spinal brace is very comfy, helping ease ache and speed the recuperation procedure for thoracic spinal ache and injuries. The extension Orthosis brace is available in sizes small to extra big. To find out size, measure your waist circumference. The brace fits waist circumferences of 30″-50″. The back panel height varies from 17″ to 19″.

Unisex-Adult Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy (Bfst) Wrap

These wraps use Blood Flow Stimulation medical care (BFST) to stimulate curative blood flow to soft tissue injuries like ankle sprains, tendonitis, and recurring strain injuries. These soft, comfy neoprene wraps are the same as those used by hospitals and pro sports teams to largely decrease curative time. Wrap will include a BFST Energy Web put, 3-position power controller, adapter plug, and information. Good for bruises, sprains, tendonitis, Weekend Warrior injuries, sport injuries, muscle ache.

Aspen Quikdraw Pro, Black, XX-Large (46 – 57) vs Horizon 637 LSO review

The ASPEN QUICKDRAW Pro back brace is distinguished as one of the most efficient available in the world today. Simply place the brace around your waist with the easy velcro strips, then pull the “drawstrings” to get the PERFECT fit. It’s literally, that easy. The QuikDraw Pro quickly restores working mobility by powerful compression for direct ache break. Features:.

Cincher Tan Women’s Support

Correct posture may help improve your breathing and increase your in general comfort, and the Original Cincher Women’s Back Support was intended with this in mind. Tailored to the female form, this lends support where women need it most: at the lower back, where vertebrae are most sensitive. Worn under clothes or over informal wear, the Cincher features high-density power mesh and vertical supports that compress the stomach and lower back. You will get a custom fit thanks to adjustable shoulder straps, a racer back, a front hook-and-loop closure and two side straps. Caution: If you’re under a doctor’s care for your back, consult previous to handling.

Plus Size Bariatric 5XL vs Horizon 637 LSO price

This plus size back brace is intended to lessen back ache for those who are feeling ache in their lower back. The bariatric back brace features a breathable back panel that’s soft against the skin. It also will include four adaptable stays and double-pull tension straps for extra compression. The compression feature of the back brace aids in stimulating blood flow, decreasing inflammation, and enhancing support to the weak muscles. This back brace is intended to ease ache and advertise curative when it comes to some injuries that because low-back ache. This bariatric back brace may be worn for different conditions and injuries, some being low back ache, weak lumbar muscles, and sprains/strains of the lower back. This plus size back belt is easily adjusted and applied via contact Velcro closures. The closures are made of premium quality elastic, creating a lightweight, comfy fit. The four lightweight stays are consisting of aluminum that are adaptable to conform to the form of your body. The stays may also be removed for those who want a more adaptable fit. The bariatric back brace comes in a neutral white color that’s low profile and lightweight, allowing it to be worn discreetly under or over clothing. An added benefit of this lumbar back brace is that it’s available in different sizes up to 6XL, fitting hip circumferences up to 68 inches. To find out your size, measure the circumference around your hips at the widest part of your buttocks, in inches. The plus-size brace can be tightened and adjusted, if you’re in between sizes, order the bigger size.

Cincher Women’s Posture Support Belt – Tan – Medium

The patented Cincher is intended entirely for the female form with added support the lower back where women put the most stress daily. It’s completely constructed with high density Power Mesh with hourglass shaping, large elastic triple side pulls and vertical support elements that add compression to those regions on the female form that are the most sensitive to stress and damage in the lower back. The Cincher emphasizes spinal alignment through compression to the stomach and lower back. Features adjustable shoulder straps, adjustable front closures, and adaptable spiral stays. Available in Tan, Black, and White. Measure around upper hips. If you’re under a Doctor’s care for your back, consult previous to handling. Measure before ordering. For hygenic reasons Item is non-returnable once worn. Ships in sealed medical non-retail packaging.

Bledsoe Ninja PRO (Medium Low Profile) vs Horizon 637 LSO reviews

Posterior chairback panel extends from sacrococcygeal connection to T-2 vertebra. Front, posterior and lateral control. Rigid front panel and thoracic chairback frame unload spinal pressure for ache break. Posterior panel extends from sacrococcygeal connection to T-9 vertebra. Controls back ache. Optional Extender Chest part. Promotes correct body mechanics and posture. Available in low or standard profile (Front Panel) – Small- XLarge in Low Profile is 6″. Tall and Standard is 7″/XXLarge-XXXXLarge in Low Profile is 6 1/2″ tall and Standard is 8″ Tall. Weak or injured structures are stabilized. Fast pull gives 61 leverage for easy one-hand modification. Creates intra-stomach compression, decreasing the load on invertebral discs. The One Pull strapping helps instant changes to compression. Uses minimal body motion, strength or dexterity. Just pull and attach. Changes for girth & form, using the leverage system & adjustable posterior closures. Breathable SpacerMesh materials make the braces breathable and comfy for better compliance. Effortlessly changes intra-stomach compression. Uses the 61 mechanical benefit of our one-pull compression system. Indications Mechanical back ache, posterior lateral fusion, lumbar spinal laminectomy, many level decompression, spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis objectives Increase activity. Delay back operation. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease back ache signs. Improve back function. Improve life quality.

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  1. Aspen Summit 631 Back Brace; Black; Medium – 992530
  2. Aspen Summit 637 Back Brace; Black; Medium – 992330
  3. Aspen Medical Products Horizon 631 LSO
  4. Mueller Adjustable Lumbar Back Brace, Black, Regular, 1-Count Package

Models to consider:
CETL-NB-2 03B0101XXXXXL473400-P OM500-XL279814-Parent 0108 Comfort
ETSP-SB-5 03B0101XXXXXXLVE-WA020 MCTO-SG-2H&PC-04261 CRB 2000
EGFP-LG-3 SDA301216-black-3 ORT21300LXL03B0801 I LS-112(i) M BL
627xxl H&PC-02045STAN-XL03 0-883-D142-1TCLS-NB-3 H&PC-34572
ORT18110RS HYXP-LR-06ADTH308 493REGFP-LG-2 AFS2421
ORT30310WS 0-883-D142-1473500-P TONUS 0312H&PC-01333 473700-P
AP160005-P H&PC-34700PW140 03B0902XXL473700-P NY-7100-M
AC141KW01 PC210-TANCB-897602 H&PC-01516627xl 0-883-D142-1
2000TM AnOs-111OM500-L CSTL-NB-2-TLSOX4CETL-NB-3 ORT18000R
03B0901S BBSPINE-3035CETL-NB-4 631XSPB2154 Beige H&PC-34700
5-BB-SIZ H&PC-0895303B0402XXL 473700-PDJ143CT08-1W TCLS-NB-3
H&PC-10026 PC210-TANG710 MCTO-SG-2H&PC-33925 MB02
H&PC-04002 104-600-BLORT21310SM H&PC-34635ETSP-SB-5 2000TM
CETL-NB-2 CETL-NB-50107 Comfort UPGUARD300003B0801 EGFP-LG-2
650-beige-2 CRB 2000473700-P 03B0902XLH&PC-04640 ORT30310WS
H&PC-01851 RT00361XCTO-SG-4 H&PC-0204503B0902XXL 627xxl
B003 0-883-D142-10-883-D142-1 ESFP-NB-3H&PC-05308 STAN-XL03
493R 0107 ComfortNY-7100-M H&PC-34700CSTL-NB-2-TLSOX4 CB-897602
SB1004XL 473400-PH&PC-04086 03B0202XXXLCMAX-NB-3 AnOs-111
H&PC-03220 0-883-D142-1OM500-XL EGFP-LG-3ORT30310WS MB02
631XS TCLS-NB-31458B CTO-SG-4493R ORT18110RS
ORT21310SM 03B0101XXXXXXLH&PC-04002 Ortho-15-BB-SIZ 10W0101XXXL
2000TM ADAH3070-883-D142-1 627xxlCETL-NB-4 H&PC-09796
00362-0631-3X 0108 Comfort650-beige-2 AC141KW01PW140 ORT18000R
HYXP-LR-06 1458F5-BB-SIZ 03B0902XXL627s DJ143CT08-1W
H&PC-01851 G708473500-P CETL-NB-5H&PC-02045 H&PC-04640


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