April 23, 2017

America Emergency (Ready) actually has good reviews


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  • 1 box of waterproof matches, 1 bio-hazard bag, 6 pre-moistened towelette, 1 pocket tissue pack, 2 knit caps, 1 car help sign
  • This fits your .
  • Convenient back pack, Carry in your car, US Coast Guard Approved Water and Food
  • 1 wool Blanket, 1 emergency power station: flashlight. Am/FM radio/siren/phone charger, 1 3-in-1 whistle/compass/thermometer, 2 emergency ponchos, 2 pairs of hand warmers, 2 body warmers
  • Ready America Grab N’ Go Emergency Kit, 2-Person – Cold Weather Survival Kit contains 1 food bar (2400 calories, 5 year shelf life), 12 water pouches (4.225 Ounces, 5 year shelf life), 2 survival Blanket
  • Dig out of Snow, Radio, Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

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SURVCO Adjustable 550 Para Cord Watch Band – Survival, First Aid, Apocalypse, Zombie

SURVCO offers this Patent-Pending 550 Para Cord substitute Watch Band that’s easily adjustable from 7″ to 9. 5″, so one size fits most. Also, featuring roughly 120″ of usable, 7-strand, military grade 550 cord, this substitute Watch Band maintains functionality while 550 cord is being utilized. All other 550 cord watch bands cease to work as a watch band if you must use the 550 cord. If you find yourself in a situation that requires you to use the available cordage for tactical or life-saving reasons, just remove the 550 para cord from the watch band and your watch stays on your wrist. When you’re back in civilization, just replace the 550 cord with new cord. If you decide, change colors. Have fun with it SURVCO is a disabled veteran owned and operated business. The things offered by SURVCO are intended with survival in mind. We offer many patent-pending, cutting edge innovations to the tactical, survival and prepper world. Thanks for picking SURVCO.

Master Flame – Fire Retardant – 4 Gallon Case

A Four Gallon Case of Master Flame will treat roughly 1900-2000 square feet. Great for most projects where you have to treat a bigger regions. Master Flame is a Class ‘A’ fire retardant, non-toxic, eco-friendly and easy to use on a range of materials. Master Flame forms a thermal insulation barrier that prevents dangerous flames from spreading. Master Flame also inhibits the development of toxic hydrocarbon smoke. Applications: Use to treat absorbent materials and surfaces like drapes, curtains, decorations, uniforms, clothing, wood, pre-construction materials, furnishings, carpeting, packing materials, motor home interiors, holiday decorations, storage boxes, and other materials for extra safety against fire. Just, if it can soak into the object, it’ll help inhibit flames. Organic materials are best. Plastics, Styrofoam, polystyrenes and alike materials aren’t well protected with Master Flame. It may also be mixed 50/50 with latex paint to inhibit flames on interior walls from spreading. Directions: Master Flame is easy to use. Just spray Master Flame on the item or surface being treated. In bulk applications, you can also dip the things and let to drip dry. In all applications, let Master Flame to totally penetrate the item or surface. Let material to dry totally. If you’re using Master Flame to fire retard clothing and other fabrics, and plan to wash these things at some point, it’s suggested that Master Flame be reapplied after the 3rd washing, as some of the product’s usefulness will be diminished caused by washing. When mixing Master Flame with latex paint, mix equal parts of Master Flame and paint.

Oumers First Aid Kit Medical Bag Car Home Survival

Why Oumers: Oumers INC. Primarily engaged in the development and export of Smart Gagdet, bluetooth & wireless merchandise, and other High-tech electronic merchandise. Merchandise of high quality, stylish design. Oumers has generally adhered to ” High quality merchandise, good buyer experience” business reasons. Dedicated to you with high-quality merchandise and quality services. Plans: as well as: 4 X Safety pin 3cm 4 X Iodine Prep Pad 4 X clean gauze swab(5x5cm) 1 X Plastic Tweezers/Forceps 1 X Bandage Triangulaire 9696136cm 1 X scissors 1 X PBT bandage 1 X Elastic Bandages 1 X Non-woven tape 1. 25x450cm (1roll) 10 X Alcohol Pad 10 X Band-Aids.

Physicianscare Non-Drowsy Sinus Tablets, 10 mg, 50 Count

Compare to the active ingredients in Sudafed PE and SAVE. PhysiciansCare medications contain the same active ingredients as the leading national brands. Coated, easy to swallow tablets are filled in a perforated dispenser box to let easy access. Available in tamper obvious, individual amount packets.

Industrial First Aid Kit for 150 People, 1217 Pieces/Kit

Heavy-responsibility steel cabinet is proper for a professional office, still lasting enough for an industrial or manufacturing setting. Wall-mountable with handle (mounting hardware not included). Complete with 1st aid supplies to treat minor and big injuries and address personal discomfort needs. Will include antiseptics, ointments, sticky bandages, gloves, implements and more.

First Aid Kit 3 Shelf With Restaurant Fill Complete vs Ready America 2-Person pricing

Three-counter Cabinet. 15-3? 4 x 16-3? 4 x 5-5? 8 The ideal cabinet for small businesses, shipping and receiving departments or another remote places of your building. Convenient door pouches and a large variety of product will give you confidence in your capability to manage emergencies. Ideal for small to medium industrial work settings. Heavy-responsibility, 3 counter kit is perfect for industrial shops or restaurants with 25-50 employees. Holds extra cold packs and burn treatments. Dimensions: 15” x 16” x 5 1/2””, 3 shelves. Baked white enamel, metal kit with door pouch for extra 1st aid things. MEETS OSHA REQUIRE KIT holds 100 Antacid Tablets 100 ache break Tablets 100 Cold break Tablets 1 Gauze Roll 3 inch 1 Cohesive Bandage 1 inch 1 Cohesive Bandage 2 inch 100 Plastic Bandage Strips 3/4 x 3 100 Detectable Fabric Bandage Strips 7/8 x 3 40 Detectable Knuckle Bandages 40 Detectable Fingertip Bandages 25 Burn Gel 1 Cold Pack big 2 Cold Pack Small 2 Eye Pad 2 Pair Exam Gloves 10 Ammonia Inhalants 1 Eye Wash 4 oz 1 Burn Spray 1 Cold Spray 144 Fingercots 25 1st Aid/Burn Cream 1 Blood Stopping Bandage 1 CPR Mask 1 1st Aid Guide 1 Waterjel Dressing 2 x 6 1 Waterjel Dressing 4 x 4 1 Triangular bandage 10 Butterfly Closures 10 Triple Antibiotic 1 Scissor 1 Tweezer 10 Non Adhering Pads Review Our correct Pricing, Photo, And Description Policy.

Lightning X EMS/EMT Medic First Responder Ambulance X-Tuff Oxygen and Airway Trauma Jump Bag

Super sized medical bag ideal for EMS agencies, Rescue squads and Paramedics Will hold one “D” sized oxygen cylinder in major compartment Divided mesh pockets in major hold for oxygen delivery devices Zippered compartment on flap big front and rear pockets stretch complete length of bag Side pockets for fast access to frequently-used things Padded shoulder strap has reflective sewn right into the strap Elastic loops for loose tools strengthened bottom to prevent abraision Extra big zippers and hardwear Embroidered “Star of Life” logo 360 degree reflective striping Dimensions: 28″x13″x 12″ Colors Available: Red, Florescent Orange, Navy Blue Top 8 Mesh panel holders line the inside of this bag 2 big mesh panel holders with zippers on inside top of bag with zipper & 5 storage pouches endlessly adjustable instrument loops & room for an O2 cylinder Front 4″ x 27″ Zippered compartment & 10 instrument loops Rear Another 4″ x 27″ Zippered compartment & 10 instrument loops Double pull zippered side pockets Padded Shoulder Straps Retroreflective Tape for visibility 27 in. By 12 in. By 10 inches high.

MobileAid Sports First Aid Station (31550) vs Ready America 2-Person review

Contents: fast-answer Pockets: 1-1st Aid guide book 1-Writing tablet 1-Pen 2-Pair vinyl gloves 1-Scissor utility shears 1-CPR filtershield 2-Face mask/eyeshield 2-protecting gown 1-adaptable stretcher 2-Disposable sheet 2-Splint board/pad medium (12″x6″) 1-Instruction/stock sheet 1-Waterproof document pouch 1-1st Aid flag/pole collapsible fast-answer Module A-Protection, Instruments, Sanitation: 1-1st Aid instruction map 1-Bandage scissors 1-Splinter forceps 1-Kelley forceps 1-Flashlight (penlight) 4-AA batteries 2-Pair vinyl gloves 1-Sunblock (SPF 30+4 oz) 1-bug repellant (2 oz) 2-Emergency blankets 1-Hand sanitizer (4 oz) 12-Bio-hazard bag 10-Instant towels in a tube 25-Aspirin 2 5-grain tablets fast-answer Module B-Wound Cleaning & Treatment: 1-Hydrogen peroxide solution (4oz spray) 2-Sting & bite swab 2-Eye wash 1 oz. Clean 3-Pair vinyl gloves 3-Emergency water pouches (4oz) 4-Hydrocortisone 1 1/8oz foil pack 6-Burn gel – 1/8 oz foil pack 10-1st Aid cream 1 gm foil pack 10-PVP iodine swabs 1/2cc each 10-Wound cleaner towelette 12-Cotton tip applicator 3″ fast-answer Module C-Wound Dressing and Bandaging: 1-Compress bandage 4″ with telfa pad 1-Bloodstopper bandage 1-Triangular bandage 40″x40″x56″ w/safety pins 1-sticky tape 1″x5 yds 2-Waterproof sticky tape 1/2″x5 yds 2-2″x6″ gauze bandage 2-Co-Flex bandage 2″x5 yds 4-Eye pads/sticky strips 6-Non-adherent pad 2″x3″ 6-Gauze clean-wrap bandage 2″ 8-Gauze pads 3″x3″ 12 ply 10-Plastic 2″x3″ patch bandage 10-Woven knuckle bandage 16-Bandage strip 1″x3″ 16-Butterfly closure (medium) fast-answer Module D-big Wound Dressing and Bandaging: 2-ABD add pad 5″x9″ 3-Cloth tape 1-1/2×10 yds 2-Cold pack 2-Elastic gauze bandage 1-Elastic rolled gauze 2″ clean 2-Elastic bandage 2″x4. 5 yds 2-Elastic bandage 4″x4. 5 yds 10-Sam finger splints fast-answer Module E-Hydration & Cold Application 3-Emergency water pouches 4-Cold pack.

doTERRA Family Physician Kit

D? TERRA’s Family Physician Kit is a group of ten nurturing essential oils, as well as six single oils and four oil blends. The stunning box will include info for using the oils. The kit will include 5 ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue, Breathe, Digestzen, and On Guard to help families address a mass of health issues.

Adventure Medical Kit Marine 400 vs Ready America 2-Person price

Marine 400. Group Size: 1-6. Trip length: Day Trips. For close to shore, saltwater or freshwater boating. Big upgrades from the Marine 300 include: Laerdal Face Shield, triangular bandage, clean eye wash, also as bigger amounts of medications and wound care things. Medications for: allergic reactions; motion illness; aches; pains; and fever. Reflective striping on outside of kit aid in finding this kit in low light conditions. Waterproof inner bags keep materials dry. Laerdal. Weight: 2lb 3oz. Size: 8. 5″ x 6. 5″ x 5. 5″. Ideal uses: Coastal Saltwater Boating. Diving. Family and Pontoon Boats. Inland Lake and River Cruising. Small to Medium Motor and Sailing Boats. Bandage Materials. 20 Bandage, sticky, Fabric, 1″ x 3″. 2 Bandage, sticky, Fabric, 2″ x 4. 5″. 10 Bandage, sticky, Fabric, Fingertip. 10 Bandage, sticky, Fabric, Knuckle. 2 Bandage, compliant Gauze, 2″. 1 Bandage, Stockinette Tubular, 1″ x 4″. 5 Dressing, Gauze, clean, 4″ x 4″, Pkg. /2. 4 Dressing, Non-Adherent, clean, 3″ x 4″. 2 Eye Pad, clean. Bleeding. 2 Gloves, Nitrile (Pair). 1 information, Easy Care Bleeding. 1 shock Pad, 5″ x 9″. Blister / Burn. 2 Aloe Vera Gel with Lidocaine, 6 ml. 1 Moleskin, Pre-Cut & Shaped. CPR. 1 CPR Face Shield, Laerdal. Fracture / Sprain. 1 Bandage, Elastic with Velcro, 3″. 1 Bandage, Triangular. 2 Cold Pack. 1 information, Easy Care Fracture & Sprain. 1 SAM Splint, 4″ x 36″.

n Preparedness 7202 215 Piece Two Person Backpack Preparedness Kit

Give comfort and security to the important people in your life, get peace of mind knowing that you are well prepared for any emergency. The kit comes in a tough backpack that is tested by an independent lab to ensure rigorous adherence to allowable EPA safety level. Made by American Preparedness, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business and provider of emergency kits for 1st responders since 1981. Contents: 2 Datrex Food packets – 12 food bars (5-year counter life, natural ingredients, accepted by the U. S. Coast Guard and Canadian Department of Transportation). 20 Datrex Drinking Water pouches (5-year life, accepted by the U. S. Coast Guard and Canadian Department of Transportation). 2 Thermal blankets – full size 84″ x 52″ reflects up to 90% of body heat. 4 Body/hand warmers – 12 hours, air activated. 2 Ponchos. 4 Light Sticks – glow 12 hours, non-toxic. 2 Flashlights and batteries. 2 Whistles. 1 Deck playing cards. 6 Trash bags. 1 Knife. 1 Box waterproof matches. 4 One gallon zip bags. 5 Small bags. 1 Toothpaste. 2 Toothbrushes. 1 Pair leather gloves. 1 5′ x 7′ Tarpaulin. 1 Pry bar. 1 AM/FM radio and batteries. 1 50 foot rope (3/8″ Sisal). 1 Color book and 4 crayons. 1 Two gallon collapsible water container. Cleanliness Supplies: 4 Tissue packs, 12 Towellettes, 2 biohazard waste bags, 6 Sanitary pads, 4 N-95 dust mask. 1st Aid: 50 3/4″ x 3″ sticky bandages, 10 1″ x 3″ sticky bandages, 1 Knuckle bandage, 1 Fingertip bandage, 2 2″x4″ Elbow & knee bandages, 2 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ Patch bandages, 5 3/8″ x 1 1- 1/2″ Junior bandages, 2 Butterfly wound closures, 8 2″ x 2″ gauze pads, 2 3″ -3″ gauze pads, 1 5″ x 9″ shock pad, 2 Aspirin tablets, 2 Ibuprofen tablets, 2 Non-aspirin tablets, 10 Cleansing pads, 9 Antiseptic wipes, 2 Antibiotic ointment packs, 1 1/2″ x 5 yards 1st aid tape roll, 1 4″ x 5″ Instant cold cold compress, 1 clean eye pad, 1 6″ x 11/16″ Finger splint, 10 3″ Cotton tipped applicators, 1 #2 Safety pin, 2 vinyl gloves, 1 4″ Tweezers, 1 40 Page 1st Aid guide.

Cramer Decker Meret RECOVER O2 Response Bag – TS vs Ready America 2-Person reviews

The all new RECOVERTM PRO EMS was intended to easily transport your oxygen supply and quickly access the tools you have to save lives. The RECOVERTM PRO EMS can secure an M9 (255 liters), an D (425 liters), a “Jumbo D” (623 liters) aluminum oxygen cylinder, a 425 L composite, or a 623 L composite oxygen cylinder with the regulator installed. Using EZ-Grab pull bars, two major panels easily open to reveal your oxygen system and supplies. Dual full length mesh pockets can accommodate masks and tubing or a BVM, when a side panel can support a TS-ReadyTM DEEP STUFF pocket or two STICKIT STRIPS. This bag is the foundation for a system of TS-ReadyTM 1st responder bags that are interchangeable, enabling the 1st responder to attach extra, optional modules to the bag’s sides based on the 1st aid provider’s prerequisites. Dual outside zippered pockets with interior elastic mesh pockets offer extra storage for smaller things. Removable buckled loops let you to attach the bag to the side of an ambulance cot for patient transport. A new system of grommet holes lets all compartments to be ventilated while the bag is totally closed. This bag is ergonomically intended for use as a backpack or shoulder bag or briefcase style. Hideaway adjustable, padded, contoured yoke backpack strap harness system easily distributes weight for maximum comfort Adjustable sternum and waist belt, lumbar support TS-ReadyTM hideaway zippers for optional side modules TS-ReadyTM for up to 1 removable Deep-Stuff Pocket or 2 removable Stick Straps big EZ-Pull pullers let easy access big interior mesh compartments Dual big external zipper pockets with mesh lined compartments hard-Grip, big major carry handle very lasting 1680/ 1200 Denier coated TPE, water and stain tolerant, All compartments have air dry capability Optional shoulder strap with metal hardware bag doesn’t include contents shown in lower image.

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  2. Urban Survival Bug Out Bag, Choose from 2 or 4 Person Emergency Disaster Kit, Emergency Zone Brand
  3. Wise Food 5 Day Survival Backpack
  4. Deluxe 2 Person Perfect Survival Kit for Emergency Disaster Preparedness for Earthquake, Hurricane, Fire, Evacuations, Auto, Home and Family
  5. Emergency Zone 840 2 Urban Survival Bug Out Bag Emergency Disaster Kit, 2 Person, Black
  6. Safe T Proof 2 Person/3 Day Grab and Go BackPack Emergency Survival Kit
  7. Ready America 70385 Deluxe Emergency Kit 4 Person Backpack
  8. Ready America 3000 The Survival Box

Models to consider:
818M1 999207N1001-RC-0103 03W0202XL126000C SAT-4500
FAO-428 ADC-01PFAO247OP FA-TK8TB45-OE8C 225-U
SL77680 734M1FR-MF-5 10480BKSR4P SS-EMT1
FC 8025 ABO-091JOJ8162 JOJ8274999208N RK8102
FAC100 17137-ERBLUTR24BK LDS-KEX40329B 3300FSI/LG
RS-08-COMBOKIT 248-O/FAOAM-FA/CAB3 15-7611007000-P700S-00767 FAE-7006
FC 4000 500-223-U/FAOACM14303 BCD3Z8 BatteryQA238 MS-B3351K
RAD64058006 20EMR1BKBKit23 10-OUT-02012Z019823 STP-SL-10-BR-35
ACM50000 AID-520-FRZH20G 20BF4BRAD64058004 SKBP2DD
6000C FCP01636841K MS75155GSV-D2SVEO QM-710
999207N 1002MD2073F 20EMR1BKBKit23 248-O/FAO
JOJ8162 10-OUT-02012FA-462 FAO-428SL77680 OB353
223-AN 240-AN20BF4B 10W0701AID-520-FR HIMCONF6006
260-U/FAO SS-EMT1223-G ACM1430303W0202XL12 SSTS001
220-O 700S-00767CC-ST8P FAC100FA140 SKX2—–
734ANSI KSR4P10480B FC 802545-OE8C 520-FR
734M1 SAT-4500ABO-091 JOJ8162RK8102 818M1
228CP 10-OUT-02012LED130 999208NGSV-D2SVEO MS-75163
ACM14303 RAD64058006636841K STP-SL-10-BR-35SL77680 03W0202XL12
LHS-8161 QM-710SKBP2DD K206-2054294AAA ADC-01P
RK8102 1001-RC-0103FA-462 FR-MF-5LUTR24BK 818M1
260-U/FAO M3101999207N AM-FA/CAB3240-AN STP-QS-900-PY-00
SS-EMT1 3300FSI/LG807M1 MS75155FAC100 223-AN
6000C ZH250CPLT-K100 JOJ8274JOJ8162 HIKE03
223-G 220-OFAO247OP ZH20G1001 (DMi KT MS-B3351K
1050-RC-0103 SAT-4500M5014 ABO-091FCP01 FA140


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