April 23, 2017

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  • Delivers 2-speed or spot rotating Shiatsu massage with unique rolling setting that adjusts to preference
  • Ergo hand remote with storage pouch; includes 3 auto timer settings
  • Includes additional seat vibration setting with 3 intensities
  • Measures 43.3 inches wide by 16.54 inches deep X 2.36 inches thick
  • 3 powerful massage motors target and soothe full back, upper back, and lower back muscles with optional heat therapy
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

The 60-2955 uniquely offers rotating Shiatsu also as rolling massage, with a full menu of settings to personalize your spa-like Shiatsu experience. Its easy access hand remote activates 3 powerful rotating massage motors that target Shiatsu to 3 zones (full back, upper back and lower back). Choose “Shiatsu” and the motors move up and down to deliver a true Shiatsu rotating massage. There are 3 Shiatsu settings in all – low or high intensity, and “Spot” to concentrate on a single area. Favor a non-Shiatsu massage? choose “Rolling” and the motors move up and down without rotating. What is more, the seat vibrates with 3 intensities (low, medium or high), and you may be able to add light, therapeutic heat as you wish. The remote includes 3 auto timer settings, and a “Demo” button so you may be able to see how each setting works. This amazingly cheap cushion is offered by Relaxzen, an early innovator in massage seating and part of the Comfort merchandise family. With a history dating back to 1919, Comfort merchandise specializes in cheap merchandise for better living.

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Part number 814990T. Quicksilver Ignition CoilNew OEM factory part. Replaces Mercury 814990M. Coil has two lead wires, one orange wire with bullet connector, and one black with female bullet connector. For use on 30A & 40 Mariner outboard engines. Fits the following: 30A 689-230101 AND UP (MARINER) 30A 689-250101 AND UP (MARINER) 30A 689-530101 AND UP (MARINER) 30A 689-550101 AND UP (MARINER) 40 (TWIN CARB) (W/OIL INJECTION) 6E9-015001 AND UP (M) (MARINER) 40 (TWIN CARB) (W/OIL INJECTION) 6E9-150001 AND UP (E) (MARINER) 40 (TWIN CARB) (W/OIL INJECTION) 6E9-350001 AND UP (ML) (MARINER) 40 (TWIN CARB) (W/OIL INJECTION) 6E9-450001 AND UP (EL) (MARINER).

Sit Plus Lumbar Support

Sitback Rest Lumbar Supports Promotes correct Posture In Any bench Staying seated for expanded periods of time at the office or at home can lead to serious back ache. Healthcare professionals know that sitting too long creates pressure on the spine, distorting spinal curves and compressing discs. All of this can because pinching of the nerves in the spinal cord, leading to numbness, tingling and back ache. Help protect and maintain correct spinal curve with any of our lumbar support cushions. Standard/Deluxe Sitback Rest Lumbar Support This well-liked cushion made from contoured bubble with side support wings gives medium to firm support and helps keep you sitting properly. Use at home, office or in your car. Attached positioning belt keeps cushion in place. Available in Blue, Black and Gray. Standard covered in a lasting cotton blend. Deluxe choice covered with a plush polyester for extra comfort.

HealthSmart Vivi Relax-A-Bac Premium Swivel Seat Stard Cushion, Black/Tan Stripe

HealthSmart Vivi Relax-a-Bac Premium Swivel Seat Cushion, Standard SizeSurround yourself in comfort and luxury when you use this stylish swivel seat cushion in your car, van, truck, SUV, office or home. The premium fabric feels satiny smooth against your skin and the colors beautifully complement and improve your décor or car’s interior. The Vivi Relax-a-Bac Premium Swivel Car Seat Cushion turns a full 360 degrees, minimizing the stress on your back, hips or knees that comes from twisting and turning to get out of your seat. The cushion’s bubble padding is soft and comfy, helping to decrease the pressure on your back and tailbone, particularly when you’re seated for a long time. You’ll also be able to see more of the road from a somewhat higher vantage point in your car. This standard size cushion is ideal for using on regular size chairs and car seats.

Viotek Cooled Seat Cushion – Featuring Tru-Comfort Auto Cooling Climate Control – Grey

ViotekUSA is proud to present the 1st Premium Cooling Tru-Comfort seat cushion for vehicles. Now, only super luxury cars are equipped with the tech we have managed to pack into this amazing product. But, by making this easy to install, ViotekUSA brings luxury car comfort to ANY car. All the while, making it feel like it was part of the original seat. Dehumidification and Cooling though your car’s air conditioner can cool most of your car, your seat is still sticky and uneasy. Why? A central air conditioner does not let air flow between your body and your seat. In comparison, our design gives excellent ventilation, pulling and discharging hot air and moisture away from your body. Through our 5 state cooling system you may be able to stay cool and comfy in the harshest of environments. Has your car been sitting in the scorching summer heat all day? No problem Safety: Pr.

Seat Wedge Cushion, 16×13 In. Blue Washable Cover vs Relaxzen 60-2955 Full pricing

Use extra concentrated polyester bubble wedge cushion as a car cushion or bench seat cushion to alter seating position and increase seating comfort. Car seat cushion with 1 to 3 inch taper wedge is 16 by 13 inches. Helps to out car seats that tip or dip too far back. Note: caused by hygienic concerns, this product isn’t returnable except for substitute caused by defects.

Mc Carty’s Sacro-Ease Deluxe Model Lumbar Seat Support Extra Padding, 15-Inch Wide, Black

This model comes with an extra 1-inch of padding in comparison to the standard sacro-ease models. Having been in the making for over 70 years, the McCarty’s sacro-ease became a fixture in the world as one of the most efficient back supports available today. Sacro-ease has an orthopedic design that life’s you from a slumped position and helps the spine maintain a healthy seated posture. The bottom line is that the sacro-ease is simply one of the most efficient ways to rebuild an unsupportive seat or bench, these upgraded models add another 1-inch of padding, making them just a more comfy. Used daily by truck and taxi drivers, on buses, airplanes, boats, or just driving anywhere, the McCarty’s sacro-ease works. Fits most all auto and truck can and bench-style seats. Made with an adjustable (bendable) steel frame, rubber strap supports, and so feet fabric. Foldable and easy to transport. Lasting non skid bottom. McCarty’s have been manufacturing quality posture correction merchandise for more than 70 years. McCarty’s is primarily recognized for the sacro-ease seat, which comes greatly suggested by medical professionals; intended by the company’s founder and a team of top orthopedic surgeons. McCarty’s merchandise are 100-% made in the usa.

Bingo USA Double Seat Cushion Red Flap vs Relaxzen 60-2955 Full review

Does your love for America match that of your love for Bingo? Prove it with this seat cushion that shows both through and through. This double seat cushion has a seat flap on the back. The bubble inserts in this double cushion are about three inches thick. There’s a handle on both ends of the cushion for easy carrying. Each cushion measures 13×13. 5×3″. Two of they are fashioned together by 2. 5″ of patterned fabric.

Koozam Memory Foam Seat Cushion, Car Seat Cushion, Chair Cushion, Sciatica Cushion, Low Pain Cushion, Tailbone Cushion, Coccyx Cushion, Wheelchai

Suggested for: ache or numbness from sitting for long periods of time Road trips, long flights, seated desk work Extra cushioning for uneasy office chairs Padding for a hard surface (e. G. Wooden bench, bench) Sciatic nerve damage/sciatica break Bruised, fractured, inflamed or broken tailbone Healthy posture and correct spine alignment Herniated, bulging, slipped or prolapsed disc Piriformis syndrome Pelvic pressure and hip ache break Lumbosacral Spondylosis Fibromyalgia Lumbar spinal stenosis Degenerative disc illness Sacroiliitis or spondylolisthesis of the sacrum Pilonidal cyst break Subluxation / nerve impingement Sacral pressure sores or pressure ulcers Post coccygectomy operation recuperation Osteoarthritis of the spine Pregnancy or labor-induced coccydynia.

Aimike Car Seat Protector Universal Fit Infant/Baby/Child Infant Car Seats Cover in Pad Protects Automotive Seat(Can Also Work as Dog Mat)- Black vs Relaxzen 60-2955 Full price

Product Description Help protect your cars upholstery from damaging marks and scratches from car seats. The lasting, easy to clean mat works with both rear-facing and forward-facing car seats. Non-skid backing material grips upholstery securely, and the textured top of the pad helps prevent the car seat from changing. From the maker intended with thick,molded bubble, the car seat protector prevents damage to car seat upholstery caused by child car seats as well as scratches and dents. A non-skid material on back keeps mat carefully in place. It may be used for both rear-facing and front facing car seats. Made from lasting, waterproof material, easy to clean and offers convenient mesh pockets for storage. Stays Securely in Place This Car Sear Protector is easy to install and stays firmly in place with a stabilizing wedge. Side slots let for easy access to your cars latch anchors and seat belts. Waterproof Material with Convenient Mesh Pockets Made from waterproof material, it’s strong and lasting. It wipes clean with a moist cloth for easy maintenance. Also, there are two mesh pockets on the bottom of the pad that are ideal for storing snacks, toys, and other essentials.

A & I Products Canvas Base Seat Cushion, Strap-On, BLK Replacement for Massey Ferguson Part Number 1690046M91-1

Part No. A-1690046M91-1. Canvas Base Seat Cushion, Strap-On, BLK. Massey Ferguson add: 35 SUPER Massey Ferguson INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 20 Massey Ferguson INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 202 Massey Ferguson INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 203 Massey Ferguson INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 204 Massey Ferguson INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 205 Massey Ferguson INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 30 Massey Ferguson INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 40 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: F40 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: TE20 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: TO20 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: TO30 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: TO35 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 130 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 135 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 150 (SN < -9A33014) Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 185 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 230 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 235 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 250 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 283 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 35 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 50 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 50 (SN 514381-533413) Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 65 (UTIL) Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 85 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 88 Massey Ferguson TRACTOR: 95. QUANTITY you'll get: : 1.

Bucketseat Sit Rest Deluxe, Blue vs Relaxzen 60-2955 Full reviews

(SEE AVAILABILITY ABOVE FOR ESTIMATED DELIVERY) – Bucketseat Sitback Rest Deluxe, Black – Bucketseat Sitback Rest – This variant of the Sitback is specially intended to work with your car can seats. Built – in side wings have been shaped to fit snugly inside your car”s can – style seat & supply maximum support & comfort. Fits most standard – sized can seats. Positioning belt secures this to your seat. 13″ x 14″ (33 x 36cm). Latex free. – Rolyan merchandise are internationally licensed & made for home & medical use. Most of their merchandise offer a lifetime warranty.

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  4. Relaxzen 60-2910P 10-Motor Massage Seat Cushion with Heat and Extra Foam, Black
  5. New Five Star FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion with Heat – Neck – Shoulder – Back & Thigh Massager with Heat (Black)
  6. Cheek Retractor -Pack Of 24- Medium Size Clear Mouth Lip Opener for Teeth Whitening, Dental Mouth Opener,Watch Ya Mouth/Speak Out Mouthguard Challenge Game.Perfect for Adults and kids.

Models to consider:
1SPP E2NNA405AA99MLH-CLK01 FC-2015MN162 TWI-1603
VG11696 R1016 – GreenSI-CSH-BLK-0572 13M809JDS272N ISGMS-EA-ISG2G
2655C D3-4YXR-XGDTJDS271L T400170BHEOB2 ZZ 0807-0095
A1002 A-1690046M91-1CBC100B SE0033H138 SEB1052
WG-DG-002 BH147EL9886 5093781AAgoodo-3 L18AMAU
MAS91061 csc-g01-aut06SP44175 SJ228R085QK-040 251031-01-P
R1012 5127751ABA-DDN406B-8 251031-01-P101-W WG-RG-001
EZ5525 1SWASJ0007-2-67 BWSC-01ui.magnetic.2
H138 SJ0007-2-67A1002 2655CR1012 csc-g01-aut06
WG-DG-002 CBC100BFC-2015 251031-01-PQK-040 SI-CSH-BLK-0572
goodo-3 BWSC-01SJ228R085 101-WSEB1052 251031-01-P
A-DDN406B-8 ui.magnetic.2A-1690046M91-1 ISGMS-EA-ISG2G5127751AB BHEOB2
L18AMAU 13M809EL9886 MN162R1016 – Green VG11696
E2NNA405AA99M JDS271LSE0033 SP441751SWA TWI-1603
5093781AA 1SPPLH-CLK01 ZZ 0807-0095WG-RG-001 D3-4YXR-XGDT
BH147 EZ5525MAS91061 JDS272NT400170
VG11696 ZZ 0807-00952655C D3-4YXR-XGDTQK-040 SI-CSH-BLK-0572
251031-01-P ISGMS-EA-ISG2GMN162 JDS272Nui.magnetic.2 BH147
EZ5525 1SWABHEOB2 A-1690046M91-1SJ0007-2-67 BWSC-01
101-W TWI-1603SJ228R085 1SPP5093781AA SP44175
R1016 – Green T400170CBC100B MAS91061H138 csc-g01-aut06
WG-DG-002 SE0033251031-01-P A1002SEB1052 goodo-3
LH-CLK01 13M809JDS271L E2NNA405AA99MFC-2015 EL9886
L18AMAU WG-RG-001A-DDN406B-8 R10125127751AB


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