April 23, 2017

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  • Application field It is widely used for family healthcare, beauty salon, ophthalmology and stomatology department, gift shop, etc. It can be used for examination of ear canal, oral cavity and other physical conditions. Warm Tips: 1. This product is not a medical device. 2. This product is suitable for people above 14, and young children should use it under parental guidance. 3. Please connect the handle before powering on, and turn off the power before unplugging the transmission cable.
  • Useful Visual Inspection Instrument.High quality mini otoscope. Invaluable for everyday ear, nose, throat and Oral use.Perfect for doctors, dentists, nurses, students, and in home use. This product is an essential tool for each family, each classroom in school, Pet Hospital.
  • 5 mm LENS Compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP SP2/2000 32/64 bit, Mac OS X 10.5 or above, Linux. For Mac, please simply use Photo Booth or FaceTime to open the device, no driver or additional software needed. Measurement function is only available on Windows based operating systems, including length, arc, rectangle, distance measurement and etc.diameter, 0.3 megapixel. Suitable for Features Endoscopes, ear oral, nasal endoscopic observation, ear mirror, nasal mirror.
  • This fits your .
  • Outer camera diameter is only 5 mm, flexible tube length is 90 mm. It was protected by strong, light, skinny and environmental friendly aluminum alloy body.Snap shot and video recording functions. Photo format: JPGE. Photo Capture Resolution: 640 X 480, 320 X 240. Video Capture Resolution: 320 X 240. Video format: WMV for Windows systems, AVI for Mac OS. Maximum display speed 30f/s.
  • Powered by 2.0 USB. Adjustable LED light. Auto white balance and auto brightness balance.Magnification: 100X fixed (combined optical and digital zoom, 50X is calculated on 21″ monitor ). Focal distance from 4 mm to 7 mm.
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Package as well as: USB borescope X 1, CD X 1, Ruler for measurement calibration X 1 Packing Gross weight: 230 g, Scope Net weight: 77 g, Notice:For PC users, download Supereyes V3. 5 to get full compatibility with Win 8 32/64 bit. If you have any problems with CD, like no CD-ROM available, contact us, we will tell you how to download new software. Magnification: 100 times fixed Sensor: 0. 3MP (real hardware) Operating System: Windows XP SP2 or above, as well as Win 8 32/64 bit, Mac OS ? 10. 5 or above, Linux Object distance: about 1cm concentrate type: fixed concentrate Interface USB 2. 0 Max Size: 5 mm lens, 125 mm long tube, 120 mm long handle Light resources: LED illumination (adjustable by control wheel) OSD language: English, Chinese, German, Japanese Software: Supereyes Software with measurement and calibration function For Mac, use Photo Booth, FaceTime or QuickTime For Linux, use web camera software to open it Snapshot by software/hardware Still image catch resolution: max 640 X 480 Photo Format: JPEG Video: High compression, 11 hours long Video catch Resolution: max 640 X 480 Video Format: WMV Display Speed: Maximum 30 f/s do not copy MagiconLLC’s product description and photo, all rights reserved. Connect to a computer. Run a program from the included CD. It may be bend for more than 90 degree, like 120 degree. You may use alcohol wipes to resterilizes it. It can works with Mac OS X 10. 5 and above. You may be able to use PhotoBooth, Face Time, fast Time to open it directly. Connect to a computer. Run a program from the included CD. The camera head is waterproof, the others part is not. 15cm from camera head to manage base You may use alcohol wipes to resterilizes it.

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LUYIDE 3 in 1 Camera 180 Degree Fish Eye +0.65X Wide Angle + Macro Clip On for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Phones Flat Camera Sliver

Description: Clip size: 5. 3 J-Y01-1 1. 5 1. 5 cm. Features: 1. High clearness: Made of high-class glass,3 in 1 phone lens(180 fish eyes +large angle +Macro lens),Assures a higher refractive index, ensuing in truer colours and higher resolution. 2. High Quality: Professional HD Lens with advanced lanthanide optical glass give you clear shots every time,decreasing glare and reflection. Top-grade aluminum construction increases the durability of the product and let the lens kit be your partner of photography. 3. Easy to Use Clip-on Lens: removable and movable clamps with soft rubber, guarding against bumps and scratches on your phones. Easy to install and remove, clip on to all big smartphones and tablets with a single lens rear camera. 4. Common removable clamp design, making the mini lenses can work on most types of mobile phones whose camera lenses aren’t bigger than 13mm diameters, like iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other smart phones and Laptops. 5. The Fisheye lens offers you a large hemispherical image. The Macro lens for taking extreme close-up pictures of tiny objects in details. The large-angle lens projects a considerably big ranges, such group of people, buildings and landscape. Enjoy a great world 6. Well-matched with: common Brands. Package included:(Original packaging). 1 x 180Fish Eye Len. 1 x 0. 65X large Angle Len. 1 x Macro Len. 1 x Clip. 4 x Covers. 1 x Bag. 1 x Manual.

Saver Macro Extension Tube Ring For SONY E NEX-3 NEX-5N NEX-C3 NEX-5C Nex7

Description: 3 extension tubes – 9mm, 16mm, and 30mm very useful for macro photography. All-metal body gives maximum durability. No optical part in between (it assures not to downgrade your photo quality. ) The more tubes you add, the closer the concentrate and the greater the magnification. When using the extension ring with a NEX body, the camera should be set in the manual mode. This Macro Extension Tube set doesn’t preserve the auto diaphragm. You have to use manual concentrate and manual contact while shooting. Material: Metal (not plastic) Color : Black This extension tube consists of 5 parts: Camera Body Mount Adapter Lens Mount Adapter 9mm tube (Tube 1) 16mm tube (Tube 2) 30mm tube (Tube 3) Note: there aren’t electrical contacts in the extension tubes. Contact must be adjusted manually. Aperture control isn’t available if you use a lens which doesn’t let you to manually change the aperture (without an aperture ring). Compatable for:SONY E-mount Camera and Lens. There aren’t electrical contacts in the extension tubes. Contact must be adjusted manually. Aperture control isn’t available if you use a lens which doesn’t let you to manually change the aperture (without an aperture ring). We don’t propose to use E-mount lens directly with this extention tube. Sony E-mount lens couldn’t open the aperture unless it have electric connecting. The correct useage,connect with a lens adapter and mount a manual lens on the adapter. Package included: 1 Macro Extension Tube Set For Sony NEX.

Vision Engineering Objective Mantis Elite X6

Mantis systems add the looking at easy bench magnifiers with the high resolution and magnification benefits of eyepiece microscopes. The big looking at area gives maxium comfort and removes the exhaustion, eye, neck and back strain you may be able to get from using eyepiece scopes. Wearing safety or regular glasses are no problem. Your choice of magnification alternatives let you customize your system for any assembly, inspection or rework application. The Mantis Elite delivers the new in optical design and LED illumination, and boast a large array of applications. The Elite’s higher magnification, 25° head tilt capability, extra big field of view and long working distances make it a clear choice over conventional stereo microscopes. And it frees up both hands for intricate tasks that requires quality looking at and hand-eye coordination over a long timeframe. Features: Choice of counter-balanced swing arm or stable bench stand with dimmable cold, long-life true color LED illumination; fast move G-clamp base; cleanroom assembled and sealed for use in dirty environments; 9VDC external plug transformer power supply. Just The Facts: Model: Elite Objective Lenses: X6 Working Distance: 68mm Field of View: 23mm Lighting: 24 LEDs; 11,000 LUX.

baby Composer Pro II Sweet 35 Optic for Canon EF Accessory Bundle vs J-Y-01-1

Have unprecedented precision control over the “sweet spot” of concentrate in your selective concentrate photos with the Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Sweet 35 Optic available here with a Canon EF mount. This updated tool is totally well-matched with the established Optic exchange System and can use any of the many optics available. This variant improves upon the original Pro model by featuring a metal body also as an improved tilt function that varies from 0-15 in any direction. Bundled with it’s the Sweet 35, the widest focal length of any Lensbaby selective concentrate optic. This curved field optic differs from your standard lens by creating a spot of concentrate when tilted that may be manipulated in position by tilting the Composer and manipulated in size by manually changing the aperture from f/2. 5 to f/22. The optic also offers manual concentrate as close as 7. 5″ from your subject. Also, it has a 46mm filter thread also as an interior 12-blade diaphragm for extra smooth out-of-concentrate regions. Bundle will include: Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Sweet 35 Optic for Canon EF concentrate Camera Lens Cap Keeper concentrate DSLR Camera Accessories Bundle with Bag, Mini HDMI Cable, Cleaning Kit and Must Have Gear.

Generic Camera Mount 2X Eyepiece Relay for Sony Minolta AF DSLR

Product Feature:this item made for two part as picture show. This auction is for one high quality 1x C-mount Adapter Camera Digital Relay Lens with ‘AF confirm’ M42 lens to Minolta AF / Sony DSLR (alpha a100, a200, a350, a700 etc. ) body adapter and this auction with 2 adapters: 23. 2-30mm and 23. 2-30. 5mm,so it’ll fit 23. 2mm,30mm,30. 5mm microscope tube. High quality and bid it confident. Directed from factory,welcome wholesaler .

Saver Colorful Metal AF Macro Extension Tube Ring For Canon EOS EF EF-S vs Catchnew® 100X 5Mm J-Y01-1 pricing

Colorful Metal AF Macro Extension Tube Ring For Canon EOS EF EF-S IS Description: This Canon AF tube set holds three part tubes of different length. It couples perfectly with the camera’s auto diaphragm. With cameras of TTL, AE(Through-the-lens, auto contact) type it gives perfect coupling except when joint with electronic flash AE unit. Specification: Type: AC-MC Canon Extension Tube Ring Connecting Ring Material: Metal Color: Blue,Red,Gold (White one, click here.) fitted: gold-plated electronic contact suited for: all Canon EF EF-S and IS series lenses Features: Auto-concentrate function can operate. Transform your Lens into a Macro Lens. It moves the lens from the film or digital sensor. The extension tube doesn’t influence image quality. Can rest guaranteed that the use of telephoto lens on. The closer the concentrate is, the greater the magnification. Standard configuration, strong versatility, is suited for EF-S bayonet. May be taken in accordance with the have to use alone or used in any mix. It may be transformed into common lens: “kind of macro” lens without loss of autofocus and metering function. Wanted Magnification: 13mm Tube 21mm Tube 31mm Tube 13mm + 21mm Tube 21mm + 31mm Tube 13mm + 31mm Tube 13mm + 21mm + 31mm Tube Technical Parameter: auto Close Shot Adapter Ring Lens concentrating Distance Reading Image Magnification Video Coverage Lens Front To Object Distance contact reimbursement Coefficient 13mm Infinity 0. 5m 0. 24 0. 35 10×15 6. 9×10. 3 21 16 1. 5 1. 8 21mm Infinity 0. 5m 0. 40 0. 51 6×9 4. 7×7. 0 13 14 2. 0 2.

Canon EF 400mm f/4 DO IS II USM

The Canon EF 400mm f/4. 0 DO IS II Image Stabilizer USM Autofocus Lens delivers smart high-speed performance for professionals with minimal glare and superb image quality. Taking benefit of the best in lens technology, it features gapless dual-level diffractive optical elements for improved diffraction efficiency with reduced flare. These elements are arranged with a big-diameter ground aspheric lens and a UD lens for a new level of sharpness and clearness. New coatings help to decrease ghosting, ensure excellent color balance and decrease fingerprints on the front and rear of the lens. Professional L-series dust- and water-tolerant construction is complemented by remarkable performance: a 3 mode Image Stabilization system offers up to four stops of reimbursement and can prevent operational errors when the camera is mounted on a tripod. AF stop buttons placed on the front of the lens can automatically stop concentrating at any time; full time manual concentrate assures complete control regardless the AF mode, and a Power concentrate (PF) mode makes for smooth concentrate transitions when shooting movies. The EF 400mm f/4 DO IS II USM concentrates down to 10. 8 ft. (3. 3 meters), has a 9-blade aperture for pleasing, soft, out-of-concentrate regions, and is constructed with environmentally friendly lead-free glass.

Novoflex Adapter Manual Aperture Control Ring for all Nikon G es to Micro Four Thirds Body (MFT/NIK) vs Catchnew® 100X 5Mm J-Y01-1 review

This Novoflex Nikon to Micro Four Thirds Lens Adapter lets you to use Nikon lenses on SLR cameras with the Micro Four Thirds lens mount. The adapter assures a high-exact correction of the flange focal length difference and enables concentrating to infinity. Moreover, auto contact metering via working aperture and aperture priority is supported.

Generic camera 0.5x Reduction eyepiece C mount adapter

This item is a 0. 5x C-MounT adapter to connect CCD camera or Digital eyepiece to microscope this item with two adapters from 23. 2mm to 30mm and 30. 5mm and we have 0. 3x,0. 4x,0. 6X,0. 7X and 1x same as this adapter,if need,pls feel free contact us,thankyou Directed from factory,welcome wholesaler .

Generic Portable 50X light & Reticle for Jade Jewelry identification vs Catchnew® 100X 5Mm J-Y01-1 price

Product Feature: mini microscope used widely in observation of jewelry, jade, cultural relic, calligraphy, painting, painting, bug, plant and etc. Which equiped LED illumination and reticle. It gives sharply image under black environment. Pls note :this item is good equipement not for play. Specification: 1. Magnification: 50X 2. 6 pcs LED white bulbs Illumination 3. Work Distance: 20mm 4. Object view field: 4mm 5. Power by Button batteries two pcs button batteries of the type LR54 works perfectly. So totally 3V. 6. With reticle : Every 1mm standard values,Measuring Accuracy 0. 05mm 7. Item was made by metal pls note,there’s no battery included.

KINGMAS(R) 2-in-1 7mm Waterproof OTG 6 Inspection Snake Tube Camera for Android & PC (10M)

100 Brand New and High Quality 1st be sure your phone supports OTG Warning: Support android phone has OTG and UVC function after install “CameraFi” app from google store, like Samsung Galaxy S4 S5 S6, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5,HTC M9,M9+,M8,LG G4 etc. This item can take Photo,video and Sound recording, and the photos & video file will directly stored in your Android mobile phone, the whole procedure of record check, convenient observation and follow-up analysis. There is also a turning wheel used for change the light of six LED lights so that work in some area without enough light. It’s IP67 Waterproof Camera. With a MICRo to USB line, It may also be used for computers. Ideal for intraoral camera system, underwater camera, waterproof Micro-cameras, motor car detector, sewer pipeline detector, search and rescue, criminal and custom detector, archaeological detect, the PCB detection, home care, aviation and space industries, care and tractors industries, petroleum drilling industries, constructions and so on. Model No. :AN99 2 in 1 USB Inspection Camera Lens Diameter: 7mm Length: 2m/5m/10m Resolution 640480 Sensor Size:1/9 inch Frame Rate: 30fps View Angle:67 degree Waterproof level:IP67 contact Light auto Operating Temperature 0 degree to 70 degree 2/5/10M Long USB Cable ; Power Supply 5V DC via USB Support computer:XP W7 W8 VISTA Photo Format:JPEG Video Format AVI Package will include: 1x Mini 2in1 Endoscope 1x Small hook 1x Magnet 1x Side audition 1x fixed set 1x Manual.

AmScope EP20X30E Pair of Extreme Widefield 20X Eyepieces (30mm) vs Catchnew® 100X 5Mm J-Y01-1 reviews

They are a pair of brand new extreme widefield high-eyepoint 30mm 20X microscope eyepieces with 12mm field of view. They’re Achromatic (International DIN/JIS) standard size with outside diameter of 30 mm. They fit common size microscopes as well as Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica. Give your microscope a increase with greater power & clearness at a small percentage of cost.

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Models to consider:
SSD70200KIT2 VW-W4907H-KPL-A3 365BG68622XT2X58 26800B-457
EP10X23R 365BG1050588VCLHG1758.AE PA20X-BAKIN-LE1 FR322-U000R
LQ-003 L2000N2165600 0316xt324E9SZ-13783-A a14081300ux0368
11079SMS AN99264156AM TY-350ET010003 CN5018SPSK2
CS-X2AEL520 MARS257V12H004S07 8404B002CS-A3RDF50 ATXAF140DXN
EF24-105 SM03SM-MINI01-D-S 316-1138L-US7NK6870 MFE1
CS-AJ140JB MARS593365BG1050583 PL100XCS-AJ6D5AUX1 VIV-58T-GO
XT2X52 CS-AJ160A365BG1010098 CS-X2AEM120MARS89 365BG977720
365BG998071 CS-AJ140JBMA506 PA4XK-V300SDR-260 LQ-003
PA100X cp00934-us365BG972058 EP15X305EP15X30F PL-WD01
710-160ASC A20XPL-A3 PXElite-0212X85B-I6+ 217-1415N-UD-C
CL-85U-S6-RED ATXAF140DXNCS-AJ100PR YP01-5NP09ZL 316-1138L-US7
365BG1050583 CS-AJ120AEP10X23P 365BG68622CS-AJ160A 8404B002
APE-7X-B ELECSA40619KC0014 CS-AJ6D5AUX1N2165600 EP16X23
2192-IV FR239-U000RSM03 PA60XK-V300a12080600ux0730 MA10084
FR322-U000R FR252-U000RGV033B1 EP20X30ECS-AJ140A LQ-008
VCLHG1758.AE 2297B002H87988081 AMZL23251VIV-58T-GO GBB-HC040
2297B002 365BG68622CS-AJ140A EP15X30FNP15ZL CS-AJ102A
LC030-1 YP02365BG1029019 LSTA50DC600 SDR-260
L2000 FR322-U000RLQ-003 264156BKN2165600 2192-IV
PL-WD01 AKIN-LE1LCV108 S002ET-DLE055 FR239-U000R
ELECSA40619 V12H004S07PA40XK-V300 A100XELECSA40620 ET010005
MA10084 68086904AAHA-WL65G GV032G13in1LK-8846 CN5018SPSK2
VCLHG1758.AE PL-A3LQ-003 KC001426800B-457 365BG977720
CS-AJ160A W30614TY-350 H-H025-KPA4XK-V300 A16R


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