April 23, 2017

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  • Affordable Dermatoscopy includes LIFETIME light source
  • Adjustable Optical Quality Lens with same focal length and 10X magnification as the Heine Model Dermatoscope that sells for 5 more
  • Proprietary bright-white, natural illumination, a 10x variable focus optical quality Ubergladden lens.
  • LIFETIME light source
  • Beautiful as well as durable Chrome plated brass construction
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

NEVER WORRY ABOUT A BURNED OUT BULB AGAIN WITH THIS AMAZING PROFESSIONAL LED DERMATOSCOPE, (DERMASCOPE) The 3. 5V Pro-Physician LED-Dermatolight Dermatoscope offers early detection of melanoma with improved visualization of pigmented skin lesions. Our Dermatoscope makes use of a scratch tolerant variable concentrate, optical quality Ubergladden GLASS Lens with a 10X magnification. It produces Bright White Light via proprietary Full Spectrum Diode technology. The LED lighting has a 100,000 hour lifetime meaning you’ll never have to replace a bulb again. Our proprietary full spectrum LED’S produce a white light alike to sunshine and not the common ‘yellow’ spectrum light made by halogen bulbs for more natural color rendition of skin lesions. Our LED lighting also uses minimal battery power and will run for months on a single set of C cell batteries with normal use. Re-chargable C cells also work well with our Dermatoscope and will run for months between charges. Our dermatoscope is built from Chrome Plated Brass which lets for a beautiful finish with extreme durability. NO RISK ensure: We back this Dermatoscope with LIFETIME WARRANTY and a no questions asked 60 day money back ensure. Compare to the Reister Dermascope that sells for over 350. Exceptional Quality at cheap Prices it is our Mission.

Compare with similar products:

3x Ultra Bright LED Handheld Magnifier with 5x Bifocal Acrylic Lens Large Viewing Area (3.5" in Diameter)

Professional Quality Magnifying Lenses Made LED_Derm of scratch tolerant, shatterproof very clear lenses intended for people with low vision, seniors, hobbyists and professionals. The Perfect Lens For Any Task The 3X magnifying lens with 5x Bifocal is ideal for reading and inspection, it’s perfect for jewelry assessment, electronic fix, and examining very small texts, pictures, and objects. Light-Weighted Bring It When You Travel Light-weighted design, ideal for long reading time and conveniently take it wherever you go. Scratch tolerant Design like no others The magnifying lens will never touch surface because the special scratch tolerant on the handle to avoid magnifying lens being scratched. Illuminate While You Magnify Equipped with 2 powerful, eco-friendly energy-economical LED lights fitted the handle. The lights supply an evenly lit looking at area, perfect for nighttime book reading and use in low light applications. The lights run on 2 AA batteries(not included); New set of batteries can last for months. Features of our LED Magnifier big 3. 5 Rimless magnifying lens 3X magnification with 5x bifocal lens for higher magnification. Optical grade magnifying lens for distortion free looking at 2 bright Eco-Friendly Energy economical LED lights may be used as a flashlight Scratch tolerant design, magnifying lens will never touch surface supported by a 100 No-annoyance, RISK FREE Money Back ensure Offered by MagniPros If you aren’t totally pleased with our magnifying glass we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Donegan LP5 Replacement Lens Plate for OptiVISOR, 2.25x Magnification, 8" Focal Length

The Donegan substitute lens plate for the OptiVISOR hands-free, headband binocular magnifier, has an optical-grade, acrylic lens ground and polished into a prismatic lens, and is available in many dioptric strengths which supply particular magnification power (X) at particular focal lengths, or distance from object. This magnifier enhances the size and resolution of an object or image, and is usually used for a range of applications like jewelry-making, watch-making, knitting, artwork, electronic inspection, book-reading, print inspection, and stamp-collecting.

Executive Handmade Magnifying Glass

A magnifying glass is a convex lens that can be used to produce a magnified image of an object. This beautiful handmade magnifying glass is constructed of real brass with a wooden handle. The handle is hand carved wood that’s stained with brass accents. A brass bezel holds the convex lens for a stylish look and design. The Executive Handmade Magnifying Glass will be perfect for an executive gift or desk accessory.

Colorino Talking Color Identifier Light Detector

This pocket-sized 2-in-1 unit is the ideal Color Identifier / Light Detector for the blind and colorblind. Discerns and obviously states the complete color spectrum of more than 150 shadings. Not just red, as an example, however pale red, light red, black red, also as acute red. Also detects the presence of light and indicates intensity and closeness by audio signal. Volume control; earphone jack and zippered carrying case. Unit measures: 4″ x 2″. Uses 2 AAA batteries, included. # 756220.

VoiLa Voiced Label Reader Spanish Voice Prompts

Transform all your printed product labels into voiced ones and make the world talk to you VoiLa Voiced Label Reader is a complete system intended to give the blind and those with low vision greater independence. VoiLa enables the user to record voiced labels and attach them to virtually any item in the home or office, then reads them back on demand for easy identification of the things. From medicine and vitamin bottles to canned food, from CDs and DVD’s to clothing, and everything in between – label everything and see how much easier daily living may be VoiLa, a MaxiAids exclusive, is a voice output bar code reader labeling system that consists of reusable labels that may be attached to objects, and a pen-shaped device with a sapphire lens or eye that reads the labels and plays back your pre-recorded messages distinctive to each code, recognizing the item for you in your voice. Labels are tactile, so they’re easy to find, and have an sticky backing for affixing to objects. They may be sewn or taped to objects, or simply hung from them. Record up to 250 voiced labels. The kit will include labels numbered 1 to 50. Extra sets of 50 (up to 250) can be bought individually. Included in your VoiLa kit are: one scanning pen, instructional cassette, labels numbered 1-50, attachment accessories (rubber bands, Velcro strips, magnets and zip ties) and 2 AA batteries. FEATURES & plans: – Voice prompts in Spanish – Easy 2-button operation – Pen Functions:..

VISIO 22 Desktop 2.8x60x Magnifier 7 Colors vs NEW 5V LED_Derm pricing

When your eyesight begins to fail and your glasses aren’t enough anymore, reading becomes a tremendous challenge. This is where the VISIO Desktop Magnifier may help, giving you back your all-important independence. Featuring advanced European technology, the VISIO 22 desktop CCTV magnifier gives the extra magnification you need, allowing a crisp, clear picture so you may be able to read mail, magazines and books, and view family photos more easily. The VISIO 22 electronic magnifier lets you to magnify both printed text and objects and display them in full color or your choice of 7 hi-contrast alternative color mixes to enhance the looking at experience. Major FEATURES: – big 22-in. TFT widescreen monitor – Crisp, clear picture at the press of a button – Energy-saving LED illuminated screen – Intuitively operated buttons with clear markings – Function keys are located for easy reach right on the front of the magnifier – Easy to use – just switch it on and VISIO is now prepared to use – Complete standard functionality – Space-saving design – Aesthetically pleasing, stylish aluminum look Place your papers and objects on the XY-table and Visio magnifies them on a widescreen monitor. Size, contrast and light may be adjusted to match your needs. All the controls are mounted at the bottom of the screen for easy access, they’re big and logical. For hard reading material like newspapers and receipts the VISIO electronic magnifier can improve the text making it clearer. Thin fonts and handwriting may also be made clearer by fattening out the lines without influencing the background. VISIO 22 is the standard model with 4 buttons and VISIO 22-PLUS has 6 buttons and offers more false color mixes. An super-thin reading table gives easy motion and prevents accidental twisting. There’s lots of space between the camera and the reading table allowing you to comfortably turn the bigger pages of a magazine or a book. The VISIO 22 des.

Aquos Handheld Portable TouchScreen Video Magnifier and OCR Reader

The Aquos Handheld Magnifier is a movable touch screen video magnifier that allows you to easily switch from live magnification to correct full page OCR that will change text-to-speech – decide from English and other many languages with the capability to enable 2 active languages at one time on the device. The Aquos handheld magnifier features a large five-inch display screen with fitted LED light for easy looking at, also as some number of high contrast looking at modes. Magnify text up to 10x in live mode and up to 30x in OCR mode. Switch from live magnification to OCR mode with just one touch, and in OCR mode you may be able to play, pause, rewind and forward as the full page of text is obviously read back to you. For extra convenience, each Aquos Handheld Magnifier comes with a free grip case, fitted fold out reading stand and charger, and a 1-Year maker’s Warranty. Movable folding OCR scanning stand for easy full page catch maximizes the full-page text-to-speech functionality of your Aquos magnifier and OCR reader and is available individually (MaxiAids Item Number 357233) Features: Magnification up to 10X in live mode and 30X in OCR mode; Talk back menu; False color alternatives; Intuitive touch navigation; correct full page OCR; capability to save and load photos and papers; different reading alternatives; FREE Grip case, fitted fold out reading stand & charger plans: Dimensions: 5. 16 x 2. 64 x 0. 39 inches; Weight: 4. 97 oz (141 g); Display: 5. 0 inches; Resolu..

Eschenbach 2.9X Hand Held Magnifier vs NEW 5V LED_Derm review

The Aplanatic lens, a proprietary design of ESCHENBACH, offers the best optics available in magnifiers. The aplanatic lens is made of a high-quality PXM lightweight lens system composed of two plano-convex lenses that give a obviously defined, distortion-free image. Due to edge-to-edge distortion free optics, this lens design is particularly useful for patients with macular degeneration. Features: Magnification: 2. 9x. Diopter: 7. 4D. Lens Size: 75 mm. Lens Type: Model: 2668-75. Case Material: Leather. Mount: High Grade Plastic. Lens Material: PXM with Cera-Tec covering.

OxyLED M10 UltraEfficient Desk ClampMount 90 SMD LED SpringArm Magnifying Lamp Magnifier

Product Description The OxyLED M10 is a bright, and easy-to-use LED magnifying lamp perfect for any jobs requiring precision. It features a professional optical glass lens, with 90 bright and energy-saving LEDs and an adjustable structure. It’s the perfect friend for professionals, hobbyists, craftsmen, tailors, beauticians, needing to do in depth work or magnify reading material. Plans: Input: 100-240V AC 50/60HZ Rated power: 7W LED quantity:90Pcs LED lifespan: 50000hrs Lens: 5D optical glass Package will include: 1 X M10 magnifying lamp 1 X User manual 1 X Warranty card Seller Warranty: – 30-Day Money Back ensure – 12 Month substitute Warranty – Lifetime Support ensure.

ToolUSA Small Size Folding Magnifier With 5x Power Magnification: MG7589 : ( Pack of 1 Pc ) vs NEW 5V LED_Derm price

This is an excellent textile magnifier with it is fixed center point, it makes ift easier to do a thread count. Distance markers on all four sides of the base to mark the length, and a 5x power magnifier to be sure that you do not miss a thing. Unit tands 2 inches tall x 1-1/2 inches large, and folds down to 2 x 1 3/4 x 3/4 inches Small And Lightweight, This Magnifier 2 Inches Tall X 1-1/2 Inches large Distance Markers On All Four Sides Of The Base, Plus A Red Pointer In Fixed Position 1 Inch Lens With 5x Power Magnificaion-perfect For Fabric exam Folds Down To Only 2 X 1-3/4 X 3/4 Inches-weighs Only 1. 6 Ounces Ideal For Jeweler, Printer Or Textile Thread Count- Great Size For Easy Travel BLACK FRIDAY Specials -Cyber Monday & Holiday Deal.

Doc.Royal High Brightness,3W,AC/DC optional Surgical Headlight medical headlamp Color Temperature: 6000 K Using for:Ent, Dental,Stomatology, Plastic S

Feature: Certification:CE Model Number:KD-202A-3, Illuminate:25000lux, Color Temperature:6000k Net weight:460g LED bulb powe:LED 3w Lamp Life:50000h Packing Size:205190125mm, DC Time:DC 4 hours Charging Time: 5 hours —battery : 1 part, —Using:Ent, Dental,Stomatology, Gynecology, Brain operation, Plastic operation, The light spot is adjustable at 400mm place, ranging from 10mm to 110mm The headlight have imported light,and high light, it’s convenient and safety. When the battery can be used up, it may be connected with external power supply, then the headlight can continue to work while charging. It support large voltage form 95v -240v, each country can use. It may be used with our loupes. The warranty is one year. If some merchandise have to fix, it’s free while under warranty. When it out of the warranty, buyer just needs to pay for the substitute assembly unit cost. P. S. Excluding disposables, e. G. Bulbs, single-use articles, rechargeable battery, and customers should bear the freight charge caused by the repairing The ensure covers irreproachable workmanship, on condition of the correct use of the equipment and the observation of the operating information.

Magna Typoscope 1.5X Yellow Lucite Magnifier vs NEW 5V LED_Derm reviews

Make reading easier and more enjoyable The 1. 5X Yellow Magna Typoscope combines some number of features into one useful tool. As a 1. 5X magnifier made of translucent yellow Lucite that intensifies black type, while simultaneously acting as a place holder, it is the perfect reading aid – particularly for those with low vision. Simply lay the Magna Typoscope on any reading material and instantly get 1. 5X magnification on a full line of type. The translucent yellow color intensifies black type for greater visibility. The 5/8 large x 5 high magnifier slot acts as a guide to assist you concentrate on the line you’re reading and the 8 large x 5 high black plastic outer frame more decreases distraction by blocking out other printed lines on the page. The Magna Typoscope may also be used as a useful paperweight. Mat/Frame is black plastic. Bar Magnifier is clear and yellow opaque Lucite. Weight: 2. 8 oz.

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  1. Carson 60X-100X MicroMax LED Lighted Pocket Microscope (MM-200)
  2. Chauvet Brandt Ultra-Violet Diagnostic (Wood’s) Lamp, Lightweight
  3. Energizer L92BP-Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Battery (4-Pack), Black
  4. 3Gen DermLite DL100 Dermatology Dermascope
  5. 3Gen DermLite III DL3 Polarized & Fluid Dermascope
  6. Firefly DE300 Polarizing Handheld USB Digital Dermascope/Dermatoscope/Microscope
  7. 3GEN DL1 Epiluminescence Dermlite Dermatoscope
  8. 3Gen DermLite Carbon Dermascope Microscope

Models to consider:
GN-33-Parent MA-016LT-30-Parent FC-MG2XRMMB6901-4X a14030600ux0026
7513B 26502-LEDAumax HD-22 PT 2U22080 A-813
CS0264 V-1-S 002(Y)SG6623168970 H9695B004KOW4J2 LCD-Magnifier-43
LP-3-10x 5RCD5MM2020 P-903PEB-4.3-A BND17845LG
O163459 CV-11X/3LP47995 HL-1WPBB11615 LPE_40X_LED
B00VUFZDV0 26505-SIVLT-30-Parent HHM-151074-0117255LG CGF25
16346LG 2.5xxTitaniumRDG05 P-0014RMI-6913 FireKingdomhjn70
D-205 C9628-69112BNDMC300-DG JB7403A18058X V388-1
26501-DSG JB5463ML-026 GR-VKG3-37P8HWMPN-3651.00-0 AM-16
RDG05 DM-3.5JB7403 MB6901-4XML-44-P FK101075
62400-5-W 26502-LED26507-SBK LT-30-ParentY40-81100-01? LP 5
HHM-151074-01 B00VUGV7Y6IL-0300 AM-16G5071351 16346LG
TIT15038 26501-DSGLP47995 WAL025973PT 2 362530L(29)
LT-30-Parent MG007HH5H11-002-2 MG-887452 BLACK Aumax HD-22
26505-ESD DT787DDST 26BK M-4+JB5463 LE 7
Topnisus-TN022 L3200AD-205 MRVE19A-VACP-60 GIHS-1
RDG05 A18058XJH-01 PS4285TIHWMPN-3651.00-0 2.5xxTitanium
B00VUFZDV0 7426 BLKa12051500ux0136 C-3059LPM-C35F-3807 SZ-2
BMBA0001-3 P-903Y40-81100-01? PS4285TIAFDSPRBAL819007 L3200A
CGF25 PT 2a13051500ux0696 MRVE19A-VAMG007HH5 B00VUGV4DA
LPM-C35F-3807 26505-SIVPT 7 5RCD5V388-1 GIHS-1
CM250RD&SZ-1 FireKingdomhjn70MG-88 JE-UIF6-SB91A18058X OD-10-Parent
FK101075 FH-2526507-SBK CP-60SGF25 W59955ML
JH-01 a13032000ux0278D-205 17255LGDDST 26BK B00VUFW9IU
VTMG6 62400-5-WP-0014R JB5463M-4+ c0141
LFL026109 RDG05BB11615 BNDMC300-DGGN-33-Parent KFL026029
KT01 IL-0300H9695 SKUSKD1256249MI-6910 MG011TZ


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