April 23, 2017

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  • Fits up to a 54″ chest and 18″ bicep
  • Fits right or left shoulder
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

ThermaZone Shoulder break Pad ONLY – must be used with ThermaZone uninterrupted Thermal medical care unit (sold individually). ThermaZone is a powerful and practical ache relieving device that uses thermoelectric technology to offer heating and cooling medical care where and when you need it, without the use of ice. Our technology satisfies a clear unmet medical need – safe, efficient, and targeted localized treatment with greatly exact temperature management and consistency. ThermaZone has worked on the orthopedic shoulder pad that decreases ache related with acute or degenerative injuries. The shoulder break pad straps on the shoulder gives comfy therapeutic break. Intended by Orthopedic Surgeons to decrease bruising and puffiness that may happen after shoulder operation. Cryotherapy is proven to decrease bleeding, puffiness and bruising and improve range of motion. Procedures may include: Arthroscopic shoulder operation, Rotator cup operation, Dislocated shoulder, Shoulder operation, and Fractured shoulder. Fits right or left shoulder.

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PEMF 7.83Hz TAO Amethyst urmaline Obsidian Gemsne Heed M Negive Ions/fir/far-infrared/therapy by USA Brand Healthyline™ US FDA Registe

TAO mats filled edge to edge with famous highest grade Amethyst stones also as Tourmaline and Obsidian. Black obsidian is called a protecting stone that removes negative energy from the area. The TAO mats have the highest amount of amethyst, making them a comfy choice. Amethyst, as a gemstone, is more priceless so mats with amethyst are costly. This mat has the added benefit of PEMF. HealthyLine mats integrate some different systems that reach the common objective of improved health. Each HealthyLine mat gives negative ions, far infrared rays, and heated gemstones. The gemstones naturally emit negative ions and far infrared, and when heated the stones become activated and supply benefits at a greater level. This is made possible with many working layers. Generally, a wire that heats up goes through the mat. That silicon wire is lined with copper covering that filters bad EMFs from the mat. Extra layers help with heat distribution so the mat heats up evenly all during. The bottom level is a waterproof material, while the top level is high quality medical grade fabric. PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic field medical care is a procedure of applying magnetic fields to the body. It can be used to help with joint fix, blood circulation, and brain function. HealthyLine uses a frequency of 7. 8 Hz which is the same frequency as the Earths magnetic field which also helps to reverse the effects of harmful EMFs. The PEMF function operates at cycles of 20 minutes powered followed by 100 minutes turned off: this cycle showed to be most efficient. At 3 gauss the magnetic field is has the same strength from the surface of that mat up to 3 feet above it, so it’ll reach your complete body. Safe for pets and kids. (Set include the mat, controller, case). Available in European variant in 220V power (upon ask).

Pak_ Moist He Pack – spine-small size – 10 x 18 inch, dozen

Break Pak_ moist heat packs and covers are a simple and efficient technique of applying moist heat. The moist heat packs gives 30 minutes of therapeutic moist heat to soothe discomfort from inflexible neck, backache, arthritis, sprains and bruises. The pack can_be_heated in water on_a stove, in a microwave or in a heating unit. When treatment is complete, the pack may be stored for future use. Generally apply moist heat pack with a break Pak_ cover or a heavy towel totally wrapped around the pack.

Thermophore Classic Plus Deep-He Pack – Heing : Petite 17" x 4"

Intended for the neck, sinus or TMJ area, our Petite Thermophore pack is great for applying moist heat medical care to particular joints – like the elbow, knee or ankle. The 17″ x 4″ unit with a long Velcro fastener lets modification for a snug fit on any small area. Thermophore ClassicTM Deep-HeatTM Pack is intended with a special hand-held switch. Just press for heat, release to cool and alternate as frequently as you like. If you happen to doze off and your hand relaxes, the unit will cool as a safety feature. Thermophore Moist Heat medical care Doctors and physical therapists know that the acute, penetrating moist heat of Thermophore brand merchandise is a convenient, efficient way to give patients hours of soothing break. When you have an arthritic condition, injury, back ache or muscle cramp – any kind of ache at all – it affects everything you do. Our Thermophore merchandise supply the convenience of professional quality heat medical care – on demand, to considerably improve your capability to manage your ache. Nothing to add, no unpredictable microwave bags or smelly creams. Just press the switch and relax, as the soothing heat begins to relieve your ache. If you live in a dry area, or the air in your home is dry because of recurrent use of heating or air-conditioning systems, the Classic Plus style has a protecting liner that allows you to carefully add a moist cloth for more moisture Features: • Professional-quality acute moist heat may also be used at home for medical care any time of the day or night. • distinctive design produces moisture from the atmosphere, with no need for you to add any water. • Moisture helps the acute heat penetrate more – relieving ache, relaxing muscle cramp and rising rejuvenating circulation. • One switch choice puts you in total control of the heat level, minute by minute. #800277.

Sunbeam Body Shaped Heing with Hot and Cold Pack

The body shaped heating pad is a complete ache break solution hot or cold medical care at home or on the go. This heating pad combines benefits of the corded heat break with the convenience of on the go medical care. Distinctive pad design is optimized for back injuries. It conforms to the body to maximize heat move and supply soothing break.

Advoce Heing Classic Size 12 x 15", Case of 12

Use dry for average aches and pains or moisten the absorbent anti-microbial sponge put for maximum deep, penetrating moist heat break. The ADVOCATE Moist and Dry Heating Pad gives super fast warm up and maintains consistent heat for greater comfort. The Advocate Heating Pads come in both King Size (12″x24″) and Classic Size (12″x15″) with reusable storage bag. Key Features: – Convenient Size – 12″ x 15″ – Moist or Dry Heat – 4 Adjustable Heat Settings – super-Fast Heat Up – 40 Minute Auto Turn Off – Extra Long Cord – Reusable Storage Bag.

‘NUGGLEBUDDY New Microwavable Moist He & Aromherapy Organic Rice Pack-Cold Pack. Cute Fabric for Ladybug Lovers Infused with SWEET LAVENDER vs Therma-Zone 003-20 54 pricing

A ‘NuggleBuddy is an appx. 10″ X 13″ Microwavable “Pillow-Like” Pack, Made From 100 Premium Cotton Fabric & completely Lined in Premium Muslin. Each ‘NuggleBuddy is Filled with 40 Ounces of Organically Grown Grains, Herbs & Botanicals. This Mixture was Carefully Infused with All-Natural Fragrances and 100 Pure Essential Oils. Each Scent ‘NuggleBuddy Offers was exactly intended to Relax the Body, Lift the Spirit & Soothe the Soul. Say “HELLO” to your NEW BEST FRIEND. ‘NUGGLEBUDDY may be found on Amazon. Com in “HEALTH & PERSONAL CARE,” “BEAUTY” & “EVERYTHING ELSE” groups. Explore “ALL DEPARTMENTS” for 100’s of ‘NuggleBuddy selections.

Therasage-Therasage Heing Belt

– Meets International standards for electromagnetic compatibility electrical standards and low voltage directives- This product is made in a quality inspected building internationally certified by Det – Norske Veritas (DNV) as to compliance with ISO9001 Management System Practices- Patented Infrared Heat Technology- Negative Ion Technology- Natural ache break warms muscles addresses hardness stress and exhaustion- Anti-bacterial 100% Polyester/Neoprene Material Black- Nanotechnology doesn’t wear out- Rechargeable high performance Lithium-Ion long lasting “Smart Battery”- movable Charger- Elastic Straps for “One size fits all” and multifunction use- Stays warm up to 3 hours- Adjustable temperature controller with LED display (on battery)- Infrared textile.

Chtanooga Hydrocollor E-2 Stionary Heing Unit with 6 Original Moist He Therapy HotPacs vs Therma-Zone 003-20 54 review

The Chattanooga Hydrocollator E-2 stationary heating unit is constructed with high-quality stainless steel, making it very lasting and easy to preserve. An 8 gallon tank assures filling and draining is effortless. It is controlled with a thermostat to ensure the correct therapeutic temperature is reached, up-to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This stationary heating unit is prepared for direct use as it doesn’t require any extra plumbing for operation. It will include a total of 6 Original Hydrocollator Moist Heat medical care HotPacs: 3 standard-size (10″ W x 12″ L), 2 oversized (15″ W x 24″ L), and 1 neck contour (24″ L) hot packs. Chattanooga Original Hydrocollator Moist Heat medical care HotPacs have been the 1st choice for physiotherapists, physicians, chiropractors, athletic trainers and kinesiologists for over 60 years. The benefits of moist heat medical care over dry heat are well established for ache break caused by arthritis, myofibrosis, back ache, muscle strains and spasms. Each all-natural HotPac holds bentonite, a natural hydrocolloid filling, and is wrapped in a woven cotton blend. It delivers up to 30 minutes of deep, soothing break and may be reheated as needed. As a cost efficient treatment, each HotPac may be used hundreds of times, and is engineered specially to prevent the growth of mildew. Every Chattanooga Original Hydrocollator Moist Heat medical care HotPac is supported by a 1 year maker warranty.

Btle Creek Thermophore Aumic Moist He Pack 14 x 27"

Fight Creek Thermophore auto Moist Heat Pack is a convenient, controlled, moist heat for relaxing medical care treatment and comes suggested by Doctors for: back ache, arthritis, TMJ, rhuematic ache, inflamation of joints and muscle spasms. The Thermophore Moist Heat Pack produces moisture automatically, without adding water. Will include a special flannel cover that keeps moisture for deep tissue medical care. (Also available in hand muff style) rouses tissue activity with deep, penetrating heat intended with a hand-held comfort switch Press to heat, release to cool.

Hydrocollor Moist Heing Units Pack, E-1 with 2 Standard & 2 Neck Packs vs Therma-Zone 003-20 54 price

2102-3 Features: -Heating units pack. -Small enough to be kept on the counter-top. -160-165 degrees temperature range. -No plumbing obliged. Temperature: -Hot. Product Type: -Heat Pack. Generic Dimensions: -15. 5″ H x 15. 5″ W x 9. 5″ D. Dimensions: in general Width – Side to Side: -15. 5 Inches. In general Product Weight: -19 Pounds.

New Bh & Mirror 16101-2020120H-Original ClearMirror 20" x 20"

Features ClearMirror is a thin heater that’s adhered behind a mirror and wired to the same power supply as the bathroom light fixture, fan or separate switch. When turned on the pad heats up, preventing condensation on the surface of the mirror. The standard electric connection is Dual Lead – Two thin wire leads for hanging mirrors or mirrors installed with clips.

‘NUGGLEBUDDY NEW Moist He & Aromherapy Organic Rice Pack for Microwave. Cold Pack. Beautiful "ELEPHANT DANCE" Fabric UNSCENTED. vs Therma-Zone 003-20 54 reviews

A ‘NuggleBuddy is an appx. 10″ X 13″ Microwavable “Pillow-Like” Pack, Made From 100 Premium Cotton Fabric & completely Lined in Premium Muslin. Each ‘NuggleBuddy is Filled with 40 Ounces of Organically Grown Grains, Herbs & Botanicals. This Mixture was Carefully Infused with All-Natural Fragrances and 100 Pure Essential Oils. Each Scent ‘NuggleBuddy Offers was exactly intended to Relax the Body, Lift the Spirit & Soothe the Soul. Say “HELLO” to your NEW BEST FRIEND.

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  1. Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy System – Unit with Large Shoulder Pad – B-232000010B-232000016
  2. Polar bPRO Digital Cold Therapy Unit w/Pad (Shoulder Pad W/Universal Velcro Straps)

Models to consider:
ACC-521 OKO74984CSMAS2200 KIR-SL2S(N)bawh007 UTK-H10020
BS001010 2490C000889-760-RML4 BHP-8753HP975-24-3P-S BHP-8754
CH153HC07 W67117BH001MFIRMT 2490B-CMSMAT80 RV2003
MHP- E1215B FUR885-905-RML4UTK-H10010 HP01RBRRHP09 358-CMS
UTK-H10030L CH143HC05-SNGM117 CH163HC01ENW-NW2S-DL CH1032
zhp1427 3000BKPW150L Heating-Pads-10HP710 KIR-SL2S(P)
FAB00-2102-3 DR3663QPU50 FAB00-2802IC4004 BBF4000-12
KIR-S3S(K) BHP-8755BHH7522BM GS-237HP980-12-3P-S BHP-8758
CH1031 BT358ESF101HCE S769DKIR-SL2S(S) BK0835 C
HP09 PW150LF3025 358-CMSUTK-H10010 KIR-S3S(K)
CH1032 UTK-H10030L2490B-CMS RV2003ACC-522 ACC-521
Heating-Pads-10 BHP-8751KIR-SL2S(N) JB5449HWEF10 HP975-24-3P-S
MAT80 HW20-XXLCH153HC07 HP01RBRRHP980-12-3P-S BS001010
Heating-Pads-30 IC4004BBF4000-12 BH001MFIRMTESF101HCE zhp1427
FUR885-905-RML4 UTK-H10020BHP-8758 FAB00-2102-3KIR-SL2S(S) BHP-8755
BK0835 C CH163HC01CH143HC05-SN THS01-XLBND-1032 UTK-H10020
S769D FAB00-2102-2OKO74984CS KIR-SL2S(P)GS-237 CH1031
CH143HC05-SN FUR885-905-RML4ESF101HCE BS001010FAB00-2102-2 GM117
UTK-H10030L zhp1427HMAT-003M PTPAD3010CN2490C IC4004
GS-237 MHP- E1215BTHS01-XL 2490B-CMS000889-760-RML4 HW20-XXL
CH1032 BHP-8758RV2003 DR36633000BK HP09
HP710 CH1031MAT80 BHH7522BMBT358 PW150L
CH163HC01 CH163HC01S769D THFR-1000KIR-SL2S(S) QPU50
CH153HC07 BHP-8753UTK-H10020 BK0835 CUTK-H10010 BHP-8751
HB-MAT80 FAB00-2802UTK-H10020 HP01RBRRZZHP1427 Heating-Pads-30
JB5449 KIR-SL2S(N)BBF4000-12 HWEF10OKO74984CS F3025


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